Ragnarok X Next Generation Review - Nostalgia with MMORPG 3D Open World

Ragnarok X Next Generation Review - Nostalgia with MMORPG 3D Open World

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Will Be Released for the Indonesian, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysian Region on June 18, 2021. Game with Official License Gravity Co., Ltd This is a game Ragnarok Mobile 3D which is very fun to play for those of you who have never played a series Ragnarok and who have become loyal fans of this one classic MMORPG. Even though when playing this game I chose to use English, but this game is also available in various languages. You can change the choice of the language you want to use in this Ragnarok X: Next Generation game.

Ragnarok X Next Generation Review - Nostalgia with MMORPG 3D Open World

The Story Focuses on the Fragment of Ymir's Heart

In this game, adventurous players on the Midgard continent Open World. Ragnarok X: Next Generation tells about the story after Ragnarok, where the player as Odin's lineage must collect all the Fragment of Ymir's Heart so as not to fall into the wrong hand. Players will be able to feel the tension of the storyline that continues to grow, looking for fragments with friends as a single friend and find various other miracles in the world of Ragnarok.

The story of Ragnarok X: Next Generation in my opinion is clearer in this latest version. With an interesting cutscene, players will find it easier to understand the stories in this game. Dialogue with NPC also strongly describes the storyline of this online adventure game.

Cool Job is Back

Players can choose 6 classic jobs such as Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Archer, Thief, and also merchants who have the uniqueness of each. Later, the job will open 2 advanced job branch choices, as well as the trascendent feature that makes the character you play to get a stronger version of the available job.

For me, there are no jobs that are overpowered because all have their uniqueness. Swordsman is a balance job in terms of offensive and defensive. Acolyte focuses on Healing and Buff. A mage can provide Area of Effect (AOE) damage. Thief focuses on players who like to play players versus players (PvP). And of course, the merchant is a job that focuses on the crafting feature. I chose to use the Archer here because on the PC version I used the Job Ranger.

There are 40 Real-Time Animations

Ragnarok X: Next Generation uses 3D graphics that are very funny so players don't feel bored when playing. 40 More real-time rendering animations are available in this game. With the existence of this real-time rendering, the graphics displayed will be more real because these animations are rendered in real-time. Of course, this makes my experience when playing to be more comfortable. There are 2 choices of viewpoints, namely 2.5D and also 3D so that it can provide more space choices for players.

Simple Mechanical Gameplay

This game uses the Twin Joystick Control feature to provide a more satisfying play experience than other games. I am very satisfied with adventure while looking at the scenery freely. The control display when fighting is also very fitting at hand so that it makes the fight feel more responsive. The use of the Twin Joystick Control makes it easy for me to control the character when fighting and activating skills accurately.

Ragnarok X Next Generation Review - Climbing the Stats Point is easier

Climbing the Stats Point is Easier

At Ragnarok X: Next Generation, we can add to our character stats. The stats are Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), VITALITY (VIT), Intelligence (INT), Dexterity (Dex), and Luck. If you are confused about distributing the point, you can use the Recommended Stat Point feature that will give 3 Build options with a compact explanation of the build. This feature is very useful for players who are still lay with MMORPG so they don't need to worry about studying buildings for their characters.

Simple Skill

Unlike the PC version where a lot of the Skill Tab can fave the screen, in this game, you can arrange the skill on the right screen so that when you attack, you can directly use the skill. Players can also replace loadouts in real-time when fighting so that it makes everything more practical and easy.

Battle Doesn't Need to be Complicated

The Auto Battle System feature can also make farming making it easier. Not only auto randomly, but you can also choose what monster you want to target. So, when running a quest, you immediately easily look for monsters who are their mission. This feature is also useful when farming looking for materials for making headgear - funny headgear. In my personal opinion, this is a feature that must exist for the MMO generation now.

Many Interesting Sub-Quests

Other cool features are also no less exciting. More than 100 side-quests with interesting rewards that you can complete when adventure. This game becomes more alive because NPC provides stories and problems they face that must be resolved. This side-quest even though it's not mandatory, but in my opinion who likes to work on a side mission to get Lore's understanding and get additional rewards, this is a very good thing.

Make Friends with NPC

The NPC Favor System feature is also very interesting. Players can increase NPC's favor by giving gifts / completing the NPC Quest. In addition, you will be able to get items that have special functions such as buff, avatar frames, headgears, even cool costumes. I also like to collect cool and funny headgear, so getting the prize is more valuable than me. Ragnarok won't fit if there is no cool and funny headgear.

Buff Odin's Blessing Makes it Easy to Farm

Another unique features are Odin's blessing. You can activate Odin blessing to increase exp, zeny, drop rates, and also get stamina when you are farming. With this feature, it will be very difficult when you want to increase the level and look for certain items. Odin Blessing has a limit to use, so this can be a reminder that I have played for a long time when Odin Blessing has run out. I feel very happy to use this feature when farming.

Stamina as a Reminder

Stamina in this game is useful for activities such as fishing, mining, gardening, smelting, cooking, and crafting. By doing these activities, you will get items that are useful for increasing your equipment, provide buff from the food you cook, and help you complete the missions. The stamina feature is also a reminder if we have played for a long time. It's not good to play games with excessive duration.

Ragnarok X Next Generation Review - Make friends with NPC

AutoPathing System Anti-Dizzy 

This game also provides an auto pathing feature when working on a mission so that it will make it easier for you to complete these missions. This feature is very useful for players who are confused about doing quests in this game. I personally rarely use this feature because you want to enjoy nostalgia when playing Ragnarok X: Next Generation. But for new players, of course, this is a feature that greatly facilitates the game.

Experience While Playing

The experience I feel when playing this game is very exciting. As a person who recently got to know Ragnarok games, playing this game really like feeling nostalgia in the past considering the Franchise this game had been there with the previous series so that the image became real. With 40 real-time animation, the atmosphere I feel when playing this game becomes very real.

Not just nostalgia, the new features provided are also very good. Side quests that make me don't get bored when adventure. NPC Favor System makes me often interact with NPC to get headgear and cool costumes. The development of character stats that have been made is very simple so it's very newbie-friendly. Simple mechanical fight with auto features is also a feature that makes it easy for the game. I am very facilitated with existing auto features.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is planned to be released on June 18, 2021. You can do pre-registration on the official website of Ragnarok X: Next Generation and also through Google Play and Apple Store. There will be many attractive prizes as the number of players who participated in the pre-registration can be seen on the official website. And there is also a Gacha event when following a pre-registration that will give many interesting prizes that you can get when open beta later.