What is a computer?

What is a computer?

Computers are electronic devices that manipulate information or data. Computers can store, take, and process data. You may have known that you can use a computer to type documents, send e-mail, play games, and surf the web. You can also use it to change or create spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos.

What is a computer

Hardware vs. software

Before we discuss the kinds of computer types, let's discuss the same 2 things found in all types of computers, namely hardware and software.

  • Hardware is a computer component that has a physical structure, such as a keyboard or mouse. In addition, the hardware also includes all computer internal components, which you can see in the image below.

Hardware computer

  • Software is a group of instructions or commands that assign or give commands to hardware about what to do and how to do it. Examples of software such as web browsers, games, and word processing. The image below is a picture of Microsoft PowerPoint software, which is used to make a presentation.

Software computer

Everything you do on the computer depends on hardware and software. For example, now you can see this lesson on a web browser (software) and use the mouse (hardware) to move from page one to another. When you learn about various types of computers, ask yourself about the differences in terms of hardware. When you learn this guide, then you will understand the various kinds of computers and various kinds of software they use.

What are the various types of computers?

For the majority of people, while hearing computer terms, they think about personal computers such as desktops or laptops. Though computers tangible in many forms and sizes, and do many different tasks in our daily lives. When you take cash from the ATM, scan a barcode of groceries in the store, or use a calculator, then you also use a computer for these activities.

What are the various types of computers

1. Desktop computer
Many people use desktop computers in offices, homes, and schools. Desktop computers are designed to be placed on the table. Usually, desktop computers consist of several components, including computer boxes, monitors, keyboards, and mouse.

2. Laptop computer
The second type of computer may be familiar to you, a laptop computer that is generally called a laptop. Laptops are computers with electrical resources in the form of batteries where laptops are more portable than the desktop that makes it easy for you to use them anywhere.

3. Tablet computer
A Tablet computer (or better known as tablets) is a handheld computer that is even more portable than a laptop. The tablet uses a touch screen instead of a keyboard and mouse for typing and navigation. iPad is an example of a tablet computer.

4. Server computer
The server is a computer that processes information requests from other computers that are linked to it on a computer network. For example, whenever you use the internet, you are looking at the information stored on the server. Many organizations also use local server computers to store and share files internally.

Other types of computers

At present, many computer-based electronic devices are with specific functions, but we don't always understand how they work. The following are some examples.
  • Smartphones: Many smartphones can do many things that can be done by computers, such as browsing the internet and playing games. Usually, this smartphone is often called a smartphone.
  • Wearables: Wearable technology is a general term for a group of tools, including fitness trackers/sports and smartwatches, designed for everyday use. This type of device is often abbreviated as Wearables.
  • Game tools (Game): A tool/game console is a special type of computer that can be used to play video games on your TV.
  • Television (TV): At present, many televisions are equipped with applications (or apps), which you can use to access various types of content online. For example, you can watch video streaming directly from the internet to your television.

PC and Macintosh

PC and Macintosh

Personal computers are made in 2 main forms, namely: PC and Mac (Macintosh). Both of them function properly, but they have different forms and methods of use. Everyone has each preference in the personal computer.
  • Personal Computer (PC)
This type of computer starts with the IBM PC that was introduced in 1981. Other companies began creating similar computers, called IBM PC Compatible (usually abbreviated as PC). At present, this type of computer is the most common type of personal computer category. Usually, this type of computer is equipped with the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Macintosh
Macintosh's computer was introduced in 1984 and is the first personal computer sold to the general public where the computer has graphical face-to-face graphics or called GUI. All MACS computers are produced by one company, Apple and they are entirely almost always using the Mac OS X operating system.

That's the basic part of the computer. Hopefully, this article can provide useful information for you !!