Evil Dead: The Game - Demonstration Gameplay Full of Blood Trailer

Evil Dead: The Game - Demonstration Gameplay Full of Blood Trailer

They announced in 2020, Evil Dead The game was present quite surprising gamers. How not, this one game is the result of an adaptation of the famous 80s horror film named Evil Dead. A long time did not show his nose, Evil Dead The game reappeared through Summer Game Fest 2021 with a first blood gameplay trailer that was full of blood.

Evil Dead The Game - Demonstration Gameplay Full of Blood Trailer

Evil Dead The Game Demonstration Gameplay Trailer

Having a concept that is almost similar to the Dead by Daylight game and Friday the 13th, Evil Dead appears with a prominent difference. With very pampering visuals and a terrible atmosphere, Evil Dead seems to prefer more fast-paced elements. This is proven by the presence of various enemy classes and the unique abilities of each survivor.

Different from Game 5 VS 1 Generally, you apparently can drive a car to avoid enemy attacks. The player can not only play as a survivor, but you can also choose to be a demon with deadly hunting skills. But if you prefer survivors, this game will give 4 choices of characters with different classes.

Have a more fast-paced concept and a feature of driving a car

BOSS Team Games as a developer of this game confirms that every demon and survivor in this game has their duties. Not to mention, in this game we can use a total of 25 weapons with different types and the presence of upgrade features. Meanwhile, the player's task is to look for Necronomicon Artifacts which serve to close the demon's entry portal to the human world.

For this reason, you can use the weapons and make a trap to kill the attacking demon. How do you think Ceman is interested in trying it? If you are interested, this game will be released in 2021. But the date of release is still are secret. Don't worry first, because BOSS Team Games will promise the announcement of the release as soon as possible.