Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Call of Duty is not a new name anymore in the video game industry. The franchise created to rival the Medal of Honor successfully survived to this moment thanks to its features. Despite all the controversies, it is proven that it can be a game that brings a lot of benefits to Activision until this moment. The game that started with Infinity Ward as its first developer has the characteristics of a dramatic single-player story like a movie. The climax when the Modern Warfare series experiences the conclusion of the story in the third series. Send lots of gold coffers to developers and publishers from the United States.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Although he could absent himself from Black Ops 4, who was present without a single player. But they did not repeat this in 2019. Under the control of Infinity Ward who was forced to work on this year's Call of Duty iteration. They seem to want to re-branding the Modern Warfare series which had catapulted their name and made a gold mine for them. Not as a sequel or remake, but a reboot. This is proven by the creation of a new engine which is a sign of its presence. An engine that they will use in the game franchise in the future.

Old Face Back

The Story of Call of Duty Modern Warfare begins with a scene of a terrorist group named Al Qatala under the leadership of Wolf and his right hand, Butcher who destroys a city with his suicide bombing. The group said it would do anything to quell foreign people and forces in the country with violence and killings.

The story then moved to a CIA agent named Alex and the marines who were assigned to conduct an ambush operation at one of the military headquarters located in Verdansk. This ambush aims to secure the dangerous chlorine gas they have. Unfortunately, when the team began completing the mission, they were suddenly attacked by an unknown group that allegedly was Al Qatala. Steal chlorine gas which they will use for the benefit of the group. Making the Kremlin must break international relations between America and Russia.

Knowing this, his boss, Laswell contacted John Price to pursue the terrorist group. Moved Alex to work with Price, who then recruited Sergeant Garrick when the turmoil started by Al Qatala occurred in London. They then asked the help of Price's old associates, Farah and Hadir, who were fighting against Al Qatala and Russian troops in Urzikstan. Can they crush the Al Qatala and capture the leader named Wolf?

A Touch of Modern Visual Display

By saying that this game is a reboot version, it is natural that we will discuss the visual appearance first. The presence of Infinity Ward's new engine makes Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reboot have a charming visual appearance. Starting from the light, texture, smoke, until the effects of explosions or fire from Molotov cocktails thrown. This is enhanced again by the touch of ray-tracing that was popularized by NVIDIA.

The ray-tracing feature that I try to be the most optimal ray-tracing that I have ever played in the game. If some games will force you to implement ray-tracing at 2K resolution, then not with Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reboot. Because with 1080p you can enjoy it. Of course, with a GPU that supports.

Then, how is the performance on a PC with low specifications? Believe it or not, I've tried it on another PC with a fourth-generation i5 specification with 8GB RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 960 GPU. As a result, the game can run smoothly at 60 fps with very low flat left graphics settings. Unfortunately I do not recommend you to play it on a PC with 4GB of RAM even though all the specifications of both the CPU and GPU meet.

This change in visual appearance is also implied in the presentation of the story which has now become separate and not merely presented in the perspective of the first person. With the pre-rendered cutscene in several parts, Infinity Ward tries to give the impression that the story this time has several different perspectives. This is then reinforced by the presence of two playable characters that you can play. Starting from CIA agents and concurrent soldiers, Alex, to Sergeant Garrick who was tasked with securing London from the threat of Al Qatala threatening.

A More Realistic Gunfight Touch

Apart from the story and its charming visual appearance, the shooter game would not be complete without the mechanism of the gunfight which becomes the core of the gameplay. Different from the previous series, Modern Warfare comes with a more realistic gunfight. Most of his weapons now have recoil which can be said to be quite real. You can no longer just aim and spray because you have to adjust the recoil with the mouse if you play it on a PC. Some weapons now cannot be used with the origin of the spray because the bullets will go everywhere without supporting attachments. AK47, for example, will lift high enough if you don't adjust the recoil.

These changes changed the core game which was originally run and gun to be more tactical. Several angles can be used to take cover and peek like Rainbow Six Siege. But it's different from the Ubisoft game that can be spotted right and left freely, you have to use the mouse button 5, which is the top button located on the left side of your mouse at a certain angle. For example, such as the edge of a wall, on a barricade, or the hood of a car. This will help you to protect from enemy attacks thanks to your recovery time will be much slower than usual.

Some of the sound of the rifle is now also very well designed. He sounds more fierce and scary. If you fire your rifle in several areas, then you will be able to listen to different sounds. Open and closed areas will produce quite different sounds. The muzzle effect of each weapon such as the suppressor now has a better sound. Gives you a shadow for those of you who have never listened to the sound of a suppressor weapon getting closer.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review A More Realistic Gunfight Touch

Going Dark

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare story no longer revolves around certain controversies. But more inclined to the real situation. But not everything can be conveyed properly in the execution. That around 50% can be conveyed properly and can be called successful, but the rest feels quite generic. For example they succeeded in representing the terror and horror of war that occurred during certain missions. You are guaranteed to be frightened by how a real war takes place. How political conflicts and power struggles can result in the death of many innocent victims.

But on the other hand, the fascination that America and allied countries as heroes and Russia or the Middle East countries as evil ones made me quite tired of seeing it. Indeed, the two countries do not have a good enough relationship, but this has been pretty much represented in various media. One of them is a film. On the one hand, there is a portrait of how bad the situation is. But it was neutralized thanks to the enemy soldiers who came blindly.

From the gameplay itself, you will more often run missions at night. Ambushes in dark places that force you to use night vision make the game not only bars. It makes you have to think about how not to get the wrong shot. Ambushes at home, for example, force you to be careful to shoot enemies. Killing him or paralyzing him is your choice. A little wrong, you will be able to shoot innocent people.

Unfortunately, this is not directly proportional to the characterization and development of the character. Captain Price himself who became the main focus seems to be the only character that has developed very well. His voice actor, Barry Sloane managed to bring Price very well. The motion capture he did with Infinity Ward gave Price's charm and his character looks alive.

But not for some other characters such as the relationship between Alex, Farah, and Present. The three of them, in my opinion, can be the spearhead of the story, as if it were resolved without making a gradual development of the character. As if Infinity Ward only focused on Price, who might be the main character in the next sequel. Because if you see the conclusion of the story, it looks like they will continue the sequel.

If you play the game from the first Modern Warfare. Then you will know some of the scenes remade by Infinity Ward in this series. Captain Macmillan's iconic mission will be repeated in certain parts. But with quite a different change. Possibly Infinity Ward took its inspiration from the scene.
The story is indeed very well designed when compared to the original version with various perspectives. But in reality, in my opinion the original series is even better thanks to the perspective experience of the first person who saw the story go directly. As if we invite to participate in it.
Unfortunately there are some things that I regret in singleplayer. The AI ​​design by Infinity Ward looks pretty weak towards the end of the game. Especially AI companion. Initially, everything was very well designed, but not in the middle of the game. AI becomes stupid and doesn't take the initiative unless you go to a point far enough away, while the enemy seems endless to increasingly come. Sometimes I also die silly because they should have been in the same position as me and helped, but in reality it was too far away. It makes me have to try alone.

It is undeniable, this also happened in enemy AI in the middle of the story. They seemed to deliberately set it to only chase the player without regard to the AI ​​companion who helped him. Imagine if you have to be forced 1 vs 1 against a juggernaut that has an extraordinary thickness of armor and minigun it carries. Ironically, he just keeps running after you and not your partner or randomly chasing you and your partner.

Some scripted events like being chased by helicopters feel less free. You have to use road A to continue to solve it, even though there are roads B and C which also make it possible to complete. But if you do, then you will automatically die.

Another thing that makes me a little disappointed is the choice of answers when asked by the NPC. Unfortunately the choice of answers has only one correct answer. It feels very futile to give it. Why give choices in the story if only one is correct? Why not just do it through cutscene?

Multiplayer Is Made More Realistic

As I mentioned before, now the handling of weapons is made more realistic. Then that is also implied in the multiplayer. With all the more difficult weapons. Then you cannot shoot at random without paying attention to the recoil and when and where you will shoot. Trying to run doing it will make you die in vain. Everything has changed, face it. PC Player, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will be able to play on one server. Melt the wall that borders it.

Multiplayer has a variety of features that already exist in the previous series. Starting from creating a class, perk, and lethal / equipment. There are other unique additions such as operators that you can open by completing challenges, up to double XP, or other additional XP by completing daily challenges. For example, killing 25 enemies with sniper, and so on.

The unique thing about the create a class feature is that the blueprint will automatically replace your weapon skin. So for example you get the AK47 blueprint, then you can replace it with another display. As of this writing, there is no clarity on how to get it. But it's possible he can be bought at the in-game store with real money. Because until now, only one skin has been there.

Some generic modes that can be accessed via Quick Play such as Team Deathmatch, Cyber ​​Attack, Domination, Search and Destroy, Headquarters, Team Deathmatch & Domination 20 players, and Kill Confirmed look just the same as the previous series. That they only added one new mode for Quick Play, Cyber ​​Attack. A mode that is similar to Search and Destroy but uses EMP as the bomb. Besides, this mode will allow you to revive your colleagues who have been killed.

The map is now designed with a little wider. It makes you a bit relaxed and comfortable because you don't need to focus on spending energy to keep reacting quickly when dealing with enemies. The purpose of Infinity Ward is indeed good so that players can use maps and play more tactically. But unfortunately, in practice the map design motivates many players to camp or stay in one place.

Another new mode is Ground War which will follow EA's Battlefield-style conquest mode with a fairly large map. Force you to take several points on foot or in a tank. Yes, this time you can drive tanks and other war vehicles including helicopters. Unfortunately, even though the tank will be able to fire bullets, the helicopter that is driven is only limited to transportation.

Another thing that I think is quite disappointing is the absence of destruction physics during the ground war. Making the arcade elements still stick in the game. Unlike the beta version where the tanks are quite soft, now the tanks and other vehicles in Ground War are becoming a little harder. Allow those who want to get out before dying because of the explosion.

Unfortunately, killstreak UAV and UAV counters still use the same conditions. Make enemies who get the killstreak can do UAV spam without running out at all and use it to crush enemies. It should be specifically for ground war, this can be tolerated by changing the rules with kill 8 for UAV for example, or the other without having to eliminate killstreak.

For those of you who want to feel how difficult war is, then you can try the Realism mode. Where HUD will be removed and only limited to your teammates' markers. The rest, it all depends on your shooting skills. Making it almost impossible to camp or stay somewhere. No, this is not a hardcore mode like the original series, but a mode that prefers realism. He did not have blood as thick as Team Deathmatch because of his shorter time-to-kill.

One other unique iconic mode is NVG with night maps that will force you to wrestle in multiplayer at night. He will use realism mode rules that you can imagine yourself that you will have difficulty with all the limitations that exist. The new model that was updated on November 3 yesterday will be a favorite of people who don't want a camper.

Co-op, Continued Story?

In addition to the NVG mode in multiplayer, there is a co-op mode that forces you to join three other players. This mode seems to be a continuation of the singleplayer story that will tell how Price and his team sent you to tackle Al Qatala operations. At present four co-op missions can be played: Operation Headhunter, Kuvalda, Paladin, and Crosswind. Every two operations there will be a cinematic scene of a story briefing that is enough to spoil the eye even though it is only a mission briefing.

Each mission has a quite different area. But one thing is certain is that this mode is very difficult even though it has been assisted by other players though. The enemy in this mode will never end. Your efforts to stealth will be guaranteed to fail because in the end you have to fight all the enemies. Not to mention if you have to meet a very hard Juggernaut. Dead one? Relax, you can still be revived by waiting respawn for a maximum of one minute. Meanwhile, if everyone on your team dies or is injured, the mission will fail. Even then, if one of your colleagues chose to give up.

Your fierce battles will be helped by boxes containing random killstreak or random ammo/armor/grenade scattered throughout the map. So, you and your team must make good use of it if you don't want to be your enemy.

Unlike ordinary multiplayer, Co-op has a role that allows you to help your teammates with their respective abilities. For example, a medic that will be able to make your teammates come back to life from a distance and so on.

Unfortunately, this Co-op is a mode that is not a continuation of the story clearly, because at the end of the single-story story Infinity Ward clearly says that the story will continue in Spec Ops. Where at this time it can be done on PlayStation 4 only and not the PC where our version is reviewing it. So, we cannot provide any information regarding Spec-Ops at this time.

The XP bug that doesn't appear sometimes makes me confused because every time I finish or fail a mission, the accumulated XP sometimes doesn't accumulate. When in fact, whether you want your mission to fail or not, all XP will accumulate. This is in my opinion something that needs to be fixed by Infinity Ward in the next patch.

Even so, the XP provided by the co-op is quite large if you complete it. At least you can go up one level each time you complete it. But keep in mind, you and your team must memorize each pattern so that it can be completed in a short time. Because if not, then you will wrestle in boredom. Waiting for your teammates to respawn for one minute for hours. I don't recommend playing this mode unless you have a lot of time and want to level up quickly. This mode is also not recommended for raising your weapon level because ordinary multiplayer will be faster than co-op.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review Always Online and BD PS4 Only Multiplayer

Always Online and BD PS4 Only Multiplayer

Of the many complaints that I feel when reviewing the PC version. Our team that plays it on PlayStation 4 considers that buying BD PlayStation 4 will immediately plug and play after it's finished installing. In reality not at all.

BD PlayStation 4 contains multiplayer-only, while singleplayer files must be downloaded again by approximately 50GB. Making it impractical for those who have internet speed like the way a snail works. Of course this can be overcome by creating two BDs like Rockstar did in Red Dead Redemption 2. Indeed, this will make the installation time longer. But with a large number of files, it is natural to require more BD.

Always online is also quite annoying for those who just want to enjoy the offline singleplayer on a PC. Before entering the menu, you will be faced with a loading that reads "Connecting to Online Services". A Battlenet DRM so that the game isn't hijacked. You will need the internet to be able to play even a singleplayer. This is inversely proportional to the console version that can be played offline. Disconnecting the internet in the middle of the menu will immediately throw you into a menu which will force you out to the desktop.


The reboot version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare successfully re-imagined the series that was popular in its time with a new face. The stunning visual display with a new engine and more realistic gunfight, make this series the standard Call of Duty in the future. Captain Price himself worked very well in the universe created by Infinity Ward with a fairly smooth character development.

Unfortunately they did not dig deeper into the story and the character development of Farah and Present to provide opportunities and possibilities for the story to be continued to the next series.
The concept of war terror that they present successfully presents a deep horror in the current global conflict. Unfortunately, the generic concept of America and the western allies which have always been heroes should have been deleted because it was too marketable. The conclusion at the end of the story gives a signal that this series is only a prologue to the story of Captain Price, which will continue to the next series. For me, the delivery of stories in various perspectives is indeed quite interesting, but not for its immersion when compared to the original series which is only sung through the perspective of the first person, namely you.

All aspects of the gunfight made more realistic feel very satisfying and addictive for any of their old fans. Especially in the multiplayer mode which is now no longer run and gun. Making your efforts to kill other players in the game more rewarding.

Its multiplayer makes Call of Duty Modern Warfare brave enough by directly challenging its rivals thanks to the implemented Ground War. Unfortunately the gunplay mechanic which has now become reality with a wide map has triggered some players who should play more tactically into camper. The way the bars are done so far will not happen again in this series. While the co-op is an interesting addition to represent the story, unfortunately it is not a continuation of the story. Because all will be continued in spec-ops, which until this moment are still exclusive on PlayStation 4 only.

Even so, I highly recommend the game for those of you who miss the singleplayer gameplay and the distinctive story that has now been polished to be better even though in the end it plays safe. But unfortunately, for those of you who don't have an internet connection and try to balance it on a PC, then you have to let yourself go through it because it's always online or buy a console version. While you can not escape from your past thanks to the gameplay that has now become more tactical, you can enjoy it while learning to adjust to the new system.