7 Tips for Playing Yu Zhong on Mobile Legends, Create Enemies Running

7 Tips for Playing Yu Zhong on Mobile Legends, Create Enemies Running

The exact tips for playing Yu Zhong on Mobile Legends are very important so that you understand more about playing it. Moreover, in Season 22, Yu Zhong Get Nerf is quite severe.

7 Tips for Playing Yu Zhong on Mobile Legends, Create Enemies Running

At this patch, we need a strong Hero offlaner like Yu Zhong, Uranus, Ruby, and Lapu - Lapu. It is aimed at late games, these fighters can be a temporary hero hold substitute tank.

To avoid mistakes in playing, we have done fairly deep research on Yu Zhong for you to use it to be more efficient in playing it. Without further ado, here are 7 tips on playing Yu Zhong on the mobile legends that make auto enemies flat.

1. Maximize passivity

The player Yu Zhong certainly knew he was passive that he could suck the enemy cellphone and returned the cellphone for himself on the mobile legends. You must be maximized as well as possible.

Try to activate passively Yu Zhong to many enemy heroes at once, so we can get more cellphones.

For example, we are dealing with 2 enemies at once. Wait for the right time when the enemy is close, so that Skill 1 Yu Zhong can be about the 2 enemies simultaneously. If passive is active, you don't need to be afraid of losing your cellphone and going forward to kill the enemy.

2. Maximize Combo

There are many tips to maximize the combo owned by Yu Zhong on this mobile legend. You need to know, there is 2 combo that you can use when dealing with different enemies.

The first to fight the enemy without Blink's skill. Use Combo Skill 2 - Skill 3 and Skill 1. Use Skill 2 to slow down the enemy movement so that it is likely that Skill 3 will be exposed to the enemy and give the knock-up effect.

And the 2nd combo is used to fight the enemy with Blink or blurred skills. Use Combo Skill 1 - Skill 2 and Skill 3. Skil 3 must you use to pursue Hero trying to run away. So, try to wait for them to issue a Blink skill first, then use Skill 3 Yu Zhong.

3. Rotation

The 3rd Yu Zhong Tips are trying to always rotate towards Mid Lane. This will greatly help our friends who are in trouble. Especially at this Meta Mobile Legends Season 22, many tanks do riots towards our Jungler. Make sure we come to help quickly.

4. Note Map

As a good offlaner, we certainly have to have more attention to the folder or movement of enemies on the mobile legends. Don't depend too much on the 'Enemy Missing' report from the team in Mid Lane.

Keep in mind that, offlaner is not only in charge of mechanics with enemy heroes in Lane. You also have to be vigilant with the arrival of reinforcements from the enemy who will gank them.

5. selection of the best emblem

Choose the best suitable emblem for the way you play in Mobile Legends. For you who like the high damage, you can choose Emblem Assassin with passive Killing Spree.

If you want to use as Hero temple Yu Zhong (lure the enemy), then you can use the Emblem Fighter with passive Festival of Blood to make Yu Zhong more likely to survive in the Lane.

6. In cars of enemy cores

As a good Yu Zhong player, you have to target the core or jungle enemy. The buff that has been obtained by the enemy core will be wasted in vain when we managed to kill. This of course will make the enemy lags far behind levels and gold.

7. Mandatory Spell Petrify

Yu Zhong in Season 22 must use Petrify Spell to stop the enemy movement. This is because Yu Zhong is very dependent on his successful skills in the enemy.

However, sometimes the enemy is very smart and manages to avoid the skills we spend. To enlarge the success of the skill leading to the opponent, it is obligatory to use the Petrify Spell which will stop the movement of the enemy while.

Well, that's 7 tips on playing Yu Zhong on the mobile legends that will make you better play. For Build, you can adjust the enemy huh. Hope it is useful!

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