Review of Samsung Galaxy A32 - Unlimited Creative

Review of Samsung Galaxy A32 - Unlimited Creative

The Samsung Galaxy A32 combines innovation to support its users of unlimited creative, A32 is equipped with a 64MP quad-camera, a super amoled screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, and a 5,000mAh battery.

Review of Samsung Galaxy A32 - Unlimited Creative

With a combination above, it doesn't seem to be excessive if the Galaxy A32 is suitable for you who rely on smartphones to do anything, anytime, anywhere. The performance of the Galaxy A32, is perfect for supporting various activities, ranging from gaming to content making and streaming experience.

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy A32

In the Samsung Galaxy A32 packaging box there is a short guidebook, warranty, 30W charger, USB-A to USB-C, Earphone and Jelly Case transparent that will protect and provide extra grip.

Four camera lenses

Samsung Galaxy A32 comes with a 64MP main camera. Ultra Wide 8MP Camera with an angle of shooting with an area of up to 123 ° also allows more objects that go into the frame so that it is suitable for the photography of natural scenery when traveling, and providing optimal photos for updates on social media.

In addition, the 5MP sensor depth from the camera is able to display a vibrate photo with a neater deep blur effect. The 5MP Galaxy A32 macro lens is also very suitable for taking pictures with a 3-5 cm focus distance that can make small details on the object look more real. Always appear confident when Selfie uses the effect of portrait mode with a 20MP front camera.

Responsive screen

Samsung Galaxy A32 has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity-U display screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. The presence of the 90Hz Samsung Galaxy A32 refresh rate provides a gaming experience with a visual appearance that is more alive in every frame. Not to forget, the touch screen response that reaches 180Hz presents the sensation of controlling the game through a free screen Ghost Touch.

This feature can also help users in providing a mobile games playing experience with friends who are more fun because the actions of the characters in the game can be enjoyed more smoothly. In addition, the high refresh rate also spoils users with a scrolling screen that is smoother that makes the displacement between applications feel more seamless.


Galaxy A32 is given a more reliable chipset devoted to performance and gaming. With Helio G80, gaming activities with cellphones can be done more qualified without significant obstacles.

This processor itself has eight cores with speeds of up to 2.0 gigahertz (Hz) and built with fabrication technology that has been quite sophisticated.

Not only is the support of a reliable chipset, Samsung also perfects the performance of the Galaxy A32 with a feature called Booster game. Which functions to make graphics are more smooth, battery optimization to maintain temperatures.


5,000mAh battery capacity makes activity all day starting from exploring social media, watching streaming serial serial and playing mobile gaming runs without disconnection due to power. Improved screen technology and camera is certainly balanced with the performance of 6 / 8GB of RAM equipped with 128GB of internal memory can also be increased by adding external memory to 1TB capacity. With the capacity to be expected users can keep various videos and photos.

As the latest generation mobile phone, the Galaxy A32 has run the Android 11 operating system and a typical Samsung interface, OneUI 3.0.

Enjoy a more comfortable experience with the Galaxy A32 screen protection that already uses on-screen fingerprint, and the NFC feature to check and top up toll card balances practically before starting to drive.


Galaxy A32 offers dimensions of length 158.9mm, width of 73.6mm and 8.4mm thickness. His form is right in grasp, not too thick and comfortable when used to type messages. The shape is also convenient when put into a pants pocket.

The design of the display of four cameras on the back of the cellphone is enough to make you immediately amazed. Even though it has 4 lenses, it seems that Samsung accidentally designs the camera layout of the camera into 3 parts. The thing I just found when the ranks of other smartphones usually accompanied the camera module in accordance with the embedded lenses. This design provides a fairly minimalist style. So the circle is only 3 holes. The macro lens section has a small circle beside it, the same size and its position with the lighting of the camera light (flash).

Mobile offers a glossy casing that stunted the view when she first saw it. Not as the name suggests, the Awesome Black design bandage is not all colored in black. On the back of the cellphone it has a color ash darkness wrapped in plastic material looks rather glossy.

For those of you who want to have this smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A32 is priced at $249.05 million for the 6GB / ROM 128 GB RAM variant, and the 8GB / ROM 128GB RAM variant of $262.89 million.


With a price of less than $276.76, this smartphone can be an option, because it has been equipped with features with quite capable specifications, ranging from cameras, large batteries, airy screens and designs that are carntic. So it's suitable for you who have high mobility but still want to be conducting.
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