Cyberpunk 2077 Review - Long waiting is not in vain

Cyberpunk 2077 Review - Long waiting is not in vain

For about eight and a half years since Cyberpunk 2077 was announced to the public, and the CD Projekt Red told the fans to continue to be patient until they completed them. But the long wait was finally avenged after December 10, they released the game for PC, Playstation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Cyberpunk 2077 Review

The game that was worked on by the desk game by Mike Pondsmith, tried to invite the player to navigate the thematic world of cyberpunk with various intrigues and conflicts in it. The premise that the player will portray a mercenary or a paid person who will do anything after the money makes it very similar to Geralt from the Witcher series which will clear any monsters in the fantasy world.

Although he was postponed twice since the official release date, Cyberpunk 2077 bears sweet fruit during the release. Even though in the end I had to feel a variety of ridiculous and ridiculous bugs even though in reality it didn't damage my playing experience.

I have tried to play the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077. But because of the number of bugs that occur, I want to give my experience after feeling an update 1.04 or day-one patch and 1.05.

Of course, I did not give this review after completing the game. I will give all the summary of my experience when playing it well before the release to get patch update 1.04. This is considering because I want to enjoy the game as a whole, without having to give a leak.

Then, how is the wait for approximately eight and a half years? Can the Projekt Red CD answer all the requests, imagination, and shadow of the players more than the very successful Witcher 3 in Cyberpunk 2077? Check out my review below.

So cyberhero in a sophisticated city

You are V, a mercenary that works anything to get Eurodollar, the game's currency. Your story begins according to the three backgrounds that you choose: Nomad, Street Kid, to Corporate. I choose Street Kid as my playthrough, and there are interesting choices related to each chosen background.

Throughout the story, you will meet with a variety of clients until the fixer who pays you is quite expensive for the deadly tasks. Together with Jackie and T-bug, initially, you will be paid to do small tasks, but your story will be paved with a big task that is a sustainable tragedy with your clients.

Long waiting is not in vain

Especially after you meet Johnny Silverhand, a famous rocker who in the end will continue to haunt you along with the story via a hologram, where you will try to break away from his shadows. Can you finish everything and get friends, girlfriends, even big enemies and are free from Johnny Silverhand's shadow?

Welcome to Night City

The incidence of Cyberpunk 2077 occurs in a large stage, the city is named Night City, the city of the future is full of worldly pleasure and certainly a super hard environment thanks to the number of powerful people who master it. Whether from the side of the wealth, namely corporate, to the strength and violence, the gangs.

Night City is controlled by three main corporations: Arasaka (Japan) with super-sophisticated technology, Militech (Military), namely a weapons and military vehicle company, and Kang Tao (China) with its revolutionary technology called Smart-Tech, which is possible to have bullets that can pursue the target, Similar to Smartpistol in Titanfall but are more applied to all the weapons.

There are also nine most influential gangs in Night City with their respective cultures and characteristics: Tyger Claws (Japan), The Mox (sex vendor), Aldecaldos (Spain), Valentinos (Italy), Maelstrom (Cybernetic), 6th Street Gang ( Initially "Good Guys", but they are on the corporate side), Voodoo Boys (Haitian Netrunner), Animals (Muscle Power, containing muscular people), and Wraiths (Mercenary with Have Have Rifles and Missils).

There was another group named Scavengers who collected several implants from victims of the nine gangs. Their simplicity is the scavenger group wherever you are exploring Night City.

You will be able to do everything in Night City. For example, drink at the bar, eradicate the Gangster Camp, talk to drink vending machines, buy weapons, armor, upgrades, crafting, enjoy nightly entertainment, and of course "Have fun" because it is almost 70-90% of the city is envisage "Sexualism" is very thick.

Night City is not designed like another Open-World game with a super wide-scale and full place useless. But solid and contained. Almost every area you can explore, ranging from residential areas, shops, to other interesting landmark places. The game is quite slow will make you feel restrained in the area called Watson, but not after you finish the intromission.

After the intro, you will be faced with many things, one of which is some new places that previously could not be explored. You can enjoy various facilities such as buying clothes, a much wider work contract, to buy your dream car or motorbike. Offer for offerings will continue to be offered by NPC to you so that it makes you tempted to spend your money.

Oh yeah, you can also do a "service" offered on the road either on the "path of virtue" and "playing fencing". And don't forget to do Romance one of the existing NPC characters. All of the city needs are here, so complete, lots of content that you can enjoy until they are confused to start which ones first.
Not only that, TV ads design various brands when you explore their cities to wholeheartedly with details that are not playful. They even got some Easter Egg like a Milfguard taken from the Nilfgaard owned by The Witcher 3, and several other Easter Egg.

Some TV news showed how night city also continued to change, as the story was. Either just preach how the criminal was arrested, or gossip about the corporation.

Solid and the case of Night City are also represented by the nuances of its very life. You will not only see people pass by car and plane. But also see the many unique events. Starting from the gang fighting against the police, until the live murder event in front of your own eyes.

Another little detail is how CD Projekt Red uses the original people they add in Night City. Night City has a mixture of cultures that are very much not only America, Europe, but also Japan, Korea, Russia, and China. They used the country's original people to sing sound even though they were only a woman's announcement and receptionist from the Japanese robot. I heard from his voice, they do not use Americans or Europe who are experts using their accents such as some voice chargers who use Blizzard in Overwatch.

Unfortunately, this seems to not apply to several characters who are certain figures. This is considering that they must be able to speak English and the language of their home country. But if you read the CAST via IMDB, all Japanese figures were voiced by the original Japanese people who were very well-speaking English very well. Some of them have even lived in America for years.

Charming visuals that only occur on PC

In terms of the visual side, Cyberpunk 2077 can be considered one of the very charming games. You can see the design of the night city which is very pampering to the area outside the city which is designed with very details such as the presence of garbage scattered, arid meadow, to the magnificent building of corporates with all the technology. Show that the latest version of the Red Engine The CD Projekt Red Use can compete with several other commercial engine games.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Unfortunately, this only happens in the PC version, considering that many complain that the version of the console is much different when compared to the "Master Race" platform. Of course, this is one of the minus values. Especially after several players complained that there were still bugs and the appearance was still blurry.

Not a few consider that the PC version has a far visual superior compared to the console. That the game made based on this PC is like heaven and earth if it has to be compared in terms of visuals. This gave a lot of regret to the players, especially the owner of the console to force the game to be released faster.
Shooter Favors with RPG Elements Steady

Besides Visual, Cyberpunk 2077 has shooter mechanics that have never been made by CD Projekt Red. If you have played a shooter game, surprisingly the mechanics feel like shooter games in general. You will feel how recoil every weapon is different from the others. Shotgun for example that will give a backward push effect with camera shake and "taste" that exactly when you play the game like call of duty or the other. Hard work paid very sweetly.

This once proves that it does not mean that developers who have never touched the Shooter genre and always struggled at the RPG were unable to make a good shooter mechanical.

Just like RPG games in general, you will also be faced with various types of weapons. But because of the modern theme, you will not be faced with traditional elements such as spears and magic, but fire guns and several other imaginative weapons. Starting from Melee consisting of katana, bat, hammer, fire gun, to grenade.

The firearms here have three main categories: Power, Tech, and Smart. Power will provide a Richocet effect aka bullets that can bounce, Tech will provide the ability of weapons to be charged before being fired, while smart will give a bullet effect that can pursue, but needs additional implants.

Each weapon and armor have the level of scarcity indicated through color. Starting from the most ordinary white, to the rarest orange. You can install attachments, upgrading it through crafting, to destroy it if it is not needed.

Just like most RPG games, you can also do crafting weapons, armor, and drugs by collecting materials and blueprints. The status of the items you have created will be connected with the skill of crafting and the frequency you have increased. So you can observe any good skills you need. You can also upgrade weapons through this feature.

Not only weapons but your body can also be modified through cyberware features. Cyberware is a modification of the human body. Where the human body in Cyberpunk 2077 functions like a computer with various implants. You can add or replace the implant through the NPC called RipperDoc. Embedded electronic objects will provide a lot of abilities such as scanning, tell the enemy place connected in one network, see the profile of each person or enemy, to find out how broad the grenade explosion you threw. You can even do a double jump or install the blade mantis-like in the trailer teaser.

While the level up to level will be divided into two: main level and Street Cred. Street Cred will add your reputation in Night City, both will increase as you often complete the mission.

Along with increasing levels, players can choose several attributes that are divided into five categories: reflex (weapons), body (battle), technical ability (crafting), intelligence (hacking), and cool (stealth).

While to level up, divided into 2 parts: Attribute Point and Perk Point. Attribute Levels will increase along with the increase in character levels that are quite straightforward can from completing the mission or killing enemies, while Perk will increase the more often your ability is used. For example, do hacking, or fight using weapons. Both points can be entered early when making characters.

Attribute Level is needed to do various things in his world, starting from opening the door or forcing to steal an NPC car, you need to increase one of the attributes to do this.

While Perk Point will work like skills in RPG games in general, both active and passive.

The creation character is quite detailed with some presets such as the eye until of course pubic hair and vital tools that can be modified at will. The player will be able to choose his body model for both men and women. This body model only determines this gender stature but does not determine their vital tool. Because the player can choose to put male and female sex in anybody. It remembers the cyberpunk 2077 setting that is told that the world is very sophisticated so that making artificial body parts installed in the human body become a natural thing.

The quest system that can be solved in any way

There are many ways to complete the quest, either by using your abilities or through other roads. In other words, you are not only fixed in one way to solve it, for example when you want to get into a room then past the door is a reasonable way, but not in Cyberpunk 2077. You can do other ways. CD Projekt Red calls this quest a Gig.

The gig is a unique side-quest that can be solved in any way, according to your background, or the ability of the character is good from the body, reflexes, technical abilities, intelligence, and cool that you have formed. In other words, if you are stuck somewhere because it doesn't have the ability of body level 7 for example, you can do another way to finish Gig. For example, you have to enter a room that requires Tech Level 6 but you have already increased the capability of hacking level 10, then you can use your hacking skills to complete the mission.

Provide a new way and stimulate your creative thoughts to solve it. Yes, you should not assume that this game is an ordinary RPG game with a common limit. You have to think that you can do anything with many options. This makes the RPG game feel fresh and exciting to be enjoyed. This small detail is often forgotten by developers because of the traditional system they provide. But not for Cyberpunk 2077.

Unfortunately, these interesting mechanics must disappear after you try to complete their mission stealth. The thing I hate most when completing the mission via stealth is how the occurrence of a bug that appears suddenly and damages all the plans that I have arranged neatly. Especially when the enemy starts in the alert status that will not stop at all like a stealth game in general.

In other words, the enemy will continue in alert status until you leave the area. If it's so, your choice is only two: crushing all enemies which means canceling all stealth plans, or running away and repeat it.

It still happens when infiltration in the enemy headquarters both in the map and the main mission, even after patches 1.03 and 1.04. Make the pleasure of Player Lovers Stealth disappear instantly and make the game not exciting at all because it doesn't fit expectations. The Projekt Red CD should have a limit when the enemy can be an alert and how the script where they walk. One NPC that is silent in one place will make the stealth plan failed total and forced to rage in non-stop war.

Your thing doesn't end

Even though the pace is very slow, it must be recognized that the story of Cyberpunk 2077 is written very well. There is no forgotten character at all, every character has a unique person with a natural relationship and not seems abandoned, even after the task they provide is finished.

You won't meet the traditional side quest that has just finished and will be contacted back by characters related to you. Of course, this will take time and just happen. Sometimes you have to complete another side mission and the main mission to continue.

Of course, every ending story will depend on the decision you take. Yes, the butterfly effect is re-pinned CD Projekt red in cyberpunk 2077 either side quest and main quest. This makes you have to be careful with the choices you choose. Some will describe you at the battle, but it is not uncommon for these choices will also pass through the mission peacefully. Everything is very possible.

Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves A.K.A Johnny Silverhand

Another interesting thing about the character is how the role of Keanu Reeves A.K.A Johnny Silverhand was appointed as the second main character in the story. It is described as a character full of anger, jerk, venge, and focus on his vision. Johnny will do anything to achieve his goal. But he is also a realist even though sometimes all the logic is inferior to his emotions.

Cyberbug 2077

Unfortunately, the perfect execution of the Projekt Red CD must be hit by a storm of a passionate bug. Even after the game was updated to version 1.03 and 1.04 which made me get the PC version before the release could enjoy it more stable. Although in reality some are almost destroyed after the update and the game becomes more stable, but not a few still appear.

Unfortunately, I can't confirm whether the bug during the "Heist" mission where you can't bring a weapon at all has been repaired or not. In this mission, at a moment there is a scene where you want not to fight the flying drone. If before entering the car and blurred the player did not attach a weapon at all, then when V will fight the drone, he won't be able to fight it at all.

This makes the V model dug out outside the car, while the drone is still chasing him. Ironically, you can't put up weapons at all after entering the car, making his mission not be able to improvise automatically when the scene.

The CDPR seems to have forgotten this and makes his mission very annoying especially for players who don't understand anything. They should give improvisation if V does not attach weapons at all when infiltration, remember all the equipment returns when both of them enter the car. No instead made him not hold anything when the scene.

I also found another bug that one of the NPCs gave the task suddenly fell and could not get up again, even though the character was still alive and my last task was only just talking to him. This made me have to do the auto-save load until finally, the bug didn't happen because Fast Travel was useless at all to reset it.

Another annoying thing I encountered in the game is how the Combat status will continue to appear for a few seconds until the minute even though it has gone far enough. Even when the enemy is still in standby status, they seem to not stop to keep standby and spin in the same place. This almost made the stealth option disappear at all. One thing that damages the game style option. It's very much different from some of the stealth games that I had played. I do not know whether this also includes bugs, or is indeed made like that by the CDPR, which appears still not ready to implement the stealth mechanics here.

It would be better if they did a new AI coding that came then sweeping or reducing or giving an alert duration of each enemy by adding a sign of a mechanical stealth a few similar games. That way, the player who wants to do stealth can be more alert than having to be anxious because of the style of the game and all the plans fail due to the system that has been arranged in such away.

I believe the Projekt Red CD will fix it as they do in Witcher 3, but for now, there are still quite a lot of things they need to record about these shortcomings.

Welcome to Night City


Cyberpunk 2077 became a long wait paid off properly. That this Polish developer worked on the game with a very nicely joint mechanical RPG, writing a very neat and interesting story, a character that could not be forgotten, along with his open-world world that lived with many activities that could be done.

The beautiful visual display and mechanical quests that can be solved in any way make Cyberpunk 2077 have an almost unlimited option. Give the creativity of each player to do anything with different endings including the main story.

Unfortunately, the bugs that occur in the PC version and the console make some certain experiences cannot be enjoyed properly. But this can still be repaired by the CD Projekt Red will come in the future weighing this game not yet released for so long.

Nonetheless, the perfect level and mechanical design of the RPG makes Cyberpunk 2077 one of the RPGs that must be played for fans. Of course, while waiting for an update to repair a bug that is happening now.

Some gamers might find that the game was quite slow until finally seeing the words "Cyberpunk 2077" with high complexity and did not want to solve it because of a long duration of around 50-100 hours.
But this game is not designed for you to think like that. He was designed for those who understood well how RPG games were executed from various aspects. Make it one of the masterpieces that should be able to break this year if without a protracted technical problem.

Hopefully, this article can provide valuable information for you gamers, happy reading!