Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review - It is Proven to be More Comfortable in The Ear

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is one of the products present in conjunction with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series. The presence of this Galaxy Buds Live completes the previous Samsung True Wireless Stereo (TWS) device, namely Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus. TWS has a unique form, such as nuts, and is intended for Samsung users who want to listen to audio comfortably for a long time.

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The presence of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live certainly also enlivened the TWS market which is now crowded by almost all smartphone vendors. Therefore, with the uniqueness of the design in this device, it is expected to attract the attention of many people. As a TWS Premium device, the Galaxy Buds Live is also equipped with the latest and sophisticated audio features.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live offers a higher audio listening experience. The unique shape, different from most Current TWS circulating, makes this device be TWS sought by Samsung users. Moreover, the sound quality produced is also very good. Therefore, for more details, here are ExGamesplay reviews about this Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

Sales package

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is present in very compact packaging, with small boxes. The packaging box is similar to the Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Buds plus before. For TWS devices that I try this has white.

Here are the items in the packaging package:

  • A pair of white Galaxy Buds Live is complete with the charging case
  • White USB Type C Charger Cable
  • Short user guide
  • A pair of wingtip


As mentioned earlier, this Samsung Galaxy Buds Live does appear differently from other TWS. The design is like a nut and adheres to the open-type system, just stick to the ear hole. This is different from the Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Buds Plus that carries the design of the canal-type earbuds, which must be put in the ear hole.

This device comes with a Charging Case that is matching with the Galaxy Buds Live. This shell besides serving as a TWS protector also functions as a charger when the TWS device is placed in it. On the outside, there is one indicator light that will turn on when the charging process with a USB type c cable takes place. While one more indicator is on the inside. The USB Type c port itself is on the back. This charging case has a glossy white surface, with a Samsung logi in the middle.

The TWS device itself also carries a white glossy type surface. This TWS speaker is at the bottom. While for the top there is a touch sensor and other sensors that make the device die when apart from the ear. Because it is an open type, aka just sticking, at the top there is a wingtip to lock the device to the ear so it doesn't fall easily.

Because of its unique shape, we also confused the right position to put the Live Galaxy Buds in the ear. How to install it is similar to the Galaxy Buds, but no need to enter the ear hole. The bottom of the device is pushed first until it then adjusts the position of the wingtip at the top to lock in the ear.

However, after installing, it is indeed following what Samsung said at its launch. These Live Galaxy Buds are for users who want to listen to music for a longer time. The open-type design makes the device comfortable to be in the ear because it doesn't need to enter the ear hole that sometimes makes it rather sick if used for a long time.

Features and Performance

So that this device lights up and can be used, first you have to solve the Galaxy Wearable application, the same application as the Galaxy Watch 3. Pair and some short settings until the device is ready for use.

This device has an Active Noise Canceling feature to reduce sound disorders from around it. This feature can be activated from within the Galaxy Wearable application. In addition, there is also an equalizer feature that can also be arranged in the application. There are six choices at this equalizer, namely Soft, Bass Boost, Normal, Dynamic, Clear, and Treble Boost. You just need to adjust the sound type you like.

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The operation of this device is purely using touch control. Area this touch control is on the outside of TWS. Just touch or tap once to activate the device or run a piece of music. Next, doing the tap twice will make you turn to the next music. Tap twice this time also serves to answer or end the call. For tap three times, you will play music on the previous track. And finally, tap and hold a long time, will go to the preset you specify in the application. This last way also functions to reject the telephone call.

You can also make a TWS device read a message that enters a smartphone or provides information about the schedule to do. Whichever application settings that are notified will be read, you can set it from the Galaxy Wearable application.

Galaxy Buds Live is also equipped with Find My Earbuds features. This feature can ring TWS when scattered outside of the charging case. This application also gives some tips on using the Galaxy Buds Live correctly.

This TWS device is also equipped with three microphones in each Earbud. Two microphones are on the outside. While one microphone is on the inside. With high sensitivity, you can use a microphone with a sound that sounds clear, even though its position is far from your mouth.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

  • Type: TWS, Earbuds
  • Dimensions: 16,5 x 27,3 x 14,9mm
  • Charging Case Dimensions: 50 x 5,2 x 27mm
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Hall, Touch, Grip, VPU
  • Battery: 60mAh (Earbuds) and 472mah (Charging case)
  • Duration of the battery: 6 hours


Although with a unique design, this Live Galaxy Buds can deliver good sound quality. The menu for sound settings is provided completely in the Galaxy Wearable application and the install process is also very easy.

Open type design also makes this device comfortable lingering to your ears. Indeed, the segment for TWS devices is the person who wants to listen to music longer. So this design has been carefully thought by Samsung.

Interestingly, as Samsung said when launching this product, the Galaxy Buds Live was made from recycled material. This is our appreciation for supporting natural conservation. The compact-sized charging case also makes it easily placed in pants or clothes. It's just that, to always remember re-entering the Earbud into the charging case, once you finish this music. This prevents the loss of small earbuds.