Scarlet Nexus Review - Suitable for Internoisseurs Anime

Scarlet Nexus Review - Suitable for Internoisseurs Anime

A new masterpiece came again from Bandai Namco. This time they will present is a new IP with the concept of RPG Action. As they used to present, this game also has a visual anime that is quite coddling. On this occasion, we will provide a simple review of the Scarlet Nexus game. Does this one game match our expectations?

Scarlet Nexus Review - Suitable for Internoisseurs Anime

For those of you JRPG lovers, of course, you have known Bandai Namco enough. Yup, Publisher as well as developers from this game are indeed experienced in the affairs of the RPG action game with anime-style visuals. Previously, they had been successful with his game ranks named Blue Protocol, Tales of Beseria, and Code Vein. As if it was still not satisfied, this time they again created a new IP titled Scarlet Nexus.

This long wait seems to be sweet enough sweet. Many gamers claimed quite satisfied with the stories they conveyed and the nice gameplay was quite challenging. On the other hand, the visual they gave was reportedly quite amazing. Of course, this one game is suitable for you Anime fans with Shounen's style concepts. What kind of curiosity? Let's follow our review.

Light story and directly to the core

Scarlet Nexus tells the struggle of the members of the Other Suppression Force (OSF). They are milliliters who have special chips and are embedded in parts of the human brain. The chip provides a different power according to every owner's ability. This organization is formed because of the attack of the mutant that always appears and without being known. On the other hand, you are a new Cadet in this organization.

Like Serial Anime Shounen in general, Scarlet Nexus comes with stories that are quite easy for us to understand. The plot they give is not too heavy, even so, this game seems to try to deliver various interesting twists during the game. On the other hand, the Scarlet Nexus story is very easy for you to guess, what else for those of you who have often watched anime with the same style.

This game has a pretty cool animation. However, they do not use this ability to support cutscenes when dialogue with other characters. That's right, every time the main character talks to someone, then you will be given a visual novel-style text format. This game only shows a few images just to provide visual expressions of character.

Of course, this is very good, considering that their property titled Code Vein and Tales of Beseria has a very satisfying cutscene dialogue. Even so, this problem will not affect the experience of Scarlet Nexus's story that is so Enjoyable. Not to mention, the VoiceOver language they gave from England to Japan also seemed to be quite maximal for us to hear.

Two different characters and origin nature and origin

Scarlet Nexus comes with two different characters. Each character will have gender and origin which is certainly different. Even so, these two characters do not affect the existing story road. You will be introduced to Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. The two of them are members of the Cadet Other Suppression Force (OSF) who have the task to protect the city of New Himuka from monsters.

Yuito Sumeragi is a child from the family of the inventor of an OSF organization. It has a cheerful personality and is always optimistic. Sumeragi was saved by OSF members who did not recognize him. To return the Budi Panyelamat, Sumeragi finally participated in OSF and looking for who the person who had saved it. During the game, the memory of Sumeragi finally began to recover little by little.

Kasane Randall is not born into a prestigious family, he is one of the children who have talent naturally. Incidentally, he got a recommendation to join OSF. Kasane gets Cadet Cap most potentially during the training. He had obtained an elite Cadet title from his coach. Even so, the goal he entered OSF was protecting his brother.

These two characters do have the same goal, but so that the story we get is more maximal, so I suggest that you play both. Because this game provides many scenes that you must know against the background of the two characters. Of course, it is very unfortunate if you miss the back story of the game's main character.

Scarlet Nexus Review - Character Bonding

Character Bonding and Side Character made importantly

The ability of the Bandai Namco seems to be back to the highlight of the formation of each character of this game. Yup, this game provides a deepening of characters that even deserve another AAA game. Not only just playing characters that they have worked well, but the Bandai maximally gives deepening for each side character in this game.

Having an image of a taste of Persona games, Scarlet Nexus also gives the freedom to always interact. In this game, you will form a party that bodies various other OSF characters who have different uniqueness and strength. Every character you meet has always unique characteristics. You can also get acquainted with character-friendly, loyal, arrogant, rivals, wise, and others.

While at a party, you can interact with every existing character to increase the level of the bonding character. Right, in this game you can even provide gifts or play with party members. The higher the bonding level you do, then the more interaction of dialogue each character can change uniquely while in the story. Even though it's still, everything stays on the same path.

Fast-paced combat that is flowing and easy you understand

This game mechanical is not much different from the hack n slash game that we usually encounter. It's easy for us to learn and don't have a complicated RPG element. Considering this game itself has 2 different characters, then playstyle and weapons each character also has uniqueness. Even until the second skill of these characters is also different and you can choose according to the style of the game.

Even though Yuito and Kasane have different combat, but they both have the same psychokinesis power. You can use this power to fly various objects in the battle arena. There are two types of attacks that you can use our Basic and Psychokinesis attacks. Both types of attacks have Flow and Fast Combo.

Yuito focused on Melee Attack's sword attack, while Kisane uses the flying knife that he uses from distance. This sword and knife weapon includes a Basic attack. To launch maximum damage, you must combine the Basic attack with psychokinesis. Later, your characters will give a different animation of different attacks.

There is one thing I regret about the combat mechanics in this game. This problem is in the target locking system. Even though we are not using it, sometimes this game automatically locks the target to the actual enemy we don't want our opponent first. Your camera view will change immediately and focus on the target and you cannot move the mouse. This disrupts the fight.

Blocking is very functional for those of you who choose Kasane as the main character. However, the target locking will interfere with your movements when using Yuito as the main character. Hopefully this they can improve when the update is in the future. If necessary, it is replaced with a specific target lock system for Yuito's character.

Pampering visuals and design levels that have uniqueness

Bandai Namco has never failed to give us a pampering visual and a unique design level. As we already know, Scarlet Nexus has a cyberpunk dystopia-themed setting. Even though this game is not an open-world game, however, Scarlet Nexus managed to give his own life through each level. Not only that, the available level has a distinctive atmosphere.

It didn't get there, the design character in this game was working with the maximum. You can see the characteristics of the character you meet through the armor model he wears. Not just their hair color has changed, but his face and expression also reflect the aura of each character. As if it was still less satisfied, the main character and side characters were also deliberately pampering.

The RPG theme game certainly must have a diverse level and should not be too linear and repetitive. Even so, Scarlet Nexus has a very linear level. Even when you visit the city, the folder that replies is only 2 lanes to walk. What makes this level feel spacious is just the design of the design that they have designed specifically with various objects.

On the other hand, you cannot do a lot of any interaction of this level game. All you can do is attack Mush using objects that are translated using psychokinesis. However, this was successfully transferred by utilizing the strategic boss diversity. Not only that, but various types of enemies also make the available level look alive.

Scarlet Nexus Review - visuals and design levels

Previously, we discussed the shortcomings of the CustScene dialogue in this game. However, that does not mean the game does not have a cutscene at all. Scarlet Nexus only provides a cutscene when important moments in the story. Although rare, however, once it appears you will be made quite impressed. With visual and anime-style particles, the cutscene in this game seemed to give satisfaction.


Bandai Namco is again successful to provide new experiences in forming an RPG action game. Not only is the gameplay satisfying, but the story of this game has been designed for you who want to relax. Meanwhile, the Fast-Paced Combat that Flows provides its comfort while playing. The RPG element offered is simple and uncomplicated like other JRPG games.

Visual questions, this game has indeed been worked up to the maximum. The available character models look typical with successful personalities. Not to mention, the characters you meet also have their nature and characteristics. Want to be closer to them? This game also provides a bonding element that we rarely encounter. On the other hand, the story of this game managed well through both memorable characters.

Of all these praises, of course, there are some aspects that they still need to pay attention to. For example, just like a target locking system accidentally disrupting game activities. The design level is also still quite linear so that each level offered is to be repetitive and tiring. Even so, this game is still the right choice for you anime connoisseurs.

That's all the reviews of us about the Scarlet Nexus game from Bandai Namco. How do you think you are interested in feeling this exciting story and battle? For this reason, the Scarlet Nexus game has been released and you can access it via PC platform, PS4, PS5 Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Switches. For PC users, this game can you buy through Scarlet Nexus Official Website or from the Digital Steam Store platform. Good luck!