Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Version is Ready to be Released

 Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Version is Ready to be Released

It was quite successful at the Playstation 3 platform, this Square Enix-made game appeared back to the surface. After a long time awaiting its presence, the Japanese publisher will officially release the Remaster version of FF XIV to the NEXT-GEN console. Square Enix confirmed and gave the Final Fantasy XIV release date of the PS5 version. Surely this makes you happy, right?

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 Version is Ready to be Released

Released in 2013, this one game has received performance problems when they want to release. Because the problem was very disturbing the game, the developer finally decided to improve this game for a long time. In the end, this game can be released to the PS3 platform with reviews mixed with gamers. Given that this game focuses on MMO, the development is quite rapid until finally, this game has much very interesting content.

Final Fantasy XIV version Next-Gen PS5 Show the Release Date

A year after the release of the PS3, this game finally got a new portation to PS4 with the graphics they developed more modern again. success the previous one, Square Enix seemed to be still not satisfied and finally decided to release this game back on PS5. Because many Final Fantasy games will be released to PS5, releasing the Final Fantasy XIV game to the platform may be the right step, considering that PS5 itself does not have enough MMO games.

The power of Playstation 5 in providing maximum game performance will certainly be utilized by Square Enix. Later, the next-gene version will have several features such as Support 4K Resolution, Fast Load Time, and 3D Audio Haptic Feedback Dualsense. Along with this, they have also prepared the latest 5.55 patch update. The content itself is quite a lot, starting from Death Unto Dawn and Triple Triad.

Welcoming releases, Square Enix also gives the latest patch 5.55

In the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG game, you can choose the class with different capabilities. The magnitude of the vast and presents a myriad of Quest, Final Fantasy XIV also has a pretty interesting play story. For fans of this game, it is certainly obliged to try the game, considering the story they convey also includes more interesting than others. Even though it's old, this game still presents a lot of interesting content.

The PlayStation 5 version for Final Fantasy XIV will be released on May 25, 2021, which means, this game will be released today. Old Gen Console users can upgrade to the NEXT Gene version for free without fees. Not only PlayStation, but you can also play this game via a PC platform.

How do you think you are impatient in enjoying the Remaster version of this game? For that, Happy Trying!