Tales of Crestoria Mobile Game Ready to Enter Open Beta

Tales of Crestoria Mobile Game Ready to Enter Open Beta

If you hear the word JRPG, of course what will come to your mind is an RPG game with a distinctive Japanese bandage. Starting from a complex battle system, both turn-based, tactical, or action with various effects, to the design of anime characters and colorful fantasy world.

Tales of Crestoria Mobile Game Ready to Enter Open Beta

At least, this is what Bandai Namco will present in his new mobile game Tales of Crestoria which is ready to launch mid-year.

Through his official Twitter account, Tales of Crestoria Producer Tomomi Tagawa said that Bandai Namco was ready to release the game for Android and iOS at the beginning of June 2020 later worldwide. This game will have a full Japanese voice for the main story, including a cutscene, and some videos with brush effects.

Bandai Namco is currently polishing its final build and guarantees fans will enjoy the Tales of Crestoria series when released later. Tagawa also mentioned that they will release a theme song and video promotion in April.

At the end of his statement, Tagawa announced that the open beta Tales of Crestoria will be released early May 2020 with an English version. He also reminded that all the months he had mentioned could be changed because COVID-19 was epidemic.

Tales of Crestoria itself was announced on September 11, 2018, ago. He has the theme "criminal" and tells of a boy who has a very heavy life burden and must stay alive for someone or something that means a lot to him. Previously the game was planned for release in 2019 but was finally postponed until the announcement above.

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