FNAF: Security Breach Review - Full of Surprise and Mystery

A stunning masterpiece comes again from Steel Wool Studios. This time they presented is his iconic horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's. A little different from the duration series, this one game will focus more on a more stressful exploration experience. For this reason, ExGamesplay presents a simple review of FNAF: Security Breach. Is this series better than before?

FNAF Security Breach Review - Full of Surprise and Mystery

Talking about FNAF, we certainly know that this game is very thick with a tense atmosphere. In addition, we will certainly meet with many animatronics with terrible designs. The first release was on July 24, 2014, FNAF has become one of the popular horror games released across platforms. Start dim from the market, Fnaf finally gets attention again.

In 2020, the legendary studio Steel Wool introduced us to the Security Breach series. The player no longer sat in a guard room and saw CCTV. Because for the first time we can walk out and see how the actual form of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza building. Along with this, the concept of mechanical, gameplay, story, and settings will appear fresher. Here is a simple FNAF: Security Breach Review!


In this game, you will act like a child named Gregory who is trapped in a large Mega Mall building that has been closed. The mall happens to be a pizzaplex containing lots of amusement parks including animatronics attractions. The first cutscenes began when Gregory hid on the body of Animatronics named Freddy which was broken. For no reason, he refused to ask for help from the Pizzaplex guard called Vanessa who was also looking for it.

Like the mall in general, the place will only be open at 6 am. For that, you have to survive and look for various equipment as a protection object. Unlike Freddy who intends to issue Gregory, another Animatronics will look for Gregory to kill him. Yup, from here we will meet various iconic Villains such as Chica, Gator, Roxanne, and a myriad of other creepy enemies.

You might think why Animatronics wants to kill Gregory. Unfortunately, the question can only be answered when you reveal the mystery and progress of the game. More than that, to understand the more complete story you are also obliged to play the previous series game. This game has lore that is so wide and the story is complex so it's quite long if it's explained through writing.

If you see from the screenshot of the game, maybe you will assume that this game is very colored compared to other horror games. You are a big mistake, especially over the game, little by little the story they bring will get worse. Some scenes and multiple endings are made enough disturbing and present without context. But, don't expect you will find a gore scene ala outlast or Re: Village.

Gameplay and mechanics

Talking about the gameplay, this game doesn't bring new things in terms of concept. It could be said that FNAF: Security Breach only breaches formulas like a survival horror action game that we usually know. Considering this game is a first-person game, the Player (Gregory) can only explore by running, interacting with the door, or doing the looting.

Talking about the looting, in this game we will use a flashlight. The flashlight has a battery life that can run out. That way, you have to fill the battery into a teddy bear-shaped tool located on the wall. Not just a flashlight, you can use a camera or laser pointer to give a stunt on Animatronics. In addition, the player can upgrade by searching for special items through looting.

The power system doesn't only work for small objects. Because you can drive Freddy's body to be protected from another Animatronics attack. Unfortunately, Freddy also has the power so you can't use it for a long time. At any time Freddy will be charged the nearest post charging. If it's already, he will approach the player when his power is full.

Some things are very unfortunate. The first thing is an animatronics bug which is always stuck to several objects such as doors, tables, or stairs. In addition, the AI Sitem does not seem to be well spread like most horror games. Because, when you are discovered by one Animatronics, the other animatronics will directly teleport at a distance of 20 meters to capture the player.

security breach fnaf

Level Design and Exploration

The class of Action-Horror Survival FNAF: Security Breach games has a map that is so big. What I mean by "big" is Pizzaplex where Gregory is trapped this is divided into several floors, complex, and rooms. Because of the magnitude, you can enter the basement which also consists of many blocks and many rooms. From here, the player is not limited to exploring all the places that exist if you are strong mentally.

Of course, some rooms still need a key card so we can enter. Even so, most of these places are open and we can visit even without the need to complete the mission first. Absolutely, since the beginning of this game indeed released the player for exploration so that the game itself is a minimal cutscene and most are just a dialogue conversation through the Gregory watch radio.

Like horror games in general, some spots are deliberately designed to have a narrow hallway. This is indeed mandatory to increase the Claustrophobic element. Meanwhile, every place and floor also has a separate theme like a real mall. You can find restaurants, toilets, maintenance rooms, shops, and a stage. Just by looking at the theme, you will know what animatronics will you face.

One interesting thing comes from a small room named "Security Room." Yup, this room is equipped with Survivance Camera, Security Door, and Generator. The way it works is the same as the previous series which requires you to "survive" from attacking a lot of animatronics at once. Of course, from this one-room FNAF: Security Breach managed to maintain the main characteristics of the game without having to disturb the change in gameplay or new mechanics.

Visual Quality and Sound Design

Visual questions, FNAF: Security Breach does not need to be questioned anymore. Because the visual they offer experienced a very significant change. Each object has been created in every detail. More than that, the arrest arrangement and lighting of the folder can create an atmosphere that deceives the player. At the beginning of the game may be the pizzaplex is full of neon and light, but you just see when progress is getting farther away.

If you are not satisfied with the visual, calm this game also offers spoiled ray-tracing support. Unfortunately visual nan tense does not go hand in hand with the quality of animation. FNAF: Security Breach still looks very rigid in the animation affairs of character movements. This also applies to existing animatronics and human characters. It could be, this is the reason why the game doesn't have many cutscenes.

Fortunately, the sound quality is very satisfying. Because of singing in the mall, we will hear the decision of the floor, soft music, and ventilator sounds. However, when you enter a place that loses the electricity, which you hear is the sound of Animatronics that intimidates Gregory. Not to mention every Environment that you visit also has a background that makes goosebumps.

The lack of cutscene does not mean we cannot enjoy the game. Because the quality of Voice Actor from FNAF: Security Breach can be fairly above average. Gregory has a typical sound of children like the animated film output Pixar. You can find out if he also feels afraid of what he is experiencing. More than that, Animatronics who have different characteristics create unique intimidation sounds.

gregory fnaf


FNAF: Security Breach is indeed not the best series that Steel Wool has to offer. Nonetheless, they still managed to present a new experience for Five Nights Fans at Freddy's. Just like the old series, the story they lift is full of surprises and a fairly complex mystery. The quality voice Actor also managed to form every character of the game to become more memorable than before.

Although it has given changes, the mechanics and gameplay presented are still relatively normal. Fortunately, they managed to maintain the characteristics of their old game without having to admit to the changes. What's more, the extensive exploration element made the player more curious about what happened to his world. All of that, Behasil died well through visual and the design level was so stunning.

Unfortunately, there are still some things they need to emphasize. The first thing comes from disturbing bugs that can even damage important moments in the story. In addition, the quality of the animation still needs a lot of improvement. The lack of cutscenes and elements of Gore also makes this series feel unable to occupy other class horror games. However, this does not close them to provide the best for the next series. Because FNAF: Security Breach is just a beginning.

For those of you who haven't had time to try it, then Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach you can play through the PC, PS4, and PS5 platforms. As usual, PC users can buy the game via the Steam Store platform. How do you think you are interested in trying it too?