Genshin Impact 2.3 is Getting Closer - Here is 8 Tips For You Farming Primogem!

It doesn't feel like Genshin Impact will soon enter version 2.3, where the players will be treated to new content, new challenges, new areas, and new characters. For some circles, perhaps the main attraction of version 2.3 is the presence of new characters, Arataki Itto, but not a few are willing to fast Gacha for Albedo's second presence and EULA.

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To help the faithful tabibito, ExGamesplay has prepared a row of tips for farming and getting primogem for Gacha! Curious? Check below!

1. Surely Complete Daily Commission

Indeed this one tip sounded boring because this is a major source of primogem, but don't let you be defeated lazy! Because if you miss one day, you will effectively lose 60 primogem! If you have difficulty solving the Daily Commission, you can replace your commission region or invite your friends to complete the shared Daily Commission!

2. Full achievement

Even though it looks trivial, the achievement in Genshin Impact can provide primogem ranging from 5 to 20 primogem. For those of you who have difficulty interrupting existing achievements, don't be afraid because now there are many video tutorials for confusing achievement. For some achievement which is dependent on the Daily Comision, you still have to be patient, because this is a test.

3. Hunting treasure

Finding treasure is a mandatory thing for you to get because the chest contains a variety of items that you can use to improve your character. Starting from Mora, WIT Hero, to Primogem is also a gift that you can get from a variety of chests that you find.

Therefore, you must immediately make what is called Treasure Compass. This compass will lead you to hidden treasures. In each region, both Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma have their respective treasure compass, so don't let you make it.

4. Complete the scattered Challenge

One more thing often to be missed by the tabibito is the existing challenge. Even though sometimes it is in an unreasonable position or has a complicated challenge, always make sure to complete the challenge there because this Challenge will give you at least the exquisite chest when you are lucky and common chest when you're not lucky, who will give you primogem!

5. Follow the existing events!

Event is a primogem well that must be utilized as much as possible. In addition to providing new content, not infrequently these events offer primogem that are exchanged with various events. Don't let you miss finishing the existing event! Besides the In-Game Event Ensure, it also follows a common web event held.

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6. Complete Spiral Abyss

For this one, you must make sure your team is ready and strong to fight the existing enemy. Besides being a strong enemy, a lot of challenges that can make you give up, but don't give up, because regardless of the number of star challenges, you can still get primogem prizes! You can get at least 300 primogem up to 600 primogem depending on your performance!

7. Complete Hangout Event

This one might be a bit non-orthodox because you can only get it once. If you haven't finished Hangout Event, make sure you complete it as soon as possible! Because through Hangout Event, you can get at least 120 primogem per character!

8. Find and Complete the World Quest!

For this one is rather complicated because players must look for every NPC that has an exclamation mark above his head. This exclamation point shows that the NPC will provide a short quest that will provide primogem from 15, up to 20 primogem!

It's a 8 tips for you who need primogem! Don't miss your primogem a day and regret it later!