Mobile Game Slime Isekai Memories Review - 3D Graphical Appearance with Anime Style

On October 27, 2021, ago, the newest mobile game from Japan had just released. The mobile game is an adaptation of the popular novel/manga/anime franchise of Japan, namely that Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Isekai Memories abbreviated as Slime - Isekai Memories. The Tensura or Isekai Slime franchise fans have awaited the release of this mobile game including my fan of the weight.

that time i got reincarnated as a slime isekai memories

On this occasion, I will give a response through review articles while trying Mobile Slime - Isekai Memories. This review will be made neutral and based on personal opinion when I tried Slime - Isekai Memories.

This is the review of Mobile Slime Game - Isekai Memories based on First Impression Author!

Isekai Memories presents new stories and characters

SLIME - Isekai Memories presents the story that Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime of the first Satoru Mikami died and entered the world of Isekai or another world and became the Demon Lord called Rimuru Tempest. At a glance, there was not much chance of story in this mobile game, but it turned out that my guess was wrong.

This game has many changes were displaying new characters that are not on the light novel, manga, or anime. From the beginning of Slime - Isekai Memories announced, this mobile game presents a new story of Rimuru Tempest's adventure along with his men in Tempest. One of the new characters in this game is the appearance of the figure similar to the protagonist named Shinsha who called himself his son Rimuru.

The emergence of several new characters could be said to be an attraction for his fans. I have to admit, the reason I played the Mobile Slime - Isekai Memories game was because of the presence of new characters and stories that had never been told before.

Even though it has a new story thanks to the special characters in mobile games, Slime - Isekai Memories still presents the same story of the light novel, manga, and anime. When the article was written, I could not confirm whether this game was considered a Canon or non-Canon that could affect the main plot of a franchise that Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime. But with the emergence of the Alter version of the tempest character, the possibility of a story in the Slime game - Isekai Memories will be non-Canon.

Standard Game Gacha Japanese Game

This game does not have much difference from other Japanese Gacha mobile games. With Turn-Based RPG genres, you will be given a choice like running Story, Side Quest, Grinding, and Farming items needed to upgrade characters.

To get characters, this game will provide several free characters while following Story. But to get a good additional character or favorite character, of course, you have to gacha using the crystal in Slime - Isekai Memories.

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Each character has its abilities and elements. You can combine these characters under the enemies faced or the skills they have in the team.

Completing Story, Quest, and Level Player will open more game features

Just like other mobile games, finishing Story, Quest, or raising the level of the player will open the game feature. This also applies to SLIME - ISEKAI Memories. Important features in the game will open after completing various quests. The features that will open there are various kinds, such as auto-battle features, battle speed, skill upgrades, and much more.

So it is recommended that you complete the first Story and Quest are important to increase the player level in this game.

Features of building Tempest and can travel around the city

One of the unique features in this game is the existence of features where players can build the tempest city according to the main story of Isekai Slime. Starting from the Goblin nest hut in the jungle of Jura and then becoming an extraordinary country lived by various races.

The city you wake up in can be explored and interacted with characters at the Isekai Slime franchise. So you can feel the development of the Tempest city from beginning to end.

Interaction with other characters

Talking about characters, you can also interact with them and open an interesting dialogue between Rimuru and his subordinates in Tempest. Some dialogues are quite interesting to expand the lore of the characters in Isekai Slime. For heavy fans, this franchise might be happy with the dialogue from characters in this game.

In addition, interacting with characters in games can increase bonds which are one of the Slime features - Isekai Memories. The higher the character bond, will improve the status of their character.

Character interactions will also provide a side quest that you can complete easily. Side quests from characters will provide various prizes and also increase bonds on the character.

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In closing, I will give you conclusions about Mobile Game Slime - Isekai Memories. This mobile game does not have many things that can attract players who have never participated in the ISEKAI SLIME franchise. This game is targeted at fans.

What makes me like this game is the appearance of 3D graphics with anime-style characters. These game graphics remind me of an anime 3d display like the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm video game. Naturally, because this game was made by Developer Bandai Namco, the same developer made the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm video game series.

Grinding systems and farming is still friendly enough for new players. So you can still play this game just do the Daily Quest or build and upgrade the Tempest City. If you want to play seriously, then the progress for Mid and End the game will be faster.

That was my first impression while trying Mobile Slime - Isekai Memories which had just been released at the end of October 2021. According to me personally, this game is only to promote the isekai slime franchise wider, both new fans or their heavy fans. Even though I hope this game Slime - Isekai Memories can be popular. That way, the anime adaptation gets an additional budget from this mobile game and continues with a new season.