The fact that the Genshin Impact game is increasingly popular

The fact that the Genshin Impact game is increasingly popular

Genshin Impact is a game from Mihoyo that was officially released on September 28, 2020, which until now more popular among gamers. This game that has a role-playing (RPG) game has a unique visual anime style.

The fact that the Genshin Impact game is increasingly popular

Shortly, Mihoyo issued the latest update Genshin Impact 1.5 titled Beneath the Light of Jadeite. On the latest update, the player can do Gacha to get Zhongli's character on the Gentry of Hermitage banner. The Gacha period will air until May 18.

However, several other interesting facts add to the interest of the players to continue playing this game. Well, do you know what makes Genshin Impact still be played and increasingly popular to date? Here are some interesting facts that make this game more popular.

Similar Game Breath of the Wild (BOTW)

This game at the beginning of his presence had become a controversy because of its resemblance to the Legend of Zelda game: Breath of the Wild. Even though it has a resemblance to the Breath of the Wild (BOTW), Genshin Impact still has a distinctive element. You can choose one of the dozens of characters with different gameplay on each character. Of the many characters, as well as skills that certainly make the players won't get bored to play it.

Has 24 characters with different voice chargers

Having a total of 24 characters, with the Twin Traveler becomes the main character, the remaining 22 characters can be obtained randomly with the Gacha system or known as Wish. Having a different voice charger on each character becomes an added value, and there are features of 4 languages from the character who are still maintained, namely Korea, Japan, England, and Mandarin. Who is your champion?

There is a co-op feature

Can be played at a party with a maximum of 4 characters. So this game can be played with various kinds of tactics. Determine a good strategy by utilizing several elements of several characters used by players in a party. In Genshin Impact, there are two choices to increase the level, which is as a whole on adventure level and improve the ability or skill that is a special character. Although not too much motivated, Mihoyo wants every player to understand the purpose and story of the game.

Microtransaction system

Genshin Impact has acquaint fates and intertwined fates as a premium currency. To get characters with maximum skills, the player is recommended for Gacha or Wish. For some of the strongest characters, it takes several wishes that are not a little to get it. Remember this is just a suggestion instead of coercion that you can adjust to needs.

Street stories, missions, and visuals are very detailed

The thing you will get when playing is a challenge wrapped in an exciting adventure to the beauty of the aesthetic treyvat world. Equipped with a dialog that is spiced a little humor. There is no feature to skip a story on this game. The complexity and details of Genshin ImpACT become a benchmark for games with other RPG genres.

Those are some facts that make GenShin Impact games continue to be popular until they are popular with so many players. Hopefully, this article can provide valuable information for you, happy reading !!