8 Free NFT Games Without Capital Do Not Have to Deposit a Penny But Full of Income 2022

8 Free NFT Games Without Capital Do Not Have to Deposit a Penny But Full of Income 2022

Lately, the world is shocked by the popularity of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The popularity of these two things turned out to invite a lot of interest from the video game industry. One of them is the development of NFT games that are circulating on the market now.

axies game

Many do not know, that in the conventional game all the items we have are intellectual rights owned by the game. Even though we have got or have the item in the game, on paper you don't have the property of the item.

This is what distinguishes NFT games from conventional games. In NFT games, all of the items you have are your property. So you are free to sell the item for money through cryptocurrency.

But not a few NFT games need a large capital to be played. The most common way is to oblige you to have certain balances or have items that must be purchased through the cryptocurrency to be able to play.

But don't worry, you can play some games below without spending a penny! Is it ready for grinding?

These are 8 NFT games that can be played without deposit

1. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained

If you like playing the trading card game, then you can try this one game. Gods Unchained is an NFT game that is used using cards.

To start playing this game, you can play for free. Because the initial deck that will be given to you is a free deck that cannot be traded.

To be able to get a card as NFT, you have to win the fight against other players. After that, you will start collecting in-game currencies that will be used to print the card that you can make as NFT.

This game uses the Ethereum payment base, so make sure you have to have the account to be able to start selling or buying items in this game huh!

2. Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena

Like the Mobile Legends or League of Legends: Wild Rift? The Thanan Arena game might be one of the alternative Moba games that you can try.

This Moba type game has a gameplay similar to the two games. But in this game, you can sell the characters you have become real money.

When you start playing, you will get three free characters. You will use these characters to compete online, to get Tokens Thanan Coins.

The token will later be used to buy skin, items, and everything you need in this game. If you have excessive tokens, you can also exchange them to be real money.

3. League of Ancients

League of Ancients

Alternative NFT games that are other Moba are League of Ancients. This game tells about the feud between two different clans, namely Dark Souls and Luminous.

Like most other MOBA games, this game is a PVP game with many 5V5 players. Of course, it takes good teamwork to be able to win the match, to get a prize.

Gifts that you can get themselves are Loa tokens, which can be used to buy skin. Later, the skin that you have will be your property is full as an NFT.

4. Hodl God

Hodl God

The popularity of NFT games, apparently also touched the realm of the Battle Royale game. Hodl God is one of the first BATTLE ROYALE NFT games in the world.

This game requires a fairly high playing ability because it has a little competitive element in it. When you win a match, you have the chance to get a Void token, which is the in-game currency of this game and also NFT.

Every skin that you get will be normal so that the skin will be your property completely.

5. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

It is undeniable, that Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games today. But on the other hand, to be able to start playing this game takes a fairly large capital.

You must have at least three axies, as the first step to play this game. Unfortunately, to get axie, you have to spend enough deeply. Because most Axies are valued for more than 100 US dollars.

But now there are many programs that you can follow to be able to play this game without having axie at the beginning. One of them is Axie Infinity Scholarship, which allows you to borrow three Axies belonging to other people to start playing.

Because you borrow axie belonging to someone else, then you have to share the results with the person for the income you get later. But this can be the beginning of your trip playing this game.

Slowly, you can raise money to buy your own Axie. If you want to take part in the program, make sure to always be careful and read the applicable terms and conditions.

Because you will transact with other people, there must be trust between one party and another party.

6. Cryptoblade


Competitive play-to-earn RPG games are becoming increasingly popular. Users can get skills tokens by fighting enemies, attacking with friends, and risking profits in Cryptoblades, new Crypto games. Players can also use the default market to trade goods in games or make characters and weapons to combat enemies.

Before they can play the game, players must buy characters. As a result, they must pay a nominal fee in BNB to participate in the conflict. Battle costs are immediately returned to the winner in the form of skills tokens.

Because the cryptoblades are based on Binance Smart Chain, you have to buy Binance Coin (BNB) to make a purchase. You also have to register an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that sells BNB tokens. Binance.us (for US citizens) and Binance Global (for everyone) are two famous exchanges. Walking in Binance Smart Chain has advantages over Ethereum Blockchain, such as lower costs and faster confirmation time.

7. Plant versus undead

Plant versus undead

Plant versus Undead is another play-to-earn defense game with many replayability. In Brazil and other countries where P2E games may have a significant impact, this game has gathered a lot of popularity.

To start producing and playing, you can buy seeds on the market for PVU tokens, which can be used to start. In this game, players can visit other players farming to water their plants in agricultural mode and get Le Token currency in the game in the process. LE tokens can then be exchanged with tools, rice fields, and other entertainment. Similarly, LE tokens can be used to attract PVU tokens, which can be used in the market to buy seeds and plants. Another alternative is playing for free.

8. Farmers World

Farmers World

The concept of agricultural simulators has gotten a lot of attraction in recent years. Farmers World is a Blockchain-based Play2earn version of the idea. Players can use various tools to maintain and harvest plants. In addition, while waiting for the harvest, players can attack other farmers.

This game also contains a card membership system that allows players to buy more equipment, power, and other resources. Before starting the game, the player will need a tool to be purchased from the Farmersworld Collection store.

How to Work Blockchain Gaming (Crypto Producer Game)

Now we have introduced you to some cool Crypto games, how does it work?

Well, you have to buy some tokens that cannot be exchanged before you can start playing the Crypto game. This NFT represents items in games such as tools, weapons, and characters. In every game, the type of NFT and the amount needed to play will be different.

NFT is a Blockchain-based digital asset. The term "cannot be exchanged" refers to the fact that each individual is different and therefore irreplaceable. NFT can be used to show ownership of various real and virtual world items.

The NFT you buy is stored outside the game, in your Cryptocurrency wallet. They are owned by players, not rented in ordinary games.

In conventional games, the items you buy are only available while playing and can only be used in the game. In addition, if the traditional game fades from popularity, you lose everything you have invested.

This also applies in terms of money in the game. Traditional game currencies do not have real-world value and can only be used in the game. Cryptogame currency is stored in your Cryptocurrency wallet and often exchanged in many markets. This is an important differentiator that allows gamers to get Cryptocurrency by playing online games.

How profitable is play-to-earn?

Some factors will affect the amount of money you can produce by playing this game.

Here are a few examples:

  • Token purchase price.
  • How much time do you spend playing every day?
  • What is the level of your gamer?
  • Your investment.


The development of play-to-earn games has the potential to cause significant changes in the game industry. Along with the development of the industry, most of the games in the future may include play-to-earn components. The popularity of the Crypto game without capital or play-to-earn will grow because more players get actual digital ownership of their game assets and the potential to benefit from the game.

People spend more time online, which will continue as the young generation grows in the digital society. In addition, when "metaverse" and virtual reality become more common, this trend will increase, and we hope you use it if you are interested in the game play to earn.