Review of The Last of Us Part 1 remake - More Immersive and Improved Graphics

Review of The Last of Us Part 1 remake - More Immersive and Improved Graphics

Remake is naturally the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word, and when it comes to video games, this often refers to redoing a game with new content that differs from the original. The Last of Us Part 1, a complete recreation of the original game that debuted in 2013 for the PlayStation 3, has also been revealed by Naughty Dog.

Review of The Last of Us Part 1 remake More immersive and improved graphics

Since the game's release in 2013, Naughty Dog has been regarded as the industry's top gaming developer. According to rumors, this remake will incorporate some new features and provide players an even more amazing visual experience than the original game. This time, I want to discuss the The Last of Us Part 1 remake video game. The team would like to start by thanking Sony for allowing us the chance to play this game. Do you want to know what features and how much the graphics have changed in Last of Us Part 1 Remake? Let's simply discuss it!


For the record, I played this game on 'Fidelity' rendering mode, which allows the game to run in 4K but only at 30 frames per second. However, if you prefer smoother gameplay and faster framerates above quality, you may choose 'Performance'. In performance mode, this game runs in 4K at 60 frames per second.

In terms of aesthetics, it surely does not disappoint, especially given that this game was published on PS5, which has outstanding graphics (the PC version will be released in the future). With this graphic enhancement, The Last of Us' setting will undoubtedly seem more immersive, especially when combined with a solid plot. You can venture into a more colorful or even scary environment.

Not only that, but the texture of the grass, river, or character model is now more alive and appears more natural. Of course, the visuals are far superior to the remastered version this time. The Last of Us' tale will seem more realistic owing to its aesthetically improved and gorgeous visuals.

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Remakes are typically more focused on visuals alone, therefore the plot and gameplay remain mostly unchanged from the prior game. The Last of Us is an apocalyptic narrative with amazing visuals, and many gamers are excited to experience the plot of this game with more spectacular graphics in this remake.

The gameplay remains the same, namely a Third-Person Shooter game in which you will play as Joel, a survivor of the post-apocalyptic condition that occurred in America as a result of the CBI (Cordyceps brain infection) parasite. However, there are several new aspects that you may be able to employ to either make or break your gaming.

There will be a Permadeath mode, as seen in The Last of Us Part 2, as well as a new option called Speedrun. Permadeath is not suggested if you are new to TPS or have never played the game before. If you enable Permadeath mode, your saves will be affected, and if you die, you will have to redo the previous act, chapter, or even start from the beginning. Following that, there is a new option in The Last of Us Part 1 remake, namely Speedrun mode, which calculates how quickly you complete the game. Hardcore gamers should use these modes.

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There is also a Gameplay Modifier function, which may be thought of as a form of hack for this game, thus there are quite a few options for making this game simpler. It should be noted, however, that this Gameplay Modifier may only be accessed once you have completed the game once.

Not only that, but The Last of Us Part 1 Remake includes Haptic Feedback, which allows you to feel the conversation via the PS5 DualSense controller. This purpose was said to assist deaf gamers in feeling the conversation being spoken, as well as the emphasis, as well as subtitles to provide an understanding of how the words were presented.


Naughty Dog has developed a recreation of The Last of Us Part 1 and I believe the visuals are stunning. For those who have played the remastered version, the graphics have substantially enhanced for this remade edition, and the emotional tale of The Last of Us seems more immersive. This graphic upgrade, in my opinion, has a significant influence on the game The Last of Us, as if we were watching a post-apocalyptic film.

I won't go into detail about the gameplay because the transition from The Last of Us Remastered to the newest, The Last of Us Part 1 Remake is more focused on aesthetics and graphics, making the game's tale even more thrilling. However, if you are a dedicated gamer who wants to sprint to the finish line, you should use Speedrun or Permadeath if you want this game to seem more realistic.

If you enjoy the The Last of Us series, we highly suggest this game.