Squid Game Review - K-drama Survival Thriller with a Focused Plot

Squid Game Review - K-drama Survival Thriller with a Focused Plot

Trapped in debt and unable to become a perfect father figure, Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-Jae) gets a chance to win millions of won in a traditional game series. Not only him, but about four hundred other people got the same opportunity. However, their lives are at stake to come out victorious.

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“Squid Game” is the latest trending Korean drama on Netflix. Not a foreign genre, but quite a step in the Korean drama catalog in general.

"Squid Game" is a series with the theme of 'survival death game' by director Hwang Dong-hyuk. For fans of "Alice in Borderland", "Hunger Games", "Battle Royale", and other similar titles, this series can be an exciting spectacle.

Turn Traditional Korean Games into Deadly Games

Although it has a formula that is quite similar to many 'survival death game' themes that have existed, "Squid Game" has a specific idea and serial production design that has its characteristics.

The basic concept is survival through a series of traditional children's games in Korea. Where the background of the location has a design that is dominated by bright colors, the uniforms of the players, are similar to school children's sports uniforms.

The vibrant color choices that dominate the scene, especially on the playground, create a dystopia that contrasts with life outside the arena. There is an uncomfortable feeling that arises when two opposing elements meet, namely children's games with sadistic material.

The totality of the production of “Squid Game” has become the capital for the director to create captivating cinematography. Although it is a commodity that has many predecessors, this series still provides material that feels fresh. The concept is also not too claustrophobic, making the background of the story feel wider. Then it is also supported by theme music and background music which adds to the characteristics of this series.

Characters with Backstory Close to Life's Troubles

Seong Gi-hun as the main character in this story has the characterization of a neo-noir film protagonist. Likewise with other supporting characters, where life is not on their side. Starting from a failed businessman (Park Hae Soo), immigrants from North Korea (Ho Yeon Jung), and many more supporting characters with their misfortunes.

Unlike other 'survival games' themes which are claustrophobic and under pressure, “Squid Game” has a concept that is closer to reality. Where each character has a more rational motivation and is more than just survival or fear of death. Episode after episode, we will find other characters with different and varied motivations.

When it comes to acting performances, Korean dramas never disappoint. Each actor managed to give an alluring and unforgettable performance. This series is the acting debut of model Ho Yeon Jung, and she managed to give a quality first appearance.

K-drama with Ideal Duration and Focused Plot

“Squid Game” has a Netflix series format that is similar to the western series format on this platform. Consisting of 9 episodes released simultaneously, “Squid Game” also has a “normal” duration for a series, around 50 minutes to 60 minutes per episode.

The plot that is presented is also more focused, with the right tension and feel of horror. There is a little touch of emotional drama, but the composition is just right to play with the feelings of the audience.

In Korean drama series in general, there is always a companion story that often takes a long time and is not very significant to the protagonist's story. But not with this series, starring Lee Jung-Jae. From start to finish, the story focuses on Seong Gi-hun as the main character.

Each round of the game that is presented is also very exciting to watch, one of the games with the best directing is in episode 4, then continues to episode 5. However, the last episode starts to lose the elements that make this series alluring. There are some decisions made by the protagonist that feels uncomfortable and anticlimactic.

In our opinion, "Squid Game" is a series with the concept of a 'survival death game' that is already familiar, but is something new and takes Korean drama to the next level. With more focused scriptwriting and the courage to execute extreme genres.