Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review - Attractive Action Adventure Games

For Marvel fans, it must be familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy is a fictional superhero team in Marvel comics. Well, this time the game for Guardians of the Galaxy is also present for PCs and consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

guardians of the galaxy casting

Guardians of the Galaxy was first leaked at the beginning of 2017 when Marvel Entertainment announced that they collaborated with Square Enix to make various games with Marvel basis. Curious about how games from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy? Let's just see!

Guardians of the Galaxy took stories a few years after the big war between stars leaving his sign throughout the galaxy. You will control the Star-Lord / Peter Quill character with a Third-Perspective Perspective. Players can use Elemental Gun from Star-Lord to defeat the enemy and fly using their jet shoes.

Level of difficulty

Before entering the game, you will choose the level of difficulty that you want. As you see the above, you can choose how much damage you will produce later, how was the elemental bullets of your Gun, the pain of the damage we received, and many others We can set it according to what we want.


In terms of gameplay, you will play the character of Peter Quill or Star-Lord as the main character of this game with the style of the third-person perspective camera. Just like the usual action game, you will fight monsters with weapons, where at Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord uses Elemental Gun to attack his enemies. Besides using weapons, you can also use your hands for melee attacks (Melee Attack).

Star-Lord can't run, but he can use the Dash. Usually, this dash is used to avoid enemy attacks. Star-Lord can also use his jet shoes to pass the obstacles that require you to jump so as not to fall (if they fall back to the previous place and blood reduced).

When fighting the enemy of course you will get an experience. The number of experiences that you get different depends on how your style is against them. When all enemies run out, you will get an experience based on your performance. Star-Lord also has skills that you can use to fight the enemy. If you managed to meet the bar experience from defeating existing enemies, you will get a skill point and can get a new skill.

Command and features

At Marvel's Guardians of Galaxy, other members will help you adventure, where there is a Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax The Destroyer. But they can't play directly because it's controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), but players can give orders to them when fighting or when passing some obstacles on the road.

For example, such a Groot that you can order to make away with tree roots so that it can cross the road or bind the enemy around the Groot when fighting.

Each character has unique skills and capabilities that can be used together to provide greater damage. But when you don't ask for help from them, just calm down because they will look busy by fighting the rest of his enemies even though the damage produced slightly, at least it looks like they're happy to be happy behind there.

In addition, we can also use visors to see objects that can be found out of the information (lore), or interactive objects (you can destroy) based on the colors when using a visor. Even in some missions, you will need a visor to find it needed.

guardians of the galaxy 2

When fighting the enemy, you can use the target lock feature to make it easier for you when shooting into the enemy. Based on the attack of your attack, the resulting damage also varies and you can see it in a locked target by you. The further the enemy, the smaller the damage produced, and vice versa.

In the game Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy there is also an interesting feature where you can interact with your team. There is also a funny conversation when you wandered, or the Guardians shouted because we stayed for a while. Well, here you will also decide the choice via a conversation at some time when you walk. These choices can also affect the relationship between the Guardians and some results from several missions.

During the game, the choice of Star-Lord is referenced from his team. Even though the choice branched, the main story of this game remains the same and this game still has 1 ending.

Nostalgia music

Music from this game is arguably full of nostalgia. This song plays some old rock songs that are popular in their time. Who doesn't know Rick Astley with the title of the song 'Never Gonna Give You Up? The song is even popular until now where this is heard by several young men in the world, Star-Lord is of course one of these young men. Apart from the song, this game also plays A-Ha 'Take On Me', Europe 'The Final Countdown', and many others.


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is a pretty attractive action-adventure game if you are a fan of Marvel himself, then you will like this one game. This game gives you a choice in the story and can change when the storyline is running, maybe there might be an additional story that might exist if you choose the correct answer. besides that, for the gameplay itself, it is interesting because it can combine skills from the 4 players on the team It will be really exciting. Too bad, maybe this game will be more exciting if you can multiplayer with your friends (co-op mode). The music itself is cool to hear, especially for those of you who like old rock music like Rolling Stone, def Leppard, and others.