Rainbow Six Extraction Review - Co-op game full of strategies

Rainbow Six Extraction Review - Co-op game full of strategies

A stunning masterpiece came again from the Ubisoft Studios. After a big success with the Rainbow Six Siege game, they decided to make a spin-off game PVE that lifted the universe game. On this occasion, we will provide a simple Rainbow Six Extraction review. Approximately what difference does Ubisoft's success give to the game? Let's follow the discussion.

Rainbow Six Extraction Review - Co-op game full of strategies

Rainbow Six Extraction was released on January 20, 2021. This game offers a concept of a tactical shooter that combines co-op elements. You Rainbow Six Siege players might be quite familiar with the concept or mechanics that extraction offer. What's more, Ubisoft previously also released this game in the form of major updates named "Outbreak."

Plot and interesting new theme

As the name implies, Rainbow Six Extraction will take a coming in the future or several years after the original series. This game tells how human efforts stop the invasion of a mysterious alien in the form of a parasite named "Archaeans." These aliens begin to master the surface of the earth to make ecosystems and unsought the planet themselves. This is where humans decide to make special troops named "React" to prevent the spread.

The special forces consisted of 18 operators that we previously met in the Rainbow Six Siege game. This operator gets a mission to carry out an infiltration to the location filled with aliens to complete many objectives. Examples such as collecting samples, extracting data from computers, and gathering Intel. Of course, these missions will be full of many obstacles ready to wait.

Considering this game is more focused on multiplayer, there is nothing we can talk about in terms of the story. This game does not provide more profound lore through the gameplay that has been presented. The only story detail that we managed to get only appeared when the opening cutscene. Furthermore, this game does not offer many cutscenes, but some small dialogue from the operator during the interaction.

tom clancy's rainbow six extraction

Calculated gameplay and cooperation team

Talking about the gameplay, Rainbow Six Extraction can be said to be quite innovative. In this game, you really will depend heavily on the class combination of each operator. It should also be remembered that every operator available will be able to use when you have recruited fortunately, to recruit your operator only need to play missions and collect in-game currencies.

Different from most co-op games, Rainbow Six Extraction only offers 3 players in one match. At the beginning of the game, the player was given a choice of 12 maps available to plunge on the mission. Before entering, you will be given the freedom to choose a variety of gear, upgrade, and whether modifications to your weapon. The gear and upgrade will be able to open after completing a lot of levels.

As we said before, this game provides many objectives starting from the rescue mission, collecting samples, extracting computer data, and taking Intel. Of course, you will face many types of aliens with super unique per-tier capabilities. Uniquely, some of these aliens have invisible abilities "Cloak," changed form into liquid, spawning creeps, stunt, teleport, and much more.

However, the most interesting comes from an alien named "Prothean." If at any time you die amid the mission, the player is not permitted to carry out RespaWn using the same operator. Because the operator that you used before was possessed by the parasite "Prothean." This parasite will give strength and control to the body of the operator to attack the team player. This is where a challenging "Boss Battle" appears.

There are many ways to defeat various types of aliens in this game. One of them is Stealth. Yup, in this game you can do Melee Takedown quietly. More than that, you will also be helped with useful gadgets such as Heartbeat Sensors, this device allows the player to detect the enemy behind the wall. Same as the previous series, you can make a trap, lurk with RC, and make a protection wall.

Stunning Level Design

rainbow 6 extraction

Previously we had mentioned that Rainbow Six Extraction would present 12 maps that you can choose at will. The MAP ranks have diverse backgrounds, for example, such as police stations, industrial buildings, research facilities, and many more. Unlike most co-op games, this game has a level structure that focuses on just one building. However, the building contains various types of objectives at once.

Ubisoft is already famous for its ability to make a new world. In extraction, they managed to present a thick atmosphere with the element of Cosmic Horror. How not, the corner of the room and the hallway on the map has a display like a survival horror game. You will see a lot of small details such as parasitic mosses that grow on the wall, alien nests, corpses that are planned, Symbiote who stuck the building, and many more.

But one interesting thing comes from how Ubisoft designs the gaming level as possible. Yup like in R6S, your operator can also destroy the wall to find a more effective way. More than that, you can control the drone to enter the available air ventilation. From here, we will find an area that provides trap or protective traps. Unfortunately, in this spin-off player can't use a grappling hook.

Visual and Sound Design

rainbow extraction

If we talk about visual questions, Rainbow Six Extraction can be said to have experienced a considerable increase. This is evidenced by their focus on physics and ambient occlusion which is now more accurate with more natural lighting effects. It didn't get there, Ubisoft also pushed the effect of Lens Glare along with a pampering bloom. From here, the ray-tracing feature is emphasized by displaying shadow and reflection in real-time.

Luckily the interesting thing came again from the Map Design. Yup, we talk about the "Object Destruction" feature that is implemented optimally. This new feature will be seen when players shoot an object or enivational like a wall. Later, when your bullets are about it, the object will break into small parts and bounce there here. With this feature, the game will look more cinematic.

Although in terms of graphics they experience progress, unfortunately, the increase does not apply to the model design. Because most of the appearance of the object and the model of the operator is limited to "reskin." The appearance itself is not much different from Rainbow Six Siege. They only change the appearance of the color or texture. This also applies from visual weapons, and gear, to gadgets that you will later use.

Turning to Sound Design, it looks like there is no particular thing we can talk about in this one aspect. Ubisoft only offers a mediocre experience like in most Shooter's co-op games. Maybe the only thing that stands out only comes from voice actors that are quite comfortable heard. For the matter of the background, Ubisoft has served Dark Sythwave music in a sci-fi film.


The strongest points of Rainbow Six Extraction come from how Ubisoft combines 2 formulas at once. In this game, you can still feel the experience of Tactical Shooter like the R6S that combines perfectly with intense and calculated PVE aspects. This one game managed to present an interesting approach starting from the diversity of enemies, and design levels, to Flow Rogue-like with its uniqueness.

Not only that, but they also offer difficulties levels that are open for casual and hard-core players. Unfortunately, some aspects shown are more focused on repetitive gameplay along with inconsistent objective structuring. This is also exacerbated by the number of closed content, so it forces the player to continue grinding over and over again to open many things.

Visual Rainbow Six Extraction experienced a lot of improvement. This can happen because extraction is not a competitive game like R6S. Even so, some things like objects and characters in the game are just as limited to "reskin" from the old series. One more thing, this game may be less suitable for those of you who want to play alone through single-player mode.

So, does Rainbow Six Extraction worth trying? The answer is "Yes." However, in our opinion, this game will be more suitable if it the release in the form of DLCs instead of being sold separately like full games. Fortunately, Ubisoft's decision to release the game through Game Pass is a very appropriate action.

For those of you who haven't had the chance to try this game, then now is the time. For this reason, Rainbow Six Extraction can play through the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series platform, and the Xbox Series. As usual, PC users can buy the game via Ubisoft Store, or by subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass. How do you think you are interested in trying it?