First Impression Forza Horizon 5 - The Best Open World Racing Game 2022

The racing genre has experienced increasingly rapid development of evolution. From the focus only on races and the fastest, now has a broad scope to be able to manage or review the vehicle you are wearing until finally, it can successfully give players a fan of racing games an aspect called "freedom".

First Impression Forza Horizon 5 - The Best Open World Racing Game 2022

So, this freedom was later trying to be highlighted. Where to infect racing games with the Open World Formula is not an idea included just a day. Whether it's from the Need For Speed series, Midnight Club, unlimited test drive, to The Crew, now the Forza Horizon series is actually in the right momentum to shine. A new series that continued the success of the fourth series had arrived on November 4, 2021.

Jump with the title Forza Horizon 5, I lately the middle of trying to try this game and incidentally, totally unable to cover that there was a feeling to continue to play the game.

Navigate the beauty of the city of Mexico!

It starts first in estimating the overview of the open-world world presented in this game. This time Forza Horizon 5 wants to invite you to stop at one of the big countries in North America, namely Mexico.

Not only was splashed on a scale of 50% wider than the previous series, but the Mexican Map environment in Forza Horizon 5 was also really made more varied. Like the aspect of the advantages in the Open World Map in the FH 3 series which I like the area of the natural scenery and the FH 4 which I enjoyed their urban designs was equally presented in this FH 5 series.

Specifically, Forza Horizon 5 brings a variety of stunning natural beauty which feels very ambitious to describe the authenticity of the Mexican state. The number of various biomes ranges from the jungle area of the jungle with hidden temples, coastal areas filled with coconut trees, wilderness, to volcanic mountains you can find here. Then not to mention discussion about the uniqueness of the main city (Guanajuato) containing buildings with classical architecture, and narrow streets plus tunnels that can be very so challenging to pass.

Not only at that, but Forza Horizon 5 also presents features of the season which is now more dynamic in influencing the row of biome areas, which will be added to the existence of new types of weather such as a sandstorm that looks very wow.

Already the folder is broad, the content is more and more

If Forza Horizon 4 has been considered successful providing a large variety of content to be reviewed one by one, Forza Horizon 5 itself is arguably it has been directly trying to continue the relay. Almost all types of content both from the beginning of release and post releases in the Horizon series were previously raised back here. For example, such as Battle Royale (Eliminator) and Photo Challenge just appeared sometime when Forza Horizon 4 was released.

On the one hand, Forza Horizon 5 also keeps inserting many fresh modes such as crashing on a pinata statue in Arcade fashion style Live content challenges from the Horizon Story mode which is now increasingly reproduced, until the expedition mode is focused on introducing the beauty of the Map of the Open World Map.

forza horizon 5 xbox one

Not to mention if you want to enjoy multiplayer content work on weekly / monthly event content from the Playlist Festival to get a very so-rewarding thing. As though will make you almost always feel busy and without limits to navigate all existing content.

Then the sensation to drive was also trying to be increasingly perfected. Especially in answering the sound quality of the engine which has been the only big drawback in the Forza Horizon series 4. Plus also with the side of the realism of the smoke effect of the car's exhaust that is quite realistic.

Customization features are full of choice and convenience

In total, the basic version of this game has directly presented more than 500 cars that you can choose from various types of ranging from sports, rally, offroad, to antique and classic cars. Through periodic updates at each, the amount can be increasingly swollen and each of which can certainly be customized in terms of performance and display.

If you feel lazy to modify the vehicle manually, this game still provides you the choice to browse the look of the livery/vinyl or tuning from the other players, then choose one that is felt effectively based on the number of popularity and total downloads used.

In fact, not only in terms of car customization, but you can also go through the event lab mode to customize or mix race track content and trial versions of your creations, which again can be touched at will.

Optimization that turns out "pretty"

On the PC platform, Forza Horizon 5 must be recognized as a game that is on paper and the field is indeed heavier than Forza Horizon 4. Even so, the gap itself is not too far away. I played this game in hardware which seems to begin to be at low-end levels, namely GTX 1060 3GB GPU, I7 7700HQ CPU, and 16 GB RAM which turned out to still run smoothly even though it must be tweaked with certain graphic settings.

From the hardware, there is indeed a lack of constraint on the performance of the poor I have to experience. Especially when FPS often falls from 60 (V-Sync On Mode) to the 50s when it encountered a lot of texture in the urban area of Guanajuato, several location points of the Horizon Festival, plus also when meeting the many cars from NPC and fellow players in the screen. Then, there was also a bug from the emergence of warning "low streaming bandwidth" which I specifically found when playing in Guanajuato expedition mode.

For the note, if you have hardware that is a little far below the GTX 1060, suggestions that you might try to play this game with better FPS is to take advantage of resolution scaling settings and reduce the quality level of Shadow Plus Shader.

Apart from that, Forza Horizon 5 is still classified as forgiving for non-raytracing hardware users. Especially for Nvidia's GPU in Series 10, 9, to maybe GTX 780. This game surprisingly has optimization which is truly far from the disappointing word for the size of the AAA game output 2021.

forza horizon 5map


Calling it the best open-world racing game today I think it doesn't include excessive claims. Fix many shortcomings that existed in the previous series, this game comes with half a thousand car catalogs, dozens of play modes + extensive content, and depiction of the location settings that are very right on the immersive target. So from there, the Forza Horizon 5 series wants to be used as an extraordinary form of evolution in the world of automotive games.

It is about the impression that I can personally from Forza Horizon 5. Overall, this game is full Price is very appropriate to buy if you are a fan of racing games and simulations. In addition, the Xbox Game Pass service appears as a bonus option that is quite perfect if you are having a limited-budget wallet.