VGA prices are increasing, this successor solution

 VGA prices are increasing, this successor solution

Beginning in 2021 to this day, the price of PC components skyrocketed. Especially when it relates to the graphics card aka VGA. Well, that of course greatly charged a PC Builder who wanted to build their dream PC starting from zero, or even to upgrade it also the same.

VGA prices are increasing, this successor solution

The question is, is there a solution? Of course there is, even though the biggest sacrifice is a performance for a while far from what you dreamed. But for more details, see some solutions you can consider.

VGA prices are increasing, this is the solution to the replacement

Replace graphics components to the Integrated GPU option

The most reasonable option for a while is using a processor that has an innate integrated GPU. Performance may be far from what Dedicated GPU can offer alias VGA who has VRAM itself, but at least you can still use a PC for daily work without the need to spend so much budget.

On the other hand, actually Integrated GPU today is still very good for casual gaming performance that is not too demanding. Like Ryzen G Series, for example Ryzen 3 3200G or even Intel also still offered an IGPU package on their processors, especially the Non F series. Although the performance is not as good as Radeon Vega Ryzen G Series. But it can be a temporary solution, and you can wait until the VGA price returns to normal.

Just a note, IGPU's performance is very dependent on the system RAM, so ideally you need to have a dual channel memory. Of course it will help to improve performance more positive. Especially for gaming.

Ideal processor option:
  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200g
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3400g
  • Intel Core i5 11600k

Change to a laptop

The price of laptops there might be an increase, but it's not too significant. Well, it can be another option as a solution other than building a new PC. Performance may not be large as what the PC can be offered, especially when compared to the desktop graphics card. However, laptops or notebooks have many superior values, such as the convenience to wear anywhere. Gaming performance can also still be, even for entry level laptops. But it's just a limited casual anyway.

If you want a much better performance, gaming laptops can certainly be the best solution. This option can be the most ideal choice for heavy work or gaming, even though you need to add a little. The best thing, you don't have to buy extra components, just use it.

Change Used VGA

Former choices are not always bad, especially if you see a reasonable price value and the use is still within normal limits. Cover the warranty if there is still an additional bonus, but it needs to be extra carefully. If interested, check the market price and ask about the conditions as detailed as possible.

Wait until the price is normal again

Last was waiting. Although there is no clarity when all these things will return to normal, but waiting can be the last solution compared to when you rush to buy VGA so it needs to spend a lot of a huge budget for a component.

So, it's a number of replacement solutions that you might be able to consider when VGA prices are increasing. This article is not yet complete there are still many solutions and other alternatives that you can use, but for sure, hopefully this article is useful for you !!