BenQ MS560 Review - Flexible Used in Any Room

The projector is an important device for you while running a business. This is because until now, the presentation is still convenient with this device. You just set up a presentation material, then play it on a laptop device, and project it to the presentation screen with a projector. Simply simple work.

benq ms560 review

However, a projector must also offer a variety of conveniences for users. The features in it as much as possible must be user-friendly, not troublesome while being used for presentations. Especially if the presentation must be conducted. Modern projectors must be able to handle it quickly. This is what is offered on the BENQ MS560 projector. This product is presented to support the business needs of its users, especially those who need projectors with features that are easy to use but can display good projection results.

This BENQ MS560 has almost the same specifications as the BenQ MX560 that has been reviewed before. The difference is only at the resolution for the projection produced. The BenQ MS560 type has a resolution under BenQ MX560. However, for other features and equipment, it can be said to be the same as the BENQ MX560 type. For more details, you can read these projector reviews below, after being used for approximately 3 weeks.

Sales package

The BENQ MS560 projector is placed on a fairly compact cardboard box. It is coated with styrofoam safety foam so the projector is not easily shaken. Not only the projector unit in it but also various supporting equipment. The following are obtained in the sales package:

  • White BenQ MS560 projector unit.
  • VGA cable for connection to the VGA port from the content source that you want to project.
  • The black power cable that not only provides two-foot type but also three feet.
  • A short guide and warranty card.
  • Remote Control is also equipped with two AAA type batteries.


The MS560 projector design is also the same as BenQ MX560. The full white body appearance adds to the beauty of the overall design. Every curve at the end and the edge of the projector is also made curved, not rigid, so it is convenient when held to carry or removed from one forger to another place. This projector has dimensions of 296 x 120 x 221 mm and the weight is approximately 2.3 kg. So, seen from the size and weight, BenQ MS560 includes a lightweight and compact projector in its class. This adds comfort as a projector designed for business needs.

ExGamesplay will pay attention to the design of each side. Starting from the top. The upper-standing design is the same as other BenQ output projectors. Near the lens, two play buttons serve to set the zoom and the projection focus. So, when the projector is turned on and connected to the content source, you can play these two buttons until it gets the clearest focus. This includes zoom to get a bigger look.

While at the bottom, there are various access buttons to operate the projector. Starting from the power button to turn off and turn on the projector. Then beside it, there are 4 buttons compiled circular where there are two functions in it, namely to adjust the volume and set the keystone. There is also the Source button to determine the content source that you want to project. While the Eco Blank button serves to set the saving mode. The other three important buttons are at the bottom, namely back, menu, and auto.

Alternative buttons to operate this projector are accompanied by three indicator lights to view the power, temperature, and projector lamp status. These buttons become an alternative way to operate the projector. It can even be quick access when the remote control is far from grasp.

For the surface of the projector itself, everything is wrapped in white. However, BenQ does not use a shiny type of glossy surface, but has a neatly arranged texture, making the surface slightly rather rough. This type of surface called "Exquisite Texture" actually makes the upper surface still look clean because there is no trace of fingerprints that can be left on it.

Switch to the front. The design is the same as the MX560 series. The lens looks very clear. This Lens on BenQ MS560 can project content with a magnitude of 60 inches to 150 inches. By using the DLP projection system, this lens is capable of displaying images with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. With the power of lights capable of 4,000 ANSI Lumens, of course, the projection results will appear bright and clear. The lights used in the BENQ MS560 projector can last very long. In a state of frugal use, the lights can be used for up to 15 thousand hours.

Next, we see the back. This is where there is a connection center for connecting the projector with various device source devices. The connectivity supported by this projector is very complete. Two HDMI slots are provided on this projector. Both can distribute content with very high-quality video resolution. Also provided a USB type-A port, VGA port for, RS-232, and USB mini-b. In addition, there are also s-video and video ports in the RCA cable format. This connection completeness certainly brings convenience for users in using this projector for presentation needs.

benq ms560 projector

The side of the body of the projector was also designed neatly by highlighting missions for heat-dump air ventilation. The ventilation holes are quite large, making this projector more optimal.

To sit or place the projector properly and as desired, BenQ MS560 has the foundation of the foot at the bottom. These two supplies can even be arranged to adjust the projector's slope with the projection screen height.

In the packaging package, BenQ provides a white remote control that can be operated with two AAA batteries. The battery has also been provided in the purchase package. This remote control has several striking colors in the buttons so that it can make it easier for users to operate several menus in it.

Features and Performance

When your projector turns on and connects with the source content of a laptop device, it looks so bright projection results are displayed on the screen. The brightness of the projector lamp is capable of 4,000 ANSI Lumens and Contrast Ratio 20,000: 1 very helpful display on the screen so that it can be seen clearly from various angles. The projection results are also directly adjusted to the alignment because the Auto Keystone function works directly.

Auto Vertical Keystone is very helpful because it can place the projector does not have to be perpendicular to the screen. You can place the projector from any corner in the room. However, if the auto keystone results are still not according to your wishes, you can still set them manually. This can be done either through the remote control or the access button at the top of the projector.

Interestingly, the projector loading time from the dead state to be ready to present the content is fast. This makes BenQ MS560 quickly function. This instant-on function does not take a long time, only 90 seconds. That way, the impromptu meeting can take place more smoothly.

The shape is sleek and compact and its weight is quite mild, making BenQ MS560 can be used in three circumstances, namely as a mobile business where the projector can easily be brought wherever the user goes. This is because the meeting does not have to be done from a closed room in the office. The second situation is Long-Term Fixed Point Placement.

Here the projector will be placed in one position in the meeting room. Usually, this situation is done by many offices with the projector which will remain in its position for a long time. And third is a projector positioned in a mounted ceiling state. This situation makes it a little bother but it's easy to use next because the projector is positioned hanging above the room. An additional bracket is needed to make it in this position. The advantage, the projector does not need to confiscate the room below.

For the process of its presentation, BenQ MS560 can support the appearance of your file with more clarity and detail. Through presentation mode, the projector will display presentations with Vivid Colors very well. The brightness level will adjust the content source such as a PC and a laptop. There is also an infographic mode, where the projector will display text and graphs with more detail. This is very likely thanks to the high brightness level so that the color of the gradation will look better. The other mode is the review mode. This mode will adjust the contrast level at the presentation speed.

To display the setting menu just like most other BenQ projectors. By pressing the menu button, you will be faced with several setting options. But calm, BenQ has made this setting menu as simple as possible, so it won't make it difficult for users. The settings menu is divided into 5 categories, namely Picture, Display, Settings, Systems, and Information. And interestingly, this projector supports many languages in it. So, you just need to adjust the needs. To support energy saving, BenQ MS560 also has three ECO modes in it, namely normal, eco, and lamp save.

In its operation, one of the things that the projector often complains about is dust disorders. This can reduce the life of the projector lamp. However, BenQ can prevent it thanks to the use of anti-dust sensors. This sensor can detect the existence of dust and then get rid of it immediately. Of course, this feature and technology can make projector maintenance costs more economical.

benq ms560 price

BenQ MS560 specifications:

  • Projection system: DLP Single 0,55” XGA
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 Piksel
  • Brightness: 4000 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 20000:1
  • Light resistance: Normal 6000 hr, Economic 10000 hr, SmartEco 10000 hr, LampSave 15000hr
  • Audio: 10W x 1
  • Feature: 1D Auto Keystone, High Brightness, Spreadsheet mode, Bright Mode, Presentation Mode, Infographic Mode, Video Mode, Srgb Mode
  • Power: Max 280W, Normal 260W, Eco 215W
  • Price: $ 432.67 (price depends on the place of purchase)


BenQ MS560 is intended for simple and simple business needs. The shape and weight are light, making this projector so flexible used in any room. It can even be taken comfortably. Features for presentation needs are also highlighted by BenQ with presentation technology in it. With a 20,000: 1 contrast level, the projector can display content more clearly and detailed.

The resolution present at BenQ MS560 is indeed not as big as BenQ MX560. The resolution supports 800 x 600 pixels. However, this does not mean reducing the level of clarity on the screen. With modes such as presentations or infographics, the details of a diagram until the text look very clear.

In terms of features, it is also fairly complete. Everything has supported the presentation needs. Even the operation is also easy to do, both from the remote control and access buttons in the projector body. His audio is also fast. So it doesn't require additional speakers to spend sound from the content source. And for the security of the projector, Benq MS560 has also been equipped with Kensington Key which can lock the projector so it is not easily stolen.