Takeshi Castle-style Battle Royale in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Takeshi Castle-style Battle Royale in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

There aren't many games that may frighten gamers. Especially in online games where participants may fool one another. Yes, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the new releases that is gaining popularity.

Takeshi Castle-style Battle Royale in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Since its debut in early August 2020, Fall Guys has become one of the best-selling games on Steam, with hundreds of thousands of players and millions of viewers on the Twitch channel. So, what exactly makes Fall Guys so appealing? Despite the fact that this is an independent release that you may have never heard of before.

Battle Royale by Takeshi Castle

A single Fall Guys game in the game comprises of multiple minigames. We must dodge obstacles one by one, similar to the game shows Takeshi Fort and Ninja Warrior. The difference is that in each game, we will face 60 other players and compete for the best title to win the crown.

The game also gives the appearance of a combat royale. The distinction is that, unlike in PUBG or other shooter games, we do not use firearms to kill each other. In reality, to master the game, you simply need to master each eye in the race.

We only have roughly 20 minutes to perform one show in a single play. It normally has four to five game play averages. However, don't be fooled into believing that this game is simple to finish. There are several challenging challenges.

Even though it's short and seems simple, we guarantee that we can't stop before we get the crown and it feels like this game is very addictive. The obstacles that exist make you have to insist on beating other players. Well, that addictive feeling can be said to be born from that "angry" feeling, especially if you always lose. It definitely feels like you want to keep playing and can only stop after you win!

Cute and colorful nuanced accents make you feel at ease.

You could believe that Fall Guys will make a good impression. The reason for this is because this figure with an egg-like form and little feet and a sweet voice appears to transport us to a bright world.

This is where you will be caught off guard. The reason for this is because when we believe the rivalry is fierce, the hilarious impression we receive from the character changes. Nonetheless, the adorable and bright pictures make you feel at ease and, at the very least, can make you less agitated when you lose or fail to advance to the next level.

Aside from the aesthetics, the voices of the Fall Guys characters are really hilarious and appear to be minimalist. The sound of each game and the competitive arena in the game is also really amusing to listen to. With its infantile visuals and score, this game is appropriate for all ages. You may lend games to family members to experience the joy of playing together.

Less Diverse Gameplay Elements

Fall Guys' first season in this release includes hundreds of games for gamers to try out. The developer has also pledged to work on more enjoyable minigames in the future. Although the number is perhaps tiny, we will be quite interested in the game at the start. Unfortunately, after dozens of hours of playing, we will be forced to discover our own ennui.

The lack of variation in the last round reduces the game's competitiveness. The reason for this is that we can't win the game only on talent. It appears that luck is also an attraction in this game, which makes it quite appealing.

Fall Guys is troublesome since the last chapter only includes four games. One, like Hexagon mode, merely demands the player to live and avoid falling, but the other depends on our skill to dodge obstacles.

The developer must "treat" this issue in the future. In addition to needing to attend a Show, we may select our own game mode, allowing us to select the game we wish to play.

Controls that are overly simple

Fall Guys use a single, consistent control mechanism across all of its games. All players have to do is run, leap, or grab adversaries. If numerous new minigames are introduced, it appears that supplying a diversity of controls may be a dish that enhances the game's excitement.

Other Paty Games appear to provide distinct control modes for each minigame. As a result, players will be able to master one of the modes more consistently. Despite the fact that the controls are relatively easy, the game with 60 players gives us the sensation that Fall Guys is really genuine and different from other games.

It appears that playing Fall Guys during a pandemic is a trigger in and of itself. Its easy game mode allows everyone to have fun investigating obstacles or playing simple minigames in groups. Regardless of the repetitious gameplay and controls, Devolver has plenty of time to fix this release.

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