Predicted PS4 Cannot be Used Again When the Server has Been Closed

Predicted PS4 Cannot be Used Again When the Server has Been Closed

Every console that has been released, whether it's Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo has a limited lifetime period. Usually, the company will stop production and online services to end the active period of the console so that it can focus more on a more modern system.

Predicted PS4 Cannot be Used Again

However, the end of the console does not mean the system cannot be used again. Even today, there are several old consoles like PS2 and Nintendo Gameboy still often played and the community is still quite active now. However, it is different from the PS4 console which is predicted to no longer play the game when the online service has been closed.

Starting from a Twitter Tweet named @ doesithplay1 explaining that the PS4 console has a battery in it called CMOS Battery. If the battery has run out, the theory of console can no longer run the game either online and offline before the battery is replaced with a new battery.

According to the explanation of Lance McDonald, known as the BLODBORNE 60 FPS mod developer, CMOS Battery sets internal hours on the PS4 console. The internal clock serves to regulate the trophy system, so players cannot manipulate the time so that trophies are seen earlier. Internal clocks also cannot be set freely and every PS4 game will be connected to internal hours when played.

However, if the battery runs out and then replaced the new one, the console will try to access the server for the process of synchronizing the clock again. So, if one day the server has been closed, the possibility of the console can no longer do a synchronization process so that the game can no longer be run.

This has been predicted to occur to more than 115 million PS4 units. Especially for the PS4 console which is currently at the end of life since the release of the PS5 console. Of course, console users can only hope that Sony released the latest update to fix the problem.