Tower Of Fantasy - Anime Style MMORPG Game

Tower Of Fantasy - Anime Style MMORPG Game

Tower Of Fantasy - Anime Style MMORPG Game

It seems that MMORPG games always have a place in the hearts of gamers with various elements and gameplay offered. Therefore, one game developer from the Bamboo Curtain country, namely Perfect World Entertainment, is trying to present a game called Tower of Fantasy, which is said to be a game that will give evolution to MMORPG games. This game itself is planned to be released for PC and Mobile, as F2P games.

The game developed by Unreal Engine 4 and done by Hotta Studio, will present an MMORPG game that will show an immersive open-world world because it is supported by the appearance of motion capture class film. Besides maintaining the main elements of the MMORPG game, such as exploration, customization, grinding, crafting, parties, and guild systems, Tower Fantasy will also present an interactive puzzle during the game. All of these elements will be supported by an interesting storyline with the theme of salvation and destruction.

With a variety of things it offers, it is likely that this game will become an MMORPG game that will be a stiff competitor of similar games such as Black Desert Online which also released the game on PC and Mobile platforms.

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