3 main reasons why VGA is rare & prices increase dramatically

 3 main reasons why VGA is rare & prices increase dramatically

Have you ever thought of planning to build a gaming pc today? Well, it seems you will be faced with some problems that are sometimes quite sucking. Why so? The price of several components soared, one of which is the spotlight is a graphics card.

3 main reasons why VGA is rare & prices increase dramatically

Imagine, when you have a budget of 3 to 5 million, a few months back can get a powerful Mid-range VGA for Gaming 1080p or even 1440p, it seems that today it's a bit impossible. The price of this component has increased much higher, even you can't get it at the price of the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) or approach it.

There are many reasonable reasons, but some of them have not been well received. First, several major producers, such as NVIDIA and AMD (although these producers have not revealed for sure) or even OEM producers such as ASUS or MSI said that it happened because of "very strict supply".

This means that there are limitations, especially from the chipsets produced by major producers. As a result, the price soared. On the other hand, the main factor that affects certainly the presence of mining cryptocurrency, which exacerbates the scarcity of VGA that has been present in the market.

Well, we can't blame the cryptocurrency miners too right? Moreover, there is a signal if the presence of these miners boosts the inclusion of GPU producers is much higher.

But why are they (main producers) do not produce more GPUs? Yes, but it's not easy. Some circles say that it will increase the cost of production, some of them are gambling, and some circles reveal that the chipset cannot be obtained easily. It must be pulled with some other manufacturers in one queue.

Yes, it is because the main GPU producers produce chipsets, especially between AMD and Nvidia are not produced from their manufacturers, but through third parties, namely TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd). What is interesting, AMD is also the same in the list of queues to produce their main chipset, either GPU or processor. So, the list of queues is getting longer.

To make a small change or addition needs a long process. Plus some other manufacturers are not only AMD and Nvidia. If if they have a special factory to make each chipset, it can certainly be easier to find a solution. But, not, even Intel who has its factory to produce its chipsets also has constraints.

This is why we can see that "supply is indeed tight". The third manufacturer like ASUS or MSI certainly depends on the main supply of the chipset to make a graphics card. If the problem is "shell" they can make more than the chipset present. But what's the power when VGA without the chipset, it's the same as nonsense right?

Sorry, it doesn't mean I want to talk rude, but sometimes like emotion when you see a VGA price list today in some marketplaces. Unfortunately, sometimes this is used by scalper aka brokers by buying VGA exceeding the portion of what the official distributor can get. Then they sell it with a value far from the word reasonable.

Try to imagine, can you see the latest VGA prices or even the old series has a normal price value or at least close to the normal price? Even the old VGA series or the low-end series has been affected.

Until finally, what can PC Builder do to be able to build their dream gaming PC today? The best answer is waiting. Until when? I don't know for sure, it can be brief, or even much longer. Or PC Builder can be compact not to buy VGA until the stockpiles up because it doesn't sell? Well, WHO Knows it could be a reality until we hope that we can see the price of VGA back to normal, or hopefully the manufacturer can have an answer to the solution.