Try Marvel's Avengers - Cinematic Marvel Universe from Square Enix

Try Marvel's Avengers - Cinematic Marvel Universe from Square Enix

The Avengers is a comic product owned by Marvel who has aired since 1963. Comics creation by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Presents several Heroes that have been designed by Lee like Thor, Ant-Man, The Wasp, and Iron Man. But over time, the members continued to change. The peak was when Walt Disney made Marvel Cinematic Universe through his first film, Marvel's The Avengers.

Try Marvel's Avengers - Cinematic Marvel Universe from Square Enix

The film introduces the audience to the story of the Super Hero team, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury in crushing evil leaders who threaten the earth. Who would have thought that the film version also managed to gain the success of his comic?

Now, Disney and Marvel returned to the wings into the world of video games. If before they gave a spider-man license to Sony's hand with the insomniac games that managed to give "sensation to become a spider human". This time The Avengers will be one of the series carried in the interactive entertainment world.

Is Developer Tomb Raider Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Final Fantasy Square-Enix publisher which are three companies that offer themselves to develop them. While it's marketing in Southeast Asia will be handled by Bandai Namco. Of course, they have to face big challenges, this is considering Super Hero Marvel who will be present in the game quite a lot. On the other hand, the number of expectations of his fans from around the world that the game will succeed the same as Spider-Man becomes a very fantastic pressure for them.

Sure enough, the introduction of Marvel's Avengers when E3 where Square-Enix finally rejoined after a long time did not make a presentation, give a mixed response. Because on the one hand, many fans don't like character design and very skeptical, while on the other hand it supports the developer and believes that the game will be better than the exhibited.

Crystal Dynamics then fix it by showing off a character model that looks better and according to the wishes of the fans. They even had time to show off the prologue of the gameplay that introduced how the original game story they had pair in such away. Even though it looks very epic, it hasn't been confirmed at all game excitement without trying it directly.

Cinematic experience in a touch of epic action

Marvel's Avengers tells the story of five days after A-Day, Avengers celebration day. Unfortunately, the celebration makes chaos causing destruction and death everywhere. Avengers was blamed and dissolved even though they had been completed with the problem when the A-Day chaos was masterminded by the Taskmaster.

In the game, the story of how the Avengers team crushed all his enemies including Taskmaster. If you have time to see the demo gameplay exhibited by Crystal Dynamics for the first time, then you will know what the opening of beta Marvel's Avengers is exactly.

Simplify, we will be introduced to Marvel's Avengers' main gameplay mechanics against the legs of Taskmaster. Each hero will be able to be played starting from Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hulk, to Black Widow. They have a very different way of playing. Iron Man for example who was able to fly and issued a shot while fighting at close range. Although not as strong as Thor who was able to throw his hammer Mjolnir complete with a thunder attack, but Iron Man became one of the most balanced heroes of all the sets of attacks.

Different Iron Man and Thor, it is different from the Hulk whose gameplay is dominated by destruction action. This is because he can jump at a very high distance. Hulk was also able to grip several high buildings such as buildings and ruins. No exception the attack with his unreasonable power that was able to make a tank destroyed in a single attack.

Try Marvel's Avengers - Cinematic experience in a touch of epic action

Captain America himself served in a different place with some Hero, he infiltrated the plane filled with enemies that had to be crushed. The style of the Captain America game is also quite different, where it can throw a shield and have the power of Enhancement which gives it many advantages when fighting the enemies in many numbers alone.

The most interesting thing when playing the game is when trying Black Widow, the only woman hero who can try this gameplay has the ability that is no less exciting. His agile movement made me immediately be stunned by his abilities. This is because I personally really like the character quickly and turn off, and everything is reflected in Black Widow.

Black Widow is not a human being who is given a natural power like Thor, but he has a gadget that can help him in every mission. Starting from dual pistols, grappling hooks, camouflage capabilities, to jetpack. When the first time the character was introduced, he had to carry out a fairly heavy task, which was facing one on one with Taskmaster, as well as the first introduction of how Boss Battle in the game later.

His introduction battle is packaged with a very epic complete with lots of cinematic scenes. Makes me as if playing a film that is running. All camera settings, Finisher Move, present each scene like an interactive film whose decisions are handed over to the player.

Do any activities in Warzone

When the prologue ends, you will be introduced to the story of how Inhuman is formed, the evil plan doctor George Tarleton and characters named Kamala Khan. Kamala is one of the Inhumans with the power like Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four. He was able to lengthen and enlarge his body part like his hand until the whole body.

A character with the name Superhero Ms. Marvel is a character that I like in terms of mechanics and abilities that he has. He was able to pass several obstacles by extending his arms like Spider-Man's spider-swing, giving a compos attack quite agile, and the ultimate ability to raise the body which could be said to be almost equivalent to Hulk's punch.

It was told that Kamala was a heavy fan of Avengers who escaped when chaos occurred. In the story, he will meet with Bruce Banner / Hulk to find out what happened while looking for Jarvis, an intelligent artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark. Its mission he brought it to the battle against abomination which peak would expect them towards Avengers headquarters.

Arriving at Avengers's headquarters, I was introduced to the Mechanical War Table with Warzone which became the Multiplayer Coop mission and the whole story.

Once everything is over, then some heroes like Iron Man and Black Widow can be used fully. In other words, there are four heroes that Kamala Khan / Ms. can play. Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Unfortunately, another Mission campaign after the introduction of the prologue will not be enjoyed because of the problem of the main content of the game.

Then, does Warzone have the same female level as the campaign? The answer is of course. This is because this mode will present a large sandbox area that can be enjoyed before proceeding to the main mission. Various extensive areas can be explored, all to strengthen characters and search for equipment to resources that can be found along with the map.

Warzone, which I tried was divided into four regions, each of which had its mission. The four regions are Pacific Northwest, Helicarrier, Utah Badlands, and Eastern Seaboards. There are several variants of missions such as destroying certain tools, Iconic Mission with a mini-boss, to fight BOSS. This mission seems to be representing how Avengers' daily work when they do not appear in film media which incidentally only provides "one main goal".

When Warzone can be accessed, the matchmaking feature can be turned on or turned off when choosing a mission. Turning off Matchmaking allows playing it with AI or Bot. At first, I was skeptical about companion ai or bot. This is because of the experience ever, only a few games are done very well. But the thought proved wrong because the AI Companion at Marvel's Avengers was able to help the player very well. They will attack the enemy and help you at difficult times. Overall, I was quite satisfied with the AI design given Crystal Dynamics.

Try Marvel's Avengers - Do any activities in Warzone

Strengthen Super Hero

Every Hero Marvel's Avengers has its respective equipment. Starting from Gauntlet, Body Armor, shoes, to special artifacts that every Hero has. Each piece of Equipment has a status or perk, everything is random and unpredictable. But basically, it will give some advantages, ranging from strengthening certain element attacks to give a little boosting loading the ultimate capabilities of each hero.

The equipment can be increased through Boost which all resources can be obtained when exploration before finally continuing to the main mission. Each Equipment has its level complete with the level of scarcity.

These heroes will also have three capabilities, start the first ability, secondary, to ultimate. For example, Iron Man can launch the laser from his chest, the ability like the EMP can give a stun, until Hulkbuster, a giant robot that had appeared in his film against the Hulk who was being influenced. This ability will be able to be increased along with increasing character levels in each mission.

In addition to levels and capabilities, each hero has its respective Challenge Card. Simple it is similar to battle pass in some Battle Royale games. Each level will be able to be upgraded by completing the mission or just grinding level. But it was different from the Battle Pass, he was not present with a premium lane. Make me can anytime increase it without having to be limited to time or have to pay for native money. Each level of the Challenge Card will give a gift of some cosmetic items, one of which is a costume to beautify the appearance of every Hero.

Technical problems make grimacing

Just like some other games, I felt enough technical problems made me grimace. One of them is loading quite a long time when repeating a mission because the character dies when I play it on the PlayStation 4. It needs to be reset by Crystal Dynamics at the time. Because this is quite disturbing when the game is taking place.

The lack of fps that can be overcome by the usual Playstation 4 that I use also makes the game less comfortable. They outsmart it by giving motion blur, but it makes the character animation that the fluid should be very stiff.

This might look much different when the game is on a PC. But with FPS which in my opinion is still a little below the average on the Playstation 4, the gameplay seems uncomfortable played. Especially when I want to do a lot of Combo quickly and make a quick decision when in the middle of the battle.

Some players might not be comfortable with camera settings especially when playing the Hulk. I feel that the Hulk camera will stimulate the players to have a motion sickness than some other characters. This is because some camera shakes and placement when Hulk jumping in some narrow places will confuse the eyes and brains of the players. Especially when all it is combined with Super Motion Blur a lot to optimize the game on Playstation 4.

The Auto-Lock feature when the battle also barely bite when there was a big battle. This is very disturbing when the battle occurs. Especially when more than three enemies attacked the characters played simultaneously.

The server problem and connection also I have experienced here. This happens when I do co-op with one friend who then suddenly the screen turns into loading when the mission takes place. As a result, some scenes that I should have passed must be repeated.

I also found some bugs like in one of the rooms the Avengers headquarters precisely at one of the tables that required me to hold the box button which in the end did not happen when I tried it.

The UI skill design that is represented at the bottom right also makes it impressive like a smartphone game. I don't blame it, because this is just a matter of taste. But this will be better if it is replaced with a better design.

I am also worried about the content as I told you upon it would make Marvel's Avengers a boring and limited game as the Game GrindFest XP is no end. This is because basically, I feel that the game is directly a superhero 3D action game that is limited to grinding levels and items in the dungeon crawling instance arena, complete with the sandbox area that can be explored. The level is quite slow to make Marvel's Avengers become grinding games endless.

Try Marvel's Avengers - Strengthen Super Hero

I personally also lack so like a pretty pale color tone served by Crystal Dynamics. For those who play it on the PC, of course, this can be overcome with several tweaks of colors such as sweetfx or similar. But it's not for the Player Console that might need to change the color of the monitor. Of course, I hope this can be fixed.


Marvel's Avengers at a glance like a dream that seemed to come true for the fans of heavy. The cinematic experience and epic action presented like a player seemed to be made into his world. Give interactive cinematic film effects with typical Crystal Dynamics original stories. Moreover, they also provide a side story in each mission complete with free content on the game.

Although it seems very epic and interesting, the various problems that I experienced also seemed quite worrying. Starting from FPS, Hulk cameras have the potential to provide the Motion Sickness effect, until the server's problem. Concerns that the game would be the Grindfest XP gave me a less interesting impression when playing it on the console.

However, on the other hand, of course, I also hope they provide side story content that is not only limited to narrative audio, as done by some specific video games. Apart from the main mission or campaign of course. Because this will be a special attraction for those who have completed their main story and want to linger play the game.