One Punch Man The Strongest Review - A Friendly Mobile RPG Game

One Punch Man The Strongest Review - A Friendly Mobile RPG Game

Who doesn't know Saitama, the main character from the One Punch Man anime? After the success of the anime and manga, now One Punch Man has an official game for mobile devices.

One Punch Man The Strongest Review - A Friendly Mobile RPG Game

Published by FingerFun Limited which was released on June 14 yesterday on PlayStore and open server on June 16, 2020. The game adapted from the anime of the main character Saitama is certainly very much awaited by the fans because as we know Saitama this is a very over-power person who can defeat his enemy with just one hit.

And in this post, I will give a little review according to my experience of this One Punch Man game after playing around more or less in a few days.

Voice over Hero

The first thing that makes me like this game is that the hero voice in this One Punch Man game is the same as the voice character of the original anime. Starting from Saitama, Sonic, Genos, Mumen Rider, Silverfang, and many more and of course use Japanese. It's like giving a similar experience to watching the anime while playing this game. The feel of the anime is great. Especially when the characters release their skills, some animations are taken from scenes in the original anime. The best

Story Mode

Because this game is based on the original anime story, of course, the story mode is also available in this game. However, this story mode does not immediately open just like that, but must meet the requirements of collecting stars to be able to open each level of this story mode. And of course, the story is also sequential as the story in the original anime. So you can follow the story from the anime again through this game.

One Punch Man The Strongest Review - Gameplay


The gameplay of the One Punch Man game uses an RPG system that uses BP as a measure of someone's strength. If you have played Ninja Saga then you will be familiar with the gameplay in this game. Where we have to upgrade characters, skills, gear, etc. to increase the amount of our BP. Running a mission is also a must for adding exp to level up and levels become a requirement to unlock various features. Because this is an RPG game, this game uses the Gacha system to recruit new heroes.

Saitama is not a Playable Character

Salute to this game because it does not make Saitama as a playable character, because if it can be played it will make this game become unbalanced. But instead, Saitama can't be played at all. Saitama can still be used as an aid to defeat powerful enemies. And of course, only with one hit, the enemy was immediately destroyed. Aside from being a favor, Saitama can also be used to carry out investigative missions to search for material. And Saitama also has its menu, wherein this menu we can solve puzzle scenes in the anime. This puzzle can provide additional stats when done.


As in other RPG games in this game, we can also customize several things such as changing background music if you are bored with that music, set the game speed or want to skip during battle so that you don't get bored waiting, disable anime if you want to save time, and of course the most important thing is to set the profile and character displayed in the game. Of course, with this feature, players will not be boring fast.

One Punch Man The Strongest Review - Not Pay to Win

Not Pay to Win

Indeed, if you hear the word RPG is synonymous with Pay to Win. Yes, it's not wrong either. But if I think that has played this game more than a week, even though this game is not too Pay to Win. Increasing BP is also easy and not too dependent on money (buy items in-game). Everything returned to the discretion of the player in managing the strategy and want what was first upgraded. Although played in Free to Win this game is still really worth playing for Free Players like me because it can still compete with other players without having to go out.


In my opinion, this game is a development to increase the fans of One Punch Man so it won't be quickly forgotten. Maybe this game can also be as a form to satisfy the fans of One Punch Man again where OPM fans were disappointed when the anime released season 2 which was considered to be very far below the quality of the first season.

Thus a review of the game from me this time. If there is something you want to add, you can directly discuss it in the comments column. Apologies if there are errors and as always thanks for reading.