Outriders review - Not Ordinary Shooter Games!

Outriders review - Not Ordinary Shooter Games!

The presence of Outriders last month had stolen the attention of gamers. The Third-Person Looter-Shooter game has a mechanic that is almost similar to the Gears of War indeed the fact has been awaited by the release. Square Enix as a publisher is indeed very different from their previous releases. On this occasion I will try the Outriders game, is it true that this is not an ordinary shooter game?

Outriders review - Not Ordinary Shooter Games!

People Can Fly as a developer of this game has indeed given us a variety of shooter-themed games like this. Games like Bulletstorm and Gears of War itself are still quite popular through several gamers. Do not want to be outdone by their previous project, now People Can Fly again wants to re-present the Looter Shooter game that has co-op elements. But what makes this game different from the Gears of Wars we know?

Had released the demo at the end of last February, now outriders have been played around more than 50 thousand players. Even though this game itself is still in the development stage. In fact, through the release of their game, we can already see various things that are quite different from the games they developed before. They prove it through a variety of class choices until the presence of Side Quest is enough to make the Player addicted to playing this outriders game.

Gameplay from Outriders

Let's look at what they offer in the gameplay mechanics in this game. At the beginning of our game, they will invite us to the first-level area. Later we can choose 4 classes, each of which has unique and thick abilities with RPG elements. The class included Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator. I use Pyromancer. Class Pyromancer has a power that we can consider as a half tank and half DPS.

As the name suggests, Pyromancer is a class that has never been far from his attack using fire. What surprised me when trying it was a pretty number of skills. A total is 8 active skills that we can combine to kill enemies. However, of course, all of these skills should be unlocked first through the Skill Tree which number is not a small amount. So the presence of Skill Tree and Perks makes Outriders so popular and different from other games

After we discuss the skill with a thick RPG element, now we discuss the initial mission in this game. When we plunged into the first mission, there are not many places like. But with the presence of various skills that we said before, would give us a fast-paced experience. In addition, we can only play the initial level area. But don't be sad, because this game also presents various SideQuest even though it's still very simple.

Although not open-world games, Outriders still provide a fairly large map that allows us to explore. Every side quest they offer may not have its sense considering the game is still at a low mission level. Most likely the next side quest can be more interesting if we can get into a higher-level area.

Level Design

Eradicating the enemy using a variety of skills combined might be quite pleasant. But we will continue our next discussion. Because I still try this game, we can only discuss the initial level in this game. Although still the first stage of the mission level we can already enjoy the various content they present. Frankly, the design level at the first level of Outriders seemed to be fresh and instead made the game feel linear.

Gameplay from Outriders Pyromancer.

Although the building structure has the same tone and does not show the atmosphere of battle. Even so, we still find a variety of small scenarios present in every corner of the map. Like the presence of tanks that fired cannon and planes that were fighting to make content from the first level of this game not too bad for us to enjoy. The presence of various varying enemies also makes us enthusiastic in fighting in this area.

Hopefully, this thing they can repair it remembering this outriders game has a myriad of quests that are very interesting for us to try. What is certain is that we still don't know what the next level mission is from this game. Will it be able to provide a more interesting design level?


Well, this is what makes the Combat of the Outriders game so spacious. This game gives us an exciting co-op with other players, then the AI we must also have to have their advantages. Honestly, AI in this game gives a pleasant impression. We as players can be challenged with the movements of AI which outwit the game. The bot we opposed has a different class too.

Every class that is present has its advantage. If we are too long in the cover position, the bots will struggle to drive us from the place. They can throw grenades and flank. Or if the player is doing a skill movement, another bot will spontaneously shoot a shot towards the player using the skill.

The more players playing co-op in this game, the level of difficulty the bot will increase even more. Not to mention, the way they do spawn can also make players overwhelmed because the number is not a little. I think this became an advantage also in providing a pleasant Combat experience even though it only fought the bots.


Playing this game on the PC platform does provide extraordinary shooter experiences. This is certainly thanks to the graphics they provide also in this game. Even though Outriders is an RPG Shooter Looter game, we still feel the experience of Fantasy on the game. The choice of themes for this game is certainly quite interesting, considering that the publisher of this game has also been teaching various ambitious JRPG games.

Outriders review - Visual

The character design in this game is amazing. The details of the texture and models they offer have indeed given a very cool impression on each class. Not only are the classes that have cool models and designs, on the design of the enemy and the NPC is also very detailed and is very polished perfectly. But unfortunately, the design level in this game does not have an iconic taste like the Gears of War game that has an atmosphere of horror in the game's story.


Given that I just played this game in the early stages, I think the story of this game still can't be discussed further. So we can only discuss this game until it's here. I think personally, outriders are very worth it for us try. Of course, this game still has some shortcomings, but very exciting combat and various class choices and combo, skills make us forget that this game itself is still in the development stage.

Meanwhile, the presence of Side Quest in this game also proves that the stories they offer can be broader than our estimates. Not to mention the smart AI also provides an exciting experience to play co-op with friends. For those of you who haven't had the chance to try it, I think now is the right time, considering that this game is also crowded with visitors and certainly has become a good opportunity in playing its very competitive multiplayer mode.

That's all my simple reviews about this outriders game. If you are interested in playing, this game can you enjoy it free via the Steam Store digital platform. Outriders reportedly had been released on April 1, 2021, last month. This game can also be you on the PlayStation 4 platform, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows. How do you think you are interested in trying this game with your friends?