Intel Developed AI Which can Change Game Graphics Into a Photo Realism

Intel Developed AI Which can Change Game Graphics Into a Photo Realism

The development of technology in the video game industry is growing quite rapidly. Previously we had received technology called Ray-Tracing which is now a big breakthrough in the world of game consoles. Even the NEXT-Gen console today can use the technology. As if not to be outdone about this, Intel was finally preparing a new surprise again. This surprise is Intel's AI technology that can change the game graphics into very amazing photo realism.

Intel is developing a unique AI technology which of course can potentially become new technology in the development of visual games in the future. Given the NEXT-gen console is now quite capable, this technology is a considerable step. However, what is the look of this technology, can it be as good as the rumor?

Not long ago, Intel Labs who consisted of Stephan R. Richter, Hassan Abu Alhaija, and Vladlen Kolten showed off the technology through his YouTube video. By choosing the GTA V game belonging to Rockstar Games, Intel finally shows visual changes that almost look like real life. If you watch the video, you can feel that it appears like accidentally they record using a digital camera plated on a four-wheeled vehicle.

Intel researchers themselves were quite surprised by this artificial. He even admitted that this technology was created because of its intention. This development process is quite difficult for them to complete. But this seems to be commensurate considering the results themselves exceed their expectations. The AI can translate changes in a frame by frame GTA V smoothly and very accurately without any problem. Intel finally shows more details about this extraordinary technology.

Through the demonstration video they provided, Intel finally provided information about the AI's ability in comparing the video data they had with GTA V. AI games later having a special task to combine these two assets into one. Continuing this, the researcher said that, the assets of the video they had were inspired by the beauty of the German urban atmosphere. Gamers can also see the view of the German city through Cityscape's dataset.

Potentially big in the development of the next console?

As we already know, the AI finally managed to carry out his duties. Now GTA V can display the beauty of German city through the game. With more authentic lighting changes, more pampering reflections, and rock textures and the grass looks more realistic the gamers can finally feel real life in a video game. Of course, the technology that Intel develops is much better than realistic photos so far they have developed.

Because it is still in the early stages of its development, Intel itself still has not confirmed when we can enjoy this technology directly. But they also have provided more information through their records. How do you think you can't wait to try this technology in the future? Don't forget to visit our site every day not to miss the latest news, tips, and rumors around the world of video games and industries.