Try Alpha Test Diablo II Resurrected - Old, but Beautiful Game

Try Alpha Test Diablo II Resurrected - Old, but Beautiful Game

Always remembered and regarded as a legendary ARPG game as if it has forced the Diablo II series to have to return in 2021. Blizzard also appeared directly agreed to the request to immediately meremster this game so that the Diablo II series: Resurrected was finally announced.

With this release which is still vague in 2021, Blizzard certainly has the intention to ensure that the remastering series they take care of is appropriate and satisfies the fans when releasing later. Through the testing stage, which is now Blizzard, run, we have the opportunity to try the "Alpha" version that Blizzard has offered to us a few days ago and the following were the results of the impression.

Overview of Diablo II

Diablo II Resurrected is a direct remaster series for the Diablo II series which was once released in 2000. This game carries one concept of RPG Action Genre with the format of an isometric camera-style Western RPG game that usually appears more on the PC platform. Then have a story focus to pursue a mysterious traveler who is the cause of the appearance of many devil beings and evil monsters who enter the world.

Compared to other series, the most recognized Diablo II series for the delivery of a more dark story, and the descriptions of the concept of the theme is so hard. So that it is not infrequently if this series is often too legendary for fans who have known.

Remaster graphics that fit

First, when discussing the graphical difference between the original version and the remaster now, the gap is of course very far away. The resurrected version itself presents a visual definition many times more detailed and better. Although not equivalent to the next-gen graphics, Blizzard himself successfully gives a touch that still feels modern in every corner. Good from the background of the map to the effects of fire and lightning which can be very pampering when viewed.

Even for those of you who long to see the comparison with the original graph, they also include the option to make graphics change between remaster and originals more easily.

Not an easy game!

While for the gameplay, this game we must admit is not a game that can be classified as casual to play. The reason is that it is a Remaster version and not a remake, Blizzard doesn't change the "Core" play that is commonly attached in the original Diablo II series. One of the things that can exceed the forehead is from the system when your character is killed.

Where every weapon equipment you use and the gold is used to be left in your dead. Then when RespaWn in the hub area, you certainly feel you have to take it back if you don't want all the important treasures to be wasted.

Try Alpha Test Diablo II Resurrected - 3

Somewhat similar to Dark Souls, this might be a feature of gameplay that seems to be ignored or feared by new players. Moreover, especially for those who do not have experience as well as adaptation to play West ArPG games. Then Diablo II was also known to present an unexpected form of exploration when meeting enemies.

Where players if not careful can often be killed directly in the hands of enemies who have special strength and defense attributes. Plus not to mention when they are assisted by the enemies of Minions who are ready to disturb to ganging you in large quantities.

Stay solid as an RPG!

But beyond that, this game must be the framework we have to be very solid. Each class character played has a kind of playstyle difference until the combination of system 3 types of skill tree which still feels fun to be explored and synergized.

The presence of the LOOT-LOOT EQUIPMENT Although sometimes there is nothing that cannot be used because it is devoted to certain classes, it can still be used for sale or save in the stash which can be used by characters with supporting classes. This is also in line with the practicality of inventory management which is now more automatically arranged.

Very convenient controller support!

However, a new implementation that we also think is most positive is from the support of this game controller. Surprisingly playing experience using a gamepad for me personally is far more comfortable than the mouse/keyboard.

When using a ranged weapon, there is a kind of aim-assist system that can be sure when the arrow shot, arc, and other projectile attacks from players can lead as soon as possible to the target. Meanwhile, the UI design while playing in gamepad mode is also seen in a format that is more comfortable and easily adapted. You will be able to see the form of the UI that displays the "boxes" of the choice of action that can be easily mumped. Including mapping for moving skills on your usual character not clear in keyboard/mouse mode.

Try Alpha Test Diablo II Resurrected -2

Because it is an alpha version, we did find some bugs about the sound effect to voice dialogue which was suddenly inaudible. Hopefully, this can be addressed when Blizzard begins to release the beta to its official release.


So far, it appears only that the form of impression can we try to share against the version of Alpha Test Diablo II Resurrected. This game seems to want to present the experience of playing Diablo II which is as seutent as original as possible in the modern era to satisfy the heart of old fans.

Although the dead system in this game can be quite scared of the novice of some players, Series Diablo II especially from the Remaster Resurrected version still has a special preoccupation in exploring the side of the visual quality RPG. Make it a beautiful game-like artwork even though it's old dusk.