Teaser Kazuha Finally Released - Show off the details of the character

Teaser Kazuha Finally Released - Show off the details of the character

Towards the presence of Kazuha at Genshin Impact, Mihoyo as a developer finally released the teaser of the character. Through the video they uploaded, players can see some of the latest details of Kazuha.

Teaser Kazuha Finally Released - Show off the details of the character

So, what is the information that Mihoyo shares via the teaser? Therefore, see this article to run out.

Latest Kazuha Teaser

Based on the information available, the player is shown how the closeness of Beidou and Kazuha. In one of his conversation sessions, Kazuha joined Beidou to take part in the battle which was often the captain of doing.

Interestingly, we are also shown how Kazuha can escape from Inazuma. At that time, Kazuha was in the period of pursuit by Inazuma's decree. The goal was to take Vision owned by Kazuha. Even so, Kazuha can still escape after defeating the people who chased him.

Broadly speaking, not much information about Kazuha. However, this teaser from Kazuha at least provides a little description of his past. To find out more, you can wait for Kazuha to release in a few more days.

Have your story quest

Refer information, Kazuha gets a special story for himself. Even so, some of the existing image previews showed that Beidou had his role in the story.

If it is following the previous leak, his story quest will focus on his assistance to a traveler who intends to enter Inazuma. Because Kazuha is a character originating from Inazuma but it looks rare in the country.

Meanwhile, Beidou is the captain of The Crux and will bring a traveler to Inazuma's border. Just information, Beidou in Lore in the game is told as a brave sailor. Of course, Inazuma, who is currently covered from the outside world will be difficult to enter.

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