Valve Develop a New Handheld Console called Steampal

Valve Develop a New Handheld Console called Steampal

The Handheld console always gets its place in the hearts of the gamers. Although not as strong as a home console, it has its advantage because it is practical and easy for us to carry wherever. Not to be outdone by the success of the Nintendo Switch over the past few years. Valve reportedly was developing a new handheld console called Steampal. Will it be able to beat the popularity of the switch?

Valve Develop a New Handheld Console called Steampal

Developing the Hand-Held console is not as easy as we think. Lots of names of Handheld consoles that ended up failing for the past few years. Even the most powerful Nintendo in this industry has failed in the sale of his Wii U console. Valve's efforts to plunge into this industry are certainly a big enough question for gamers.

Valve Develops Console Handheld named Steampal

The main weapon of the Nintendo Switch to attract the attention of gamers is an exclusive game that exclusive and the unique features they design. Valve seems to be interested in trying the formula through its newest project that has just leaked into several social media. Given Valve is a large company in the field of PC video games, of course, the gamers are curious about what makes this console different.

Leaks about the latest project valve where we get through the media called Ars Technica. Through the article, they explained that Valve was preparing to relieve a console that we reportedly brought wherever. They should also provide information regarding the name that Valve has registered. Later this console will have the name "steampal".

Even though he did not want to show the date of release, it was reported that the valve would release the console in 2021. They also emphasized that steampal would use technology from AMD and Intel APU with more powerful performance technology. Not to mention, all games that are present will be Windows-based like a steam digital platform that is the usual PC gamer using.

Docking feature like Nintendo Switch

Steampal is reported to be using a touch-screen system and "docking" features like Nintendo Switch. But the system does not require additional devices in the form of a tool to do a dock. Players can do docking using only a USB slot that has provided. So this console will not have many devices if we want to bring it everywhere.

Unfortunately, the valve itself still has not responded to the appearance of rumors that raised this. It's true before Gabe Newell once mentioned the presence of Steam to Console some time ago. For now, we still cannot expect much and have to wait for the news of confirmation from them. Hopefully, this rumor is true and can be realized correctly.