LIFEAFTER REVIEW: Full World Zombies Learn to LiveAfter Doomsday

LIFEAFTER REVIEW: Full World Zombies Learn to LiveAfter Doomsday

If you are a fan of horror games or survival games, then you have to try one of the NetEase games entitled LifeAfter. The game that has been downloaded by nearly 200 million people around the world is one of the most popular Open World Survival games, where players must try hard to survive in a world full of zombies.


Very cool is the new NetEase updating season 3 of the game, presenting new and interesting new features. Of course, making lifeafter increasingly cool to play even for new players. One of the superior features offered is Seamless Map that presents a more Smooth playing experience than before, players can easily explore the world of lifeafter starting from the city where survivors live to the desert, to a dangerous volcano just by using your vehicle, and still Many more content - exciting content that can be played in this Open World Doomsday Survival game.

The new season gives the same game with a new feel

Previously, Admin was an old player who had played the LifeAfter game on Season - Season before. After stopping playing a while, on the 3rd season update, the admin finally had time to play this survival Open World Doomsday and was quite surprised by the new update presented in this game.

As mentioned earlier, NetEase adds seamless map features. No longer need to return to using a helicopter, players can directly explore the world of life by using transportation or vehicles. Yes, in the update the player can now drive a big motorbike to explore the world full of zombies, not only as a transport tool, players can use your vehicle to move from a map to another directly without using a helicopter. You only need to talk to Rachel in the city and the big motorcycle will be sent to your home for old players, new players will directly get the vehicle while following the tutorial in the game.

In addition to the features provided by NetEase, this game also adds a variety of new features starting from a new job called Treasurer, and a new map that can be accessed for the players.

For those of you who are confused about the latest season, there will also be changes in information and the addition of tutorials given to new players, starting from Cool Cutscene which explains a little backstory that is in the game to introduce the game as a whole.

Interaction between increasingly fun players

One new feature implanted in this game, which is a system structure. Players can make structures or buildings in the form of existing facilities to help themselves and help other players.
Players can use the facility to make it easier for you to access places inside the game and generally help you when playing the game. For example, zip lines that can be used like Flying Fox to move from one place to another, gas station to fill up vehicle gas for free, the Box post as can be seen in the picture above which can help you ship items in the game and many more. All structures made by other players will be given a blue sign on the map and the player can use it directly unconditionally.

Full World Zombies

Well, it's cool anymore, you can also thank other players if the player feels helped by giving likes to other players. Like given by the player will also change to a point that can then be used to buy various items in the game. Quite interesting, the concept of this feature is released by Death Stranding and LifeAfter becomes one game or even the only mobile game that implements the feature.

Exciting customization with a variety of cool outfit choices!

First of all, when you start playing the game, the player will be given the choice to make your character. Players can choose the desired gender to live in a world full of challenges and zombies. Cool again, the manufacture of this character is not inferior to making characters in PC games with detailed and specific customization.

Players can change the details that exist from the face starting from the eyebrows that are above your eyes, until the shape of the lips and color you want. The choice of customization is very diverse so that players can spend quite a long time making their character.

Pets who will be faithful to accompany your adventure!

One of the features that the author prefers to play when playing this game is the existence of a funny and adorable follower dog. The dog can also bite the zombies that prevent players from finding resources in the game. Generally, Game - Open World Games such as LifeAfter use dogs as mascots in useless games other than being artificial sweeteners in the game. So the author was surprised when he found the dog he had found a variety of resources such as wood, iron, and minerals to help his players.

Each dog owned by the player will also have his job/roles, starting from the Rescue Dog which will tell you where zombies are and attack them. Search Dogs that will look for resources and give them to you, and Therapy Dog who can do a variety of funny unique tricks as mascots in your game.

Interesting and not boring gameplay

There will be a lot of things you can do in lifeafter, starting from adventurous and killing the zombies in the folder, fighting with other players to fight for resources, build houses and communities, to farming and raising. This game presents an experience, the community will not only betray you but will also help you in the world after the apocalypse full of zombies.

You can also build a camp consisting of many players together against BOSS in the game and exchanging goods. Not only that, but each area is also equipped with a very broad and beautiful map full of things you can explore without limits. You only need to use your trusted vehicle and navigate the world of lifeafter because you can explore one map to another without limits. Apart from the pursuit of the zombies that will kill you in each turn.

Features that are in lifeafter which is certainly very interesting to discuss one by one, such as:

LifeAfter - Seamless Map

Seamless Map: This feature is one of the new features applied in the LifeAfter on the 3rd season. With this feature, players can freely explore the world of life and folders with their beauty without limits and without loading at all. Players only need to explore the border limits that exist from each folder to go to other folders easily. Besides, climate change or the season in each MAP will directly affect the player. So how the readiness of players to explore this world will also be questioned.

Day and Night: Exploring the world of lifeafter which has this Seamless Map feature, players will certainly take a long time. To increase realistic or real impressions in the game, NetEase implements the Day and Night feature. In addition to being real, this feature will also increase the spawn zombie at night, and the different spawn resources depend on morning and evening.

Extreme weather: As described in the Seamless Map feature, there will be an extreme weather feature that must be passed by players in each place they browse. This feature depends on the season in each place, for example, the fall forest that has the fall, to mount snow with winter. Uniquely, every season will change the weather on the map. Starting from a tornado, snowstorm, sand storm, until the light of lightning and the wind will be in the game. Worse yet, every weather will provide a debuff that has enough effect on your survival skills. For example, when under rain wind, the player will get the flu that will reduce the speed of your movement.

Body Temperature: Given the morning and evening, accompanied by the weather and extreme climate in the game, of course, it is surprising not, if the lifeafter adds a temperature body feature that will make you more difficult to survive. Players who are too cold or hot will get a reduction in health every second, all you can do here is to look for a shelter, eat warm food, to use warm clothes.

Jobs / Career: LifeAfter is one of the most unique games, the job owned by players will affect the community where you are in the shelter or can be said to be a camp in the game. Players can choose 1 of the many jobs in the game with their abilities. The job in this game is divided into 3 parts according to the author, starting from the crafter who made a "gunmaker" weapon, "Armorer", "Master Furniture", "Hemp Picker" Gatherer, "Miner", "Logger" and Combat "Rifleman", "Sniper", "Warrior", and "ExpertVirus". Each has its usefulness and nothing is superior to others. It's cool anymore, depending on your community and server, you especially for gatherers and crafter, you can sell your selling items to get more gold bars.


Mastery: Every time you do something in the game, whether it's crafting, gathering, or combat. Players will get EXP that can be used to upgrade their skills. It's cool anymore, every skill owned by the player will help you fight in a folder that has a stronger zombie. Depending on your level, you can take a zombie attack, and destroy their heads with one attack.

Drones: Yep, you are not wrong to read, cool tools commonly used for shooting this video, present at the life of your husband, besides your dog, of course. Drones have a variety of functions, starting from killing enemies or zombies, giving you Heal, to find items you need. Depending on the chip you installed, you can make the drone you want to be your slave.

Crafting: Just like other survival games, players can also make various kinds of tools to help them in the game. Starting from crafting weapons, making armor, making bullets, finally making food with a buff that can help you in the game. Because there is a buff that increases the effect of gathering and attacking effects in the game. Uniquely, the Weapon that you have created can also be upgraded by using a reagent, crystal, and many more items to add status and attacks, and damage to the game. Several weapons can be evolved to get a stronger version.

PvP: Not surprisingly, not if this game has Player vs player features. Yep, players can fight each other, steal enemy items, and take the equipment that the player wants because lifeafter gives one or some folder for it. As said before, just like the zombie film on TVMU, things you need to fear are another fellow human.

Team: Just like Game Story or other Open World games LifeAfter also implements the team feature. Players can make a team of 4 members to complete a variety of stories in the game, of course with increasingly profitable prizes, especially for new players. For example, Miska University has difficulty which is different from different challenges according to a variety of prizes including the Gold Bar that can be used to buy premium goods in the game.

New Map New Challenge: Every folder has its challenge, for example at the Fall Forest is a safe relaxed zone, Sand Castle is a more challenging Jona because it has a sandstorm that will block your path and sights. There is also snow hight that can make you cold, and much more. How you prepare your character is also a new challenge because there are only a few items you can use in the game.

LiveAfter Doomsday

Boss Battle: In exploring and following the story in LifeAfter, there will be boss monsters who will prevent you from searching and completing the zombie virus. Generally, this zombie boss can be defeated along with the enemy team, but you can challenge yourself to try to beat him alone.

Daily Quest: Very many quests that can be done in games that will give you a variety of exciting items that can enhance your play experience, so there are new things you can do every login in the game.

Home / Camp: Here you can make your own home, players can build your residence to be calm. Starting from making furniture, beds, and many more. Not only that, but here you can also make a place to farm, raise, and mining using the resources that you have found and buy in the city. But don't expect you to be safe at your home, because there will be zombies that will appear and destroy your home periodically in the game. To protect your home. Besides, players can also build a community or guild with a camp name in the game. Here, players can play together with their friends who have the same goal to move forward together.

Graphics quality is equivalent to other console games

Unlike the previous season, there was a fairly high graphics increase as can be seen in the image of the creation character above. The author himself is a Casual Season 1 game LifeAfter game, and at the time of seeing graphics updates in season 3, writers like playing in different games.

Even though it has the same essence, the graphics owned by LifeAfter get a significant increase and arguably equivalent to the game-game console with a high budget. Its graphics increase will result in performance and FPS in the game, especially if the player uses a smartphone Adequate just like a writer, but the NetEase provides a decrease option of graphics quality for performance.


Not only gameplay, but graphics also became the thing offered by the NetEase for the survival game player. There are lots of things you can explain, and Netease themselves often updates related to new features and folders in the game, increase the variable that you will never get bored playing this survival zombie game.

Hopefully, this article can provide interesting information for you! Happy reading!

If you are interested in this LifeAfter game, you can download it now also for free through THIS LINK : LifeAfter Dowload Official Site