Alchemy Stars Open Pre-Registration Now - RPG Game from Tencent Games Full of Waifu

Alchemy Stars Open Pre-Registration Now - RPG Game from Tencent Games Full of Waifu

Alchemy Stars Open Pre-Registration Now

A few days ago, Tencent Games had brought a surprise in introducing the existence of a new mobile game entitled Alchemy Stars. This game will be present as a free-to-play game with Visual anime and has a gameplay concept that can remind you of the Final Fantasy Tactics game series or DISGAEA. Make it a new RPG game of tactics with the world of alchemy (combined science, magic) futuristic that can be quite anticipated by the genre enthusiasts.

Of course, by relying on the charm of 80 more playable characters obtained with Gacha, Alchemy Stars also appeared to be prepared to be able to attend as soon as possible.

Tencent Games also reported that on April 12, the pre-registration period of the global Alchemy Stars was opened. Through the official website, you can register and have the opportunity to win many lucrative reward items. Then, there is also an interesting campaign event that is held through social media.

n addition, the Tencent Games also released a new video trailer featuring gameplay and action of interesting characters more detailed. The form also seems to prove that the game specifically worked on by Tourdog Studio is created with maximum production quality.

Opened from the level of graphics, effects, and stylish animation moves, Alchemy Stars carries the concept of gameplay tactics that are ready to test the player's reasoning at an exciting rate.

RPG Game from New Tencent Games Full of Waifu

The player himself will need a strategy to match the elements owned by characters with their availability in each background of the MAP faced. Successfully pairing suitable elements can make attacks from characters much more fierce and dangerous.

There are 4 types of tile elements that you can experience. Consists of red (fire), blue (water), green (forest/natural), and yellow (electricity). Each advantage and disadvantages when faced with the elements concerned.

So it is very important to take care of how the composition of your parties is based on the profit of the element. Given, you can only attack when there is successfully connecting the existence of a suitable element. Except, for the character you make as a party leader who can carry out attacks in various tile elements with variant damage results.

Meanwhile, 80 more characters presented from various factions are also very unique. Each has a special skill that can be very useful if you use it right.

Interestingly, this is not like most games collecting characters that usually need characters with tier levels or rarity to be able to complete all game content easily.

In Alchemy Stars, you will need to need a skill from certain characters in a variety of rarity to be able to complete a high-level stage. So you must develop all the characters that you can without the need to discriminate in terms of scarcity when it's gacha.

Alchemy Stars - Gameplay

Outside fighting, it also presents features to be able to socialize in a place called Colossus with the characters you get. Knowing the background of their story while getting interesting incentives in the form of material and resources that can support your progress travel in this game.

With the pre-registration period which is now opened, the Alchemy Stars game will be released on iOS and Android around the summer of 2021 globally.