Resident Evil 3 Remake Review - Return of the Past Terror

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review - Return of the Past Terror

Capcom is arguably one of the developers as well as publishers who can not be doubted football lunge. In addition to their expertise in presenting various extraordinary works, they also always listen to the wishes of the fans. That's what ultimately made Capcom's reputation so loved by gamers around the world. Now Capcom once again grants the wishes of the fans, yes, after such high demand, they finally officially release Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review - Return of the Past Terror

This ambitious remake project was immediately granted by Capcom in just one year's time, and more interestingly, they also included Resident Evil Resistance as a separate game that became a "bonus". Of course this is the extraordinary hard work of Capcom's talented talents in that time frame. Then with the relatively short time of cultivation, does Resident Evil 3 Remake meet all the fans' expectations?

We had indeed thought that this would be a very interesting remake. And as you expect, we will thoroughly discuss Resident Evil 3 Remake through the review below.


Broadly speaking, the story presented in Resident Evil 3 Remake is still similar to the original series. It's just that now it has added a variety of herbs and that makes it feel more interesting. Each of the scenes and dialogs can be sweetly overhauled by Capcom, of course, here you will still follow the journey of Jill and Carlos as in the original title.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, this Resident Evil 3 Remake takes the path a few hours before Resident Evil 2 Remake, with a different perspective and some of the same location settings. A major outbreak has just ravaged Raccoon City. Jill who was still resting in her apartment was shocked by the mysterious figure of Tyrant who suddenly attacked her.

Yes, the Tyrant is a Nemesis programmed to kill STARS members, one of which is Jill. His fight against Nemesis makes Jill pressed, but fortunately he was saved by Carlos Oliveira. With the destruction of Raccoon City already in sight, Jill finally took the initiative to save the remaining citizens.

Besides, he also had to defeat Nemesis and find a healing vaccine in order to convince the government not to burn down Raccoon City en masse. Assisted by Carlos, Jill's journey is still not easy, many residents have been mutated into zombies and thirsty for humans. Not only Nemesis and the other zombies, but the enemy is also present in the human stronghold itself, the main antagonist - Nicholai Ginovaef secretly planning a cunning agenda behind the chaos that is happening.

So what is the agenda planned by Nicholai? And whether Jill can complete these tasks and save the city where he lives? For those of you who want to reminisce, or those of you who haven't had a chance to taste Resident Evil 3 before, Resident Evil 3 Remake will provide answers and experiences that are far more immersive!

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review - New Redesigns

New Redesigns and More Suitable Adaptations

As we discussed in the previous point, a lot of things have been changed by Capcom to make it more interesting and appropriate. New stories, scenes, locations, and various dialogues implemented make everything feel more solid and appropriate. Many things "odd" from the original series that has now been updated and look more reasonable.

In addition, the most interesting thing is the change in the characters themselves. Jill's appearance still looks familiar with her blue clothes, but now she looks more badass and tactical, a bit reminiscent of Lara Croft's appearance in Tomb Raider. Similarly, the appearance of Carlos who now also looks increasingly fierce.

But for those of you who really want to be more nostalgic, fortunately Capcom presents a classic costume version for Carlos and Jill. But there is a little minor refurbishment that makes the costume both feel not as outdated in the past.

Interestingly again, not only appearance, but the characters now also have personalities that are far more "alive" than before. Now Jill's character is shown to have a strong personality, he looks more arrogant, stubborn, and also more "indifferent". Likewise with Carlos who now has a more entertaining personality complete with a variety of words.

The next redesign is certainly present on the map, the location design still looks familiar, but with various changes that make it feel more real. The most visible is how the destruction of Raccoon City which is described looks more chaotic and terrible than before. A variety of environments that are able to provide an atmosphere that is far more immersive than the original series. Even more interesting, because it takes settings almost simultaneously with Resident Evil 2 Remake, you will also have the opportunity to explore some of its iconic areas, such as RPD and Kendo Shop for example.


Just like Resident Evil 2 Remake, one aspect that has major modifications is that the gameplay is now 180 degrees different than the original series. Broadly speaking, the gameplay offered is still similar to the previous remake, only now it comes with some overhaul that makes the Resident Evil 3 Remake feel more action-packed.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review - Gameplay

More Action

You who have played Resident Evil 2 Remake before, of course you won't need to do much adaptation again. The most striking in Resident Evil 3 Remake is the change in tempo of the gameplay that feels faster and full of action. Here zombies' movements are faster, more aggressive, and deadly, they also have a wider scope of attack.

Even though walking is more action, it doesn't mean the survival element feels weaker before, Resident Evil 3 Remake still has a challenging level of difficulty. If in Resident Evil 2 Remake when you are grabbed by a zombie attack, you can use a flash grenade or a knife to defend yourself. But in Resident Evil 3 Remake this time you can't do that, you absolutely can't defend yourself and cancel the zombie attack. Once hit by an attack, then you will automatically be hit with considerable damage, depending on the type of zombie.

There will be many types of zombies that you meet, ranging from the ordinary, non-humanoid, to those that have mutated. All of them have their own ways and weaknesses to be subdued, and even more horrifying that certain types of zombies can give a one-hit kill. One of them is a monster from this disposal, his attack will make Jill die with one swallow. Or this disgusting spider monster, which will give a virus injection and will kill Jill slowly.

It's harder, but it's also easier, even though the zombies you will face look strong. But Jill and Carlos as special forces also have abilities that are more reliable than Leon and Claire in the previous series. Facing increasingly agile zombie attacks, Jill can dodge and roll when the timing is right. Rolling animation will also give a slow-motion effect so you can also counterattack.

Slightly different from Jill, Carlos can not dodge, but with his large body, he can launch a punch that will make zombies bounce. But the resulting range is very short, so to give a hit, you must have a close distance to the zombie. This is also very effective for "parry" when zombies make a close attack.

Also interesting is the blade capacity, unlike Resident Evil 2 Remake, here the blade does not have the effect of durability and you can use it continuously. If in Resident Evil 2 Remake zombie weakness is in the legs, where you can destroy it so that makes it difficult to move. So Resident Evil 3 This remake makes a weak point in the head area, where 3-5 shots will make the zombies stun and give you a little time to execute them manually using a knife. If you're lucky, you can blow a zombie head with a single shot, but the percentage for doing so is very small and cannot happen continuously.

In addition to relying on the action, to be able to stay afloat you also still have to be observative with the surrounding environment. You must always be observant and utilize various items that can facilitate your trip. Ammunition is very limited, so you have to be careful using it, so saving money and looting is important. Similarly, herbs and other healing items are important items for survival. Inventory slots are also very limited, so you also have to be clever to manage items, sort out which items are needed, and which items can be stored in a box.

Observative action is also important to see the various clues that can open the safe or locker which is locked by a special code. There are also various other advantages if you can be careful and take advantage of the surrounding environment, one of which is the effectiveness of defeating the enemy. Like a shorted electrical box, you can shoot and stun zombies, even Nemesis. Or like this red barrel, shooting it near a zombie will provide an effective instant kill without having to throw a lot of bullets.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review - Nemesis that returns nightmares

Nemesis that returns nightmares!

You could say Nemesis is one of the most terrible enemies in the Resident Evil franchise. 21 years ago, this Tyrant was present and gave an unforgettable nightmare, and in this remake he was present with a myriad of new terror that was far more terrible than before.

When compared with Mr. X, Nemesis has a crazier ability, a more fatal attack, to a much faster speed. Imagine, with 2-3 hits he could immediately make Jill immediately killed in normal/standard mode. Not to mention his agile speed, it will make you difficult to escape, he can immediately jump and fly in front of you immediately.

When you try to run away, Nemesis can also issue long tentacles that can immediately drag you. Nemesis also has the ability to use heavy weapons and mutate ordinary zombies to make it even more dangerous. Still sounds less crazy? Responding to rumors that Capcom denied, the fact is that Nemesis can still enter the safe room, this really complements how impudent the Tyrant shucks is.

Same as Mr. X, Nemesis also cannot be killed, all you can do is run away or attack him until he bows for a while and gives you a chance to escape. But interestingly, the second option will give you a little reward, when you manage to temporarily bow Nemesis, it will give a suitcase drop that stores random items. If you're lucky you can get a weapon attachment, otherwise you will only get random ammunition.

Like the original title, here Nemesis is the main focus and the only boss you will face throughout the game. Actually we just hope that Capcom improvises a little by bringing in some new bosses who are also interesting, unfortunately, that doesn't happen.

However, it is not entirely disappointing, you will consistently face Nemesis with various forms that are getting stronger. The more Jill defeated him, Nemesis will be more aggressively targeting Jill. It will also evolve even stronger with new weapons and even crazier forms. In this remake it was truly able to awaken Nemesis's capacity as a terror that could haunt our past.

Resident Evil with Less Biting Puzzles

Speaking of Resident Evil, the puzzle is certainly one of the most prominent elements in each franchise. In the previous Resident Evil 2 Remake, there were various brilliant puzzles ready to make the brain spin quickly. So, will the Resident Evil 3 Remake offer the same or even better?
Unfortunately, our answer is "no", Resident Evil without a cool puzzle is the same as a Fried noodles without a seasoning, it feels less "kicked". This is one of the most disappointing aspects of Resident Evil 3 Remake, where each puzzle presented will not present a significant challenge.

Many of them only emphasize observational elements, such as safe box and locker codes for example. Where the various codes can be answered by looking for clues that are scattered on the map. Like in photos, writing documents, to billboards like this. In addition, various puzzles that emphasize the element of logic really do not have a challenging appeal at all.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review - Less Biting Puzzles

Challenge and Reward that Extends the duration of Playtime

The Resident Evil series is a game that can be completed briefly, to complete this Resident Evil 3 Remake you make 4-6 hours in the first play. But as is his old habit, this Resident Evil 3 Remake also has a long replayability. There are several challenges and rewards that will make you play story mode more than once.

The first is unlocking various special and legendary weapons as in the previous Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 2 Remakes. You can unlock these weapons using the currency obtained by completing story mode with a certain speed and difficulty. The faster and higher the difficulty taken, the greater the reward currency obtained.

The second is certainly to get the perfect settlement rank. With a variety of powerful weapons that you have unlocked (some of which have unlimited bullets), will certainly make your journey easier. And thus to complete the hardcore difficulty level in less than 2 hours is not something that is impossible. This will provide a challenge that will drive adrenaline.

Visualizations that remain charming

One of the main attractions of this remake is of course the visual quality, still supported by the Resident Evil Engine, Resident Evil 3 Remake appears almost as beautiful as the previous remake. Every detail of the environment is presented neatly, starting from the shadow, fog, lighting, reflection, texture, etc. are presented so ripe and able to build a map with a strong atmosphere.

The existing character models also look more realistic, motion capture technology that is implemented is able to show a detailed visualization of facial expressions. The facial expression of each character looks very natural and convincing, of course, making each cutscene feels much more emotional. Especially in Jill and Carlos, both of them feel more alive with their personality which is now shown stronger.

But it is not without flaws, there are some visual aspects that make Resident Evil 3 Remake look as, unlike the previous Resident Evil 2 Remake. The most visible is the detailed aspects of the effects of gore, blood, flesh, and body parts of the zombies that are scattered are still shown. But it looks not as detailed and explicit as the previous series, this makes it look a little less immersive and feels to have a "disproportionate" impact.


Soundtrack is one of the most important elements in video games, it seems to be an inseparable part of a game. Not only present as mere decoration, but also in order to build an atmosphere that carried the game itself. When formulated and arranged properly, the soundtrack is able to create a deeper atmosphere of the game, and fortunately, in this remake Capcom managed to execute it well.

Still sounds epic like the previous series, various soundtracks that are presented still sound slick and able to further strengthen the atmosphere of the game. Comes with a very thick survival horror foundation, various tense and tense situations can be wrapped with various soundtracks that sound immersive.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review - figure of Nemesis

Examples such as how dangerous the figure of Nemesis, which can be described very well through his back sound which is both gripping and epic. Various soundtracks from Nemesis are very capable of arousing adrenaline when having to fight it many times.


Appreciation should be posted for Capcom who has been willing to hear the demands of the fans to present this latest remake. A myriad of new things and up to date improvisation really provide a nostalgic experience with a much fresher packaging. The new terror of Nemesis this time was truly able to evoke nightmares that had haunted us in the past.

It's not as good as Resident Evil 2 Remake last year, this Resident Evil 3 Remake still has some shortcomings that make it appear not as maximal as its predecessor. As if there were no additional boss battles plus puzzles that did not seem challenging.

But despite these deficiencies. Resident Evil 3 Remake is an ambitious remake that you must feel for yourself. Especially for those of you who want to reminisce, and those of you who have never tasted the original Resident Evil 3 before.