Basic Components of a Computer

Basic Components of a Computer

The basic components of a desktop computer are computer boxes, monitors, keyboards, mice and power cables. Each component has an important role when you use or operate a computer.

Basic Components of a Computer

Computer case (box)

The computer case is a box made of metal and plastic which contains the main components of the computer, such as the main circuit board (motherboard), CPU, and power supply (power supply). The front of this case generally has an on-off button and one or more optical drives.

The computer case is made in various shapes and sizes. A desktop computer case and monitor are usually placed on a flat table. A computer case shaped like a tower (tower) is placed next to the monitor or placed on the floor. The All-in-One Computer is a computer where the main components (which are usually placed in the case) are installed built-in in the monitor, so it can save place usage.

Monitor (screen)

The monitor collaborates with a video card (inside the computer case) to display content (image and text) on the screen. In general, the monitor has several buttons to access the monitor settings menu (such as screen brightness) or built-in speakers.

The newer version of the monitor display usually uses LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or LED (Light-Emitting Diode). This type of monitor has a very thin thickness and is usually called a flat-screen. More conventional monitors use CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). Greater and heavier CRT monitors, and need more space.


The keyboard is one of the main components that serves to interact with computers. The keyboard has a variety of types, but most have the same uses.


The mouse is also an important device to interact with a computer. Generally, the mouse is known as a pointer, which serves to point or shift an object on the monitor.

There are two general types of the mouse: optical and mechanical. An optical mouse uses electronic eyes to detect movements and is easier to clean. While the mechanical mouse uses a rolling ball to detect movement and must be cleaned regularly to function smoothly.

Alternative device replacement mouse

There is another device a mouse substitute that has a way of cooperation like a mouse. Most computer users are comfortable using it and the device does not require a broad usage room like a conventional mouse. The following are some examples of these devices.

  • Trackball: is a device that has a ball-shaped component that can be moved for various purposes. This device can control the cursor by touching and shifting the ball-shaped component.
  • TouchPad: TouchPad (or also called a trackpad), is a touch board that you can touch with your finger to control the cursor. A touchpad is generally found on a laptop computer.

That's some information about the basic component of a computer. Hopefully, this article can provide valuable information for you, congratulations on reading!!