Little Nightmares 2 Review - Combat Puzzle Mechanical

Little Nightmares 2 Review - Combat Puzzle Mechanical

Like those of you who already know, Bandai has indeed Amazingly made a platformer game. No exception with their game this one. Although it does not include the mainstay of Bandai, this game is quite popular, especially for player lovers of horror games and puzzles. Sure enough, even though it's not the first to do horror games, Little Nightmares can offer other different things but still interesting. Here is a brief review of this Little Nightmares 2.

Little Nightmares 2 Review - Combat Puzzle Mechanical

Little Nightmares is a game of developer work named Tarsier Studios. This game was finally released because of the results of the publication of Bandai Namco. They focus on puzzle mechanics, and if you have played games like Limbo, Inside, and Trine, of course, they're familiar. Indeed, not much has a difference, but of course, there are some special things that this game offers and does not exist in other games starting from themes, stories, to gameplay present.

If you have played the first series of Little Nightmares games, of course, you already know what gameplay they offer. Right, this game has a puzzle element with a unique art style and a pretty Dark theme. So even though it has an art style like an animated film, this game still provides a spooky and tense atmosphere. Here is my review of playing a tense horror game complete with a puzzle that requires you to rotate your brains when you play it.

The devotion of Story Through Visuals without Dialogue

Continuing Six's adventure story in finding a way out. Now Tarsier Studios must think again in arranging the story of the second series of this game. Because every game character does not have a dialogue, then we as the player must look for themselves what happened. This is the fact that it is very fun for us to do, considering every visual, design level, and scenario makes every corner of the room very alive without having to have a long dialogue.

The main character named Six now meets with a new friend named Mono. This certainly makes the story structure so changes in such a way because it has 2 main characters at once. The two of them finally worked together to find a way out of this terrible place. But of course, some obstacles have been waiting for them both. The obstacle will be the main factor that makes the second series Little Nightmares increasingly enjoyable.

If previously we have come out of the Maw ship, we will now be stuck again in a city that is no less tense named Pale City. The story of this game intentionally makes us very curious about what will happen next. Not to mention the second series offers an ending that will make us more curious and the presence of Secret Ending that adds a twisted plot. Try it yourself is the perfect way to provide a story experience.

Gameplay and AI Little Nightmares 2

First I think Six and Mono can be used in a transition like the Batman Arkham Series game. What happened was not so. Mono will move like the main character in this game, while Six himself will only be controlled by AI. So far I have never had a problem with AI who controls six in the game. Instead, the Six themselves helped me if they were in trouble.

Little Nightmares 2 Review - Gameplay and AI Little Nightmares 2

Because this game focuses on puzzles, it is sometimes there are times when we will be trapped and confused in the middle of the road. Six himself will show his finger to some objects to help us solve the puzzle. Sometimes some puzzles require 2 people's cooperation at once, and Six will voluntarily help us at any time. Unfortunately, the opportunity to the presence of these 2 characters do not they use as a multiplayer co-op game.

Even though we have 2 main characters, the fact is mono is the most highlighted character in the second series of this game. This they prove directly by the addition of the Equipment Item feature like Weapon for Mono. While Six himself is only a character that will help us as a puzzle breaker. Because of the presence of Weapon, of course, we certainly get a new mechanic in the form of Combat. But to use it needs some special tricks.

Mono will use a large hammer to defeat enemies that have the same size. To give immersion, Mono will find it difficult to use the hammer because of his small body. The hammer that we use is quite large and heavy, then mono will be difficult to balance the body when attacking. It seems like Combat in this game itself also provides an accuracy element in we operate the character's weapons.

Design that makes goosebumps and memorable

Frankly, the second series in this game does not have many changes in gameplay than before. But what makes it quite different of course is a more varied design level. You as a player will interact with each object that is at the level of this game. Later the object will be formed as a puzzle without realizing it. If you already understand the structure of the puzzle, the exit will open.

Simple? The fact is not. Sometimes there are additional obstacles that are quite deadly in the level puzzle they offer. If you make a wrong decision, your character of course will end sadly. Sometimes at a certain level which we have to do stealth while breaking the puzzle carefully. There is even a level where we have to run from the enemy's pursuit and make the right decision. This is what makes our hearts disguised.

Each level will provide its memory, starting from the atmosphere, object, to the monsters. Not to mention the challenges they present will be very different and not repetitive. Honestly, about the level of design this game I consider quite perfectly complete with the arrangement of objects to show cinematography. I think in this second series they do focus on each design level and provide an additional atmosphere to be more terrible and iconic.

Little Nightmares 2 Review - Design that makes goosebumps and memorable


Of all the praise I gave above, of course, it has a cause. Little Nightmares 2, in my opinion, is a sequel that is quite perfect, and certainly, I suggest for you guys puzzle and horror lovers. The way Tarsier Studios conducted execution was fairly great. They managed to combine puzzle gameplay with a terrible atmosphere with a touch of a very memorable level design and had their impression.

Not to mention the presence of 2 characters in this game makes the story on the game quite emotional and personal. We as a player so have someone we need to guard and protect when dissolved in the game. But unfortunately, they did not use it as the perfect moment in lifting co-op multiplayer mode. Even so, a very useful AI and a structured story make us forget that we are playing a single player.

I don't think that's what I can convey in the Little Nightmares review 2. All the positive things I gave certainly prove that this game has been worked on optimally. If you are interested, Little Nightmares 2 can you play on the PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch platform, Xbox One, PS5, Google Stadia, and Xbox Series. For you PC users, you can buy this game through a digital platform like Steam Store. What do you think, are you ready for adventure on Pale City Island?