Returnal Review - Life Die Alive for Finding Answers

Returnal Review - Life Die Alive for Finding Answers

As a new generation, the PlayStation 5 console has many lists of exciting games that you have to play. These games have their uniqueness and characteristics for gamers. Starting from stories, gameplay, and more, this also applies to games made by Housemarque titled Returnal.

Returnal Review - Life die alive for finding answers

On this occasion, I will give a review or review for you about my experience while trying to play the Returnal game. This will greatly help you who are still confused whether this game is recommended played or not.

Alright, we just start a Returnal game review!

Space travel turns into a nightmare

Returnal games begin with an astronaut called Selene Vassos who is on duty in space. One time, he found a white shadow on Planet Atropos who somehow felt familiar to him.

Selene's curiosity made her chasing the mysterious figure to Planet Atropos even though this had been banned by the Astra company where she worked. It turned out that the ban was a certain intention so that Selene or anyone not to approach the Atropos planet.

The spacecraft that was ridden by Selene was damaged when he entered Atmosphere Atropos and was trapped without being able to contact Help from Astra. Selene found many bodies that look like herself. No, the corpse turned out to be himself.

Selene must survive on the Atropos planet filled with many alien creatures using alien technology that he found there. At the same time, find out the Mystery of Planet Atropos that made him stuck in time loops every time Selene died and returned to the past just before he suffered damage to the spacecraft when entering the atmosphere.

Bullet Hell Shooting is an important point in Returnal

Returnal is the Action Third Person Shooter game that requires players to stay actively moving against alien beings. The monsters will continue to attack and gang up with many bullets that have their respective attack patterns. If you have previously played a Game like a Bullet Hell Shooting genre, you will be quickly used and easily adapted to the Returnal.

Survive on planet Atropos

Returnal games require you to survive with what is found on Planet Atropos. Starting from Healing, Buff, Gun, Sword, Upgrade Suit, and many more from alien technology there. So take the use of whatever you find to survive.

Returnal also provides a shop system that you can find. To buy items from the shop, you will get a kind of currency or points from destroying aliens. This can help you to survive longer.

One Way - One Ticket

As I explained earlier, Selene was trapped in time loops and returned to the past. This is one of the main features of gameplay and stories in the Returnal game. Every time the player dies, they will return to the beginning of the game when the aircraft that is ridden by Selene is damaged.

Bullet Hell Shooting is an important point in Returnal

The Time Loop system in Returnal has a demerit or loss for players who die during a trip on Planet Atropos. All items, weapons, and also upgrades they previously lost permanently disappear. That means, say goodbye to them all.

But don't worry. Your progress associated with the course of a story like a sword that can cut the shield to open the door and teleport verification tools will remain even though you die. At least this can alleviate your work and don't have to repeat everything from the start.

The location will continue to change each time the time loop

The next point for Returnal Review, I will discuss the Dungeon or the location of Planet Atropos. Not only the inventory affects time loops, but the location you will explore will also be affected. Every time you die and return to the beginning in time loops, planet Atropos will experience changes and will be different from the place you guys exploring before.

This can add value or exclusion values as long as you play the game Returnal. So you don't easily feel saturated by repeating the time loop and tracing the same location continuously.

Many Mysteries of Planet Atropos in Returnals

Mysterious white shadow figure, Time Loop, the planet filled with aliens and their technology relics, you will find a lot of mysteries on Planet Atropos. All instructions on elements of Returnal Game Story will be found through data recording from the Selene corpse, artifacts, and alien leather writing lines.

Not to mention the vision or vision that randomly appears at a certain time in the story that affects Selene. What happened? This curiosity will make you continue to trace every corner of the Atropos planet to find the answer.


The Returnal game will provide an interesting experience in playing on the Playstation console 5. The first impression when you enter the world of game Returnals is the existence of similarities in the level of difficulty such as Dark Souls with fast-paced seasonings such as Doom.

Even though I say this game has a similarity with Dark Souls, but this game isn't as difficult as I imagined. This game is still better and friendly to players than the Dark Souls series.

The world on Planet Atropos looks promising with sights filled with strange objects living along with advanced technology from aliens. Music and sound effects from aliens, weapons, and other objects provided by the players also provide a living atmosphere as if you are in the position of Selene.

As a review closing, if you ask whether the Returnal game is recommended to play? The answer is yes. This game has a fairly long duration and takes a long time for you to finish.

Not to mention when you have to adapt, grind, and find alien technology for sophisticated weapons and upgrades to help the game. Plus, if you are also the type of active player hunting achievement in Playstation 5, the duration of play will increase.

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