PUBG: New State Review - New Battle Royale Gameplay Experience

PUBG: New State is a battle royale game with a futuristic style, where this game has the background in the world of PUBG in 2051 or can be said to be a sequel from the game Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Pub Mobile which is no stranger to the name among gamers, where The game is pretty popular and is played by young people. With this new title, of course, there are several new features such as cleaner graphics, options for weapon customization, drones, shields, and many others.

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PUBG: New State was developed by Pubg Studio and published by Krafton. This game has been released on November 11 for iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play Store. For fans of the Battleroyale Game PUBG or Pubg Mobile, you might try this game. Curious as good as what Pubg: New State game? Come on, immediately refer to the review below!

Gameplay, and different displays

The first time playing, the question will appear whether you are a beginner, regular, or already reliable in the Battle Royale game. After that, the question appears about your play style that uses 2 fingers, 3 fingers, or 4 fingers where most professional players use 4 fingers. When entering the game, just as in the PUBG Mobile, Pubg: New state allows as many as 100 players to fight and survive in one Battlefield to become "The Last Man Standing" to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD).

There is also weapon customization that can add the status of the weapon, such as recoil from weapons, or even add your shot mode, auto mode from which is only single and burst mode. PUBG: New State also provides more options in the character movement, besides you, can do a standard pee left and right, you can also see further with the Extended Peek feature.

After that, helping friends may be the usual thing and you need to do in playing Battle Royale in Duo or Squad mode. But sometimes, you have done your best but your friends cannot save. What is the solution? Recruit your enemies! PUBG: New State allows you to save the knocked enemy and recruit it into a part of your friend. The enemy you save will bring all the equipment and be immediately ready to fight his former teammate with his new team, your team. You can also throw smoke bombs towards your feet with easier Pubg: New State.

More features are a new strategy for your game, where PUBG: New State has luggage features in a car or motorbike! You can save weapons, armor, backup bullets, and various other items in the trunk of your vehicle. But every vehicle has a different amount of storage. After that, you can only just enter the car, but in the PUBG: New State is a new button where you can open the door of the car without having to enter.

Players can use this door to take refuge from enemy shots, but this door can be destroyed when receiving certain damage. But don't worry because it doesn't affect your car life. Of course with these new features change your game style whereas in the previous PUBG game there is no feature.

For now at the PUBG: New State Presents 4 Map, where there is a TROI, Erangel 2051, Station (TDM Map), and Training Camp. The main map from the PUBG: New State is a TROI, where TROI has a background in 2051 in North America with the environment, building, architecture, and a futuristic monument.

The UI (User Interface) of the Pubg: New State game is different from the previous game, where this time the PUBG Studio changes the appearance when using the bandage and the like, shooting mode from single, auto, and burst until the appearance of the bullet that is now beside the character You can see you clearly how the rest of your bullets when shooting without having to see the screen to check the rest of your weapon bullets.

When driving there will be a button to stop/turn on the engine of the vehicle to snatch the gasoline. And in the PUBG: New State also presents the Mager Features button for you who are lazy to press the gas button when driving, namely Auto Pilot. You only need to turn left and right when your vehicle drove. You can also move seats just by pressing the icon when you drive later.

Visual display increases need a smartphone with a high enough spec

As promised by the previous developer, where the visual appearance of the PUBG: New State will increase, this is not a false promise. In terms of graphics Pubg: New State looks beautiful, whereas this time PUBG: New State is made using Unreal Engine 4 and promising global illumination technology to present ultra-realistic graphics.

Of course with this visual increase requires a smartphone with a high spec so that you can enjoy the visuals to the fullest. But don't worry, because PUBG: New State also has a LITE setting so that you have a smartphone with potato specs can try this game, even though the graph certainly doesn't look so beautiful. Based on information from the Google Play Store, PUBG: New State Android version can be played with a minimum specification smartphone of 2 GB RAM and Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow).

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Of it! There are drones and electric cars!

With futuristic world background, of course, it affects the items you can use or vehicle. Don't worry, because PUBG: New State also presents futuristic items such as drones, a flying robot that you can use to lurk in the area around you. You can also buy any item by drone shop with a drone credit that you can find in various folders along with other items. When the drone credit is enough, you can buy various items such as Shield, Green Flare Gun, Bullets, and many other types. When you finish buying, you will wait some time for the item to be the place you point.

Well other than Drones, PUBG: New State also presents vehicles using electricity, not gasoline. This electric vehicle can be powered by a battery, and of course, you cannot use gasoline against this electric vehicle, so it is very important for you to save the battery in your bag. But for this electric vehicle has a weakness, where Bluezone can drain battery energy because BlueZone has a magnetic field, so try to avoid BlueZone when you use the electric vehicle.


PUBG: New State presents the experience of the new Battle Royale gameplay, where this time you will fight on the battlefield with a futuristic theme. But for those of you who are used to the Battle Royale game, don't worry, because for its mission it is still relatively the same, where you have to survive until the end to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Indeed some items can make you confused when they are first like the shield, drone, and some other features, but when they have played several times, it will become mediocre. You can also buy items such as RPG games in the middle of the battle to complete your war equipment so that it can be maximized.

For those of you who are interested in PUBG: New State, you can download this game through the Google Play Store and App Store. So don't miss this one game especially for you guys FPS Battle Royale gamer!