Neo: The World Ends With You Review - More Modern with New Concepts

For Loyal Fans JRPG who have experienced the glory of Nintendo DS, certainly, no stranger to hearing the title of the World Ends with You. Abbreviated as TWEWY, Game made by Tetsuya Nomura with Square Enix and H.a.n.d. This successfully captivated the hearts of the JRPG players in their time. Not surprisingly, if TWEWY had a good response from the players.

the world's ends with you

To raise the nostalgia of his fans, Square Enix released the TWEWY back with the title of The World Ends with You: Final Remix in the Nintendo Switch. Not to mention, this game is also appointed an anime series that has recently slid titled The World Ends with You: The Animation. And after the length of the release of his first game, Square Enix decided to work on the sequel, Neo: The World Ends with You.

This sequel presented a series of new stories and new characters from the previous series. However, the deadly game, namely the Reaper attended again targeting the next player. For fans who want to see what the game is, Neo: The World Ends with You has been released on July 27 on the PS4 and Switch platform. And we finally got the chance to play while reviewing it. Like what Neo Reviews: TWEWY just look at it below!

Welcome to the deadly game

Neo: TWEWY took the settings three years after the incident in TWEWY. The sequel version no longer tells me, but a new character like Rindo Kanade, Tosai, Freta, Fursawa, Nagi Usui, and others. One day, Rindo with the middle fret walked casually like a young man in Shibuya. When you are relaxing, Rindo can see the fate of a pathetic fret in the future, and the world looks covered with darkness and filled with monsters.

They found a strange pin known as Reaper Pins. It was not something good approaching him but dragged them to a game called Reaper's game. Unfortunately, this game determines the fate of life and death behind him. Reaper's game does happen in other dimensions but is related to the real world. It is not even rare for noise to penetrate people in the real world.

Every player who is trapped in Reaper's game must complete each mission for 7 days from the Master's game, Shiba. Challenges are faced by Rindo and his flock to survive. Because, if the player loses in the game, the existence will be removed in the game and the real world. If it has the highest point, the player can get whatever you want. Rindo and Fret decided to form a team called The Wicked Twisters to complete the challenge of the Master's game.

Does Rindo with Fret, Sho, and Nagi can face the challenge? What is the continuation of their fate? The answer is a player must play Neo: TWEWY to know the continuation of the story.

Fun gameplay and varied features

Throughout the game, players no longer controlled Nutu, but a new protagonist, namely Rindo Kanade. After he was with his best friend, Tosai Fursawa or Fret was trapped in a game that took them on strange phenomena in Shibuya, inevitably both of them must have a team to compete with other players, and have the highest points in the Reaper's game.

After experiencing a strange phenomenon, the player can control Rindo as free as possible. While in the world of real ground, Rindo can travel in the Shibuya area and do various things. For example, read the heart or mind of the people around him, see the Reaper logo to fight, to eat at the restaurant. Players can activate some kind of scan to read the mind and see the reaper logo. If the character is near the logo, it will take it into the fight. When doing a scan, the screen also turns dark.

However, there are several points that we think are quite unfortunate. When you want to shop, Rindo cannot surround the store, which in our opinion can make gameplay more varied. Only menus to buy items are displayed when they want to shop or eat at the restaurant. Other points are cameras. In this game, players cannot tamper with camera rotation as desired. The camera will automatically take a different point of view, depending on the direction of the character.

neo twewy

In addition, Neo: TWEWY presents a day and week system, which will remind players in JRPG games like Persona. Every day, players are presented with different missions, which are not necessarily in the following days. Talking about the mission, Neo: TWEWY also displays the Side Quest feature that is no less important than the main mission. Interestingly from this side mission is to allow players to get new characters, attractive prizes, to new threads. Please note, completing the Side Quest can produce Friendship Points that open new features to support the fight.

Discussing the Question of Friendship Point, Neo: TWEWY has a kind of Skill Tree feature, which can only be opened on the fourth day. Players can see the display of information and relationships between characters in this feature. Not only seeing the information on each character, but the Tree Skill also displays a kind of gift, which can open interesting features in the game. However, to activate the whole, the Friendship point is needed to allocate it.

As for other interesting and fun things that can be done in Neo: TWEWY. One of them is eating at the restaurant. Rindo can invite his friends to enter and eat in restaurants, to increase stat and buff which is useful in the fight. Not just eating and raising Buff, players can also guess the food you like every character by looking at their expressions. Unique, right?

Besides being able to eat in restaurants, Neo: TWEWY also presents other interesting abilities. Besides being able to read the mind and see the noise, the ability to belong to the fret can restore the memories of others. Several missions take advantage of the fret capabilities. The method is fairly pleasant. Players only need to rotate analog on the controller until it forms an appropriate image. Another ability is time-traveling, where Rindo can return to some time ago to complete a mission. Interestingly, players later can also visit the previous chapter on the Records menu.

Cool pin as the main weapon

Combat Neo: TWEWY is arguably very unique when compared to JRPG in general. Square Enix also did not leave the characteristics of TWEWY in the sequel version, where the PIN still exists as the main weapon to fight. This unique pin-pin design makes us interested in collecting it and raising the level of each pin.

Each PIN has a different type of attack or command and can be used for certain characters. For example Pins with Rapid-Tap Command can be used by Rindo and Fret. While the type of hold and charge can be used by Nagi and Sho. In addition, each PIN is designed to have varying controls and levels. There are only a maximum of 3 levels, there are also those who reach level 5. Interestingly, some pins can evolve and have a change of attack power and level.

Talking about the mechanism of battle, Neo: TWEWY only displays one Health Bar in Battle, which includes 4 characters. In contrast to JRPG in general which often shows each character has its health bar. If 1 character has an attack, the Health Bar will decrease. This is where players must ensure that all characters are not affected and complete the fight quickly.

neo world ends with you

The main key in the battle here is the time and the amount of damage produced. If the player manages to balance the two, then the ranks will be better. If you want to complete the fight quickly, try to set the selected strategy and PIN. For those who have never played TWEWY before, of course, it requires some time to adapt to the battle strategy. However, backward will get used to and fun. Because the mechanism is unique, making us able to take around 5 battles at once in one place. Not bad to raise levels and collect pins.

If the player continues to make a Psych change through the Beat drop, then the Grove Meter will increase dramatically. Drop the beat often appears in the form of a blue circle, which allows players to change to psychics or attack different characters. That way, the grove meter in the middle of the top is increasing. After the grove meter reaches the maximum level, the player can activate special attacks by pressing the A button on the switch or O on PS4 and PS5. It should be noted, every special attack produced varies, depending on the pin used at that time.

Thick about the concept of Japanese young people

Similar to the previous game concept, Neo: TWEWY displays concepts with a characteristic of thick Japanese young people. Every character has a nerved and colorful style of Tokyo-style clothing. Like Nagi Usui, where he was described as a woman who was crazy about one of the fictional characters. He wore ita bag (a kind of bag filled with fandom merchandise), which is also a trend of Japanese fashion famous among teenage girls.

Apart from the appearance of the character, the visual exhibited also really describes young people. Starting from the many graffiti in the district and small alleys in Shibuya and the menu display, UI, even the dialogue like Animanga. If in the previous game more to 2D, while in the sequel it emphasizes 3D (except when scene or dialogue with the character). So Visual Neo: TWEWY tends to be more colorful, bright, and live.

The characteristic of teenagers inherent in this game also lies in the selection of words or dialogue. Many abbreviations are often used by most adolescents in general during conversation scenes. Even chat between Rindo and his game friend named Swallow also displays several abbreviations, which often appear in online games and social media.

Moreover, it is supported by the protection of each Voice Actor, which successfully describes the characteristics of each character well. Speaking of audio, NEO: TWEWY presents the vocational option that players can choose from English and Japanese. We admit, both English and Japanese, a sound role other than that, if the player has ever played The World Ends With You certainly no stranger to some soundtracks in Neo: TWEWY. Because, Takeharu Ishimoto, the composer for TWEWY returned to arranging music in the sequel. Some songs in the previous series are displayed back here with a version that has been remixed.

In addition to audio and visual, Neo: TWEWY also presents features that are no less interesting. The feature in question is the level settings and difficulty level. But keep in mind that level settings will have an impact on the drop rate of the appearance of the PIN after the fight. However, this feature allows players to experiment to complete other PIN collections. In addition, there are also difficulty level settings features, which have an impact on Combat and the acquisition of rare pins. However, certain difficulty levels can be opened after the player can access the Social Network feature.

the worlds ends with you 2


Neo: TWEWY becomes a sequel to The World Ends With You that we can say is satisfying. Square Enix did not leave the characteristics of the previous series, but with a more modern touch. Especially in terms of visuals and concept. The game mechanism and fight offered to make players feel addicted. Especially supported by the appearance of various attractive pins, making it addictive to collect them one by one. Despite carrying the concept of JRPG Action, the Battle system Neo: TWEWY also requires the right strategy so that the fight can be finished quickly.

At the beginning of the game, we had a feeling that the sequel could look boring. Given the scope of it too spinning there. However, after living the following days, the hunch at the beginning was successfully broken by the presence of a wider scope. Not only that, but the storyline also made our curiosity peaked. Another interesting thing is that the character depiction seems not monotonous and has its role, including characters outside the party.

However, there are several points that we think are quite unfortunate in Neo: TWEWY. In terms of technical, loading time looks not too fast. Not infrequently we waited for a long time to enter the scene or double-folded battle chain. While other aspects are cameras. Will make it easier if the camera can be arranged, player. We were overwhelmed to complete the puzzle to look for tattoos because they could not play the camera. Even so, most aspects in the game make Neo: TWEWY one of the JRPG games that are worth playing this year.