Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Together with the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung also introduces both folding screen phones. Continuing the Galaxy Fold last year, the Galaxy Z Flip landed with a vertical folding design.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The fundamental difference between Samsung's first and second-generation folding phones is the folding design. If the Fold screen folds horizontally, while the Z Flip folds vertically, it's like a clamshell cellphone design in the GSM era.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been offered limited through pre-orders, last month, and soon it will be widely sold in Indonesia starting March 6, 2020 throughout the Samsung Store.

let's look at a few reviews of specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip below:


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features a folding screen that changes the shape of the 6.7-inch screen into a compact and stylish form. Uses Dynamic AMOLED displays with a ratio of 21.9: 9 and FullHD + resolution.

Secondary Screen

The phone has a second screen on the outside measuring 1.1 inches, which serves to display notifications.


On the outside there are two cameras (12MP wide + 12MP ultrawide) while on the inside panel there is a single 10MP camera for selfies and video chat.

Face Unlock

With a resolution of 10MP, the front camera also supports Face Recognition. Keep in mind, the feature only works when the folding screen is opened, and the front camera faces the user's face.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Face Unlock


No need to worry, Z Flip is equipped with several major buttons like a smartphone in general. Button placement is also normal, the volume rocker is aligned to the Power button.


The SIM tray slot is located opposite the power and volume buttons. There is only one card container, but the user can use two operator SIMs, one in the form of a card, the other in the form of eSIM.


Not on the screen or on the back panel, the fingerprint scanner sensor is located on the side, which is also the Power button.

USB Type-C

Without a 3.5 mm audio jack, the Galaxy Z Flip relies on a USB Type-C to pair earphones and charge, accompanied by a speaker cone beside it.

Yes, Samsung has a C-type adapter and earphones in the Galaxy Z Flip purchase box. Or, the company recommends using wireless earphones such as Galaxy Buds.

Battery and RAM

Other specifications of the Galaxy Z Flip are Snapdragon 855+ chipsets with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage (no additional slots). It has adopted Android 10 with One UI 2.0 and a 3,300mAh battery.