Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Review - Very Challenging

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Review - Very Challenging

Crash Bandicoot has always been a series that is very loved by the fans. The platformer game which made the initial debut of Naughty Dog to carve his name on the Playstation successfully reached millions of eyes to play it. Had been the main mascot of Sony's console, Crash Bandicoot was present as another series such as Crash Bash, Twinsanity, to one of the most popular, Crash Team Racing.

Crash Bandicoot 4 It's About Time Review

Despite having a lot of spin-off series, but actually, Crash Bandicoot only has three main series: Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped. All three have a unique world setting with the theme of each who taught the story of the red hedgehog.

Unfortunately, Sony sold the franchise and finally bought by Activision. Since then, Activision has only published the Consolenya series on Playstation 2 and Mobile in 2008. They continued with a spin-off series but no longer in a home console because of the focus of the company that changed.

But it was not until finally, they revitalized it back with N. Sane Trilogy in 2017 for Playstation 4 and 2018 for PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Activision also returned his racing game, Crash Team Racing: nitro-fueled for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in 2019 yesterday.

The popularity of the main series has been cursed by N. Sane Trilogy, but who would have thought that they would also make the sequel. Yes, this time Activision took to Toys for Bob to work on the fourth iteration with IT'S ABOUT TIME. In the announcement, the Call of Duty Publisher explained that this time the game would lift about time control with the mask that became his new strength.

Toys for Bob himself is not a new developer, they have experienced Star Control in 1990 until finally acquired by Activision. They also helped work on a crash bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. In other words, they have a fairly strong vision to develop their ideas. However, of course, all need to proof by trying it directly, instead of just watching the trailer that has been raised.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time also offers two main gameplay modes: Modern and Classic. Modern will give unlimited lives. Instead of a count of life, Toys for Bob gave several dead. While Classic will come with a limited life like the previous iteration.

Quantum Mask, the Stop Mask Time

Just like the title, it's about time to present mask despair, namely quantum mask and several boxes that can only be passed by utilizing the power of the mask. Your timing and dexterity will be tested on each level of platforming. This mask will appear many times, even when the stage is a bonus.

Just like previous iterations, crashes can do a double jump, rotating movement to destroy the box, until the body-slam. But the thing that made us frustrated when playing it was his double jump.

Crash Bandicoot 4 - Very Challenging

Unlike the previous series, Double Jump belonging to Crash did not give a considerable distance far. This ability will slow down the crash movement to choose where he should have landed. Our natural mind always considers Double Jump to get past two platforming obstacles while making us make the same mistake constantly. Makes us frustrating even though the levels are displayed look quite easy.

Sometimes several levels require three special abilities: timings, dexterity, to precision. There is a platform that requires to use of Quantum Mask while beating opponents when completed jumping from one place to another.

The absence of the implied tutorial also makes us often frustrated to pass its level. But because what we tried was a demo, it was quite understandable.

Level Snow Way Out Presents snowy platforms with several challenges such as Undead Pirates Throwing Sword Fish and spiked balls, to the chunks of ice that must be conquered. The chunks of ice will become a footing or become a slippery surface that tests the accuracy of the leap and lame timing. Some ice can also be destroyed when postponed. Gave a new challenge and reflex quickly without having to think long.

Not only ice, the jumping platform like wood that will be destroyed if the long time is spoken to make the player think twice before passing the challenge and then greeted by a new challenge across.

Play Chase with T-Rex

Dino Rush itself is the most difficult level for us because the challenge is quite unreasonable. At the beginning of the game, we were treated to a view of Jurassic Park with a walking dinosaur that must be compatible. No exception of toxic plants that can fire poisons when we jump on some of the early platforms of the game. The giant insect passing is also a regular challenge that will be frustrating.

Ahead of the second phase transition after the checkpoint, we were faced with a mask with the power of the hologram, Lani-Loli. Unlike Quantum Mask which can stop time for a few seconds, the Lani-Loli mask will eliminate some of the specific objects shaped ... like a hologram or a cool term phasing. Objects such as giant mushrooms can also be removed with a hologram.

Unfortunately, Lani-Loli masks did not appear many times like Quantum Mask until we finished their level. Make it pretty dear why it only appears so short.

Not only Lani-Loli masks and dinosaurs who must be compatible, but Dino Rush also presents classic chases in ala crash bandicoot. If in his first series Naughty Dog will present a stone, this time Toys for Bob Presents T-Rex to pursue a crash. Unmitigated, the meat-eating dinosaur will be present three times to pursue. We have to pass several obstacles that make us frustrated at each level.

The first platform becomes a pretty easy platform, where there are nitro, holes, and plants that will slow down the crash movement. No exception lava crater must be passed. The increasing frequency of our meeting with T-Rex, the more difficult the portion of the platform is offered.

Crash Bandicoot 4

The Dino Rush level also provides a very difficult platforming level because it requires memorizing the available running platform timing. Where the running platform must be passed when he arrived at the hill hurdle which could only be passed by sliding. Simply challenging but also very annoying. We hope this challenge is removed, considering ourselves dead almost 20-30 times just because it is very difficult to pass.

Play Cortex to know a different perspective

Unlike the classic series, for the first time Crash Bandicoot 4: It's about time to present an antagonist who can be played. Snow Way Out Level: Cortex Timeline is probably Player to play Dr. Neo Cortex, one of the main antagonist leaders.

Cortex is very different from the crash, he has a gun that can change the object of living creatures in front of it into a stone or gel platform. The stone platform will act as an ordinary platform while the gel will give a high leap ability considering the Cortex doesn't have a double jump like a crash.

Even though without a double Jump, Cortex can do a dash forward with his head like a rocket that slid. This ability can be used to pass several impossible platforms to be passed without a double jump. Including a platform containing nitro touring that is ready to explode anytime when touched.

Snow Way Out: Cortex Timeline Will Give a Snow Way Out Viewpoint Owned by Cortex's point of view. Where there is one scene when one level is destroyed which is destroyed by the Cortex. After the scene appears, the game will be continued by controlling the crash.

That level while making Snow Way Out more difficult than usual. If in the point of view the crash level is quite difficult, then in the viewpoint of the Cortex, the level will become more difficult. Some boxes like TNT or add chunks of ice platforming are increasingly frustrating because they cannot be passed like a Snow Way Out crash. Especially with the addition of a fire hole box that is much more challenging for us to pass it with the right timings.

Be on the right path

So far, we feel extraordinary suffering when playing a demo crash bandicoot 4: It's about time, even though on the other hand we also feel a satisfying challenge that is very typical of the course. That Toys for Bob did not deviate from the road that has been standardized by Naughty Dog on the game trilogy.

Quantum Mask, the Stop Mask Time

The level that is still unreasonable makes us hate ourselves because we can't play platformers or maybe indeed the level is too difficult. Toys for Bob does doing the game quite well, but some elements like Double Jump and one of the levels at the Dino Rush level, according to us need to change a little.

I hope Toys for Bob will present accessibility settings when the game is released, so those who just recognize the game and play it not frustrating.

Hopefully, this article can provide useful information for you. Happy reading!!