BenQ MX560 Review - Quick Solution for Quick Presentation

BenQ MX560 Review - Quick Solution for Quick Presentation

A projector is not only required to be able to project content with a detailed, bright, and clear display. However, a projector should also be able to be activated at a faster time. It is often found in the atmosphere of an important business meeting, the content you want to be presented is ready, but the projector must wait a while to be used. Usually, this situation is found in projectors who still use old technology. Of course, this can inhibit important business presentations.

benq mx560 projector

Benq as a company that has been experienced in the world of DLP technology projectors, is also aware of this. BenQ also issued a compact-sized business projector, easy to carry, and has a fast response when you want to operate, namely BenQ MX560. This projector is intended for business segments so that it can be used in meeting rooms in various offices. However, it does not rule out the possibility of being used by mobile workers who are mobile.

With the existence of the BENQ MX560 projector, the important matters of presentation become easier and convenient. Besides being able to display so clear content thanks to DLP projection technology with XGA lenses, this projector is also equipped with a mature operating system. That way, all the features presented are easier to use by its users, even though they are not experienced in using previous projectors. Mobito also felt the convenience and comfort given by the BENQ MX560 projector for more than 2 weeks. And the results can listen to the following reviews.


Just like other BenQ output projectors aimed at business and entertainment needs, BenQ MX560 is packed in a brown cardboard box that is not too heavy. It is even easy to carry because it has a plastic handle in its packaging.

In addition to the BENQ MX560 projector unit, various other supporting supplies have been prepared by BenQ. That way, this projector can be directly used easier and more comfortably.

For more details, here are items that exist in the sales package:

  • One unit of white BenQ MX560 projector is neatly packed and protected by thick styrofoam
  • Various types of power cables for AC power, starting from plugs with 2 feet up to 3 feet.
  • VGA cable for connection to the VGA port on the back of the projector.
  • A short guide and warranty card
  • Remote control to facilitate operation.


This white BenQ MX560 projector appears with an elegant design where each projector side appears with a curve that is not rigid. Just a glance, people can suspect this projector has good ability, especially when looking at the back body that shows many ports. The size is so compact that it is easy to hold and carry. Overall, the dimensions of this projector are 296 x 120 x 221 mm. And weighs around 2.3 kg. Light enough for a projector product.

To see the design in more detail, we start from the top first. At the top of the BenQ projector, it looks the same as most other BenQ projector products. This seems to be a characteristic of BenQ output projectors. The physical buttons for the main function of the projector are present on the cover surface of the projector with intuitive designs. You can find buttons like on / off, four-way navigation, a source for content sources to be projected, Eco Blank, Back, Menu, and Auto. In addition, three indicator lights also look beautiful on the side of the button. The lamp indicates the power, temperature, and flight status. Of course, the BenQ logo is displayed because the size is quite large.

Still at the top, turning to the projector lamp, there are two rotary buttons to set the projector lens. The two play buttons can adjust the focus and zoom for the clarity of projection results. Before displaying content to the projection screen, you should set first both the play button to get the desired projection size.

If you pay attention to more detail, the surface of the projector's body is designed rather roughly. BenQ calls it the name "Exquisite Texture". This texture makes the projector body clean. It is very far compared to using the type of glossy surface that often leaves a dirty fingerprint trail.

Next turn to the front. Here the advantage of the BenQ MX560 projector is where the projector lens is quite large. This lens is designed rather inside so it becomes more aesthetic. Around this lens is protected by a cover designed with circular strokes.

When viewed from the front, the cover in this section is also made to blend with the left and right sides. Ventilation holes to waste the heat on the left side add to the beauty of this projector. While on the right side it is also made together with a curved design.

Now we turn to the back. This is where many ports describe the advantages and capabilities of this projector. In total there are 12 ports lined up from the left side to the right on the back of this BenQ MX560. The 12 ports are 2 HDMI ports, one USB port type A, one 3.5mm audio out port, one port audio in 3.5mm, three VGA ports for PC and monitor, one mini USB, S-video, RCA video, and of course the connector for power.

The existence of two audio ports also adds to the charm of the projector because it can be associated with a better sound system than other external speaker products. However, the projector has also been equipped with speakers to present the sound of the content being projected.

The left and right side of the projector, it is filled with hot ware ventilation holes. That way, you don't need to worry about the projector being hot while operating because the cooling system in it works very well.

Finally, we see the bottom. Here it doesn't have a ventilation hole. So, BenQ directs the flow of heat to the left and right sides. However, at the bottom, there are three legs of projectors where two of them can be arranged heights by playing. Here there is also a connector to place the projector to a hanging bracket. This is used in the projector wants to be placed on the ceiling with hanging conditions.

This projector is also equipped with remote control for its ease of operation. All-access buttons for the projector's main function can be accessed from this remote control. Indeed, there is no backlight on this remote as we can see on other BenQ products to like BenQ W2700 for entertainment needs or BenQ EW600 that use the Android operating system. However, with bright button coloring, making you won't be wrong in pressing the desired access button.

Quick Solution projector for Quick Presentation

Features and Performance

If it has been explained about the elegant design of the BenQ MX560 for business needs, we now review this projector's ability while working. After the power cable is connected, the projector can be turned on either by pressing the power button on the upper side of the projector or from the remote control. It doesn't take a long time to display projections on the screen. Due to BenQ MX560 being intended for business needs, then projections appear using the ratio format 4: 3. However, don't worry if the source of content uses a different ratio like 16: 9, the projector can adjust it. There are several modes that you can choose to display the Aspect Ratio on this projector.

In BenQ MX560 also provided an automatic vertical keystone feature to adjust the alignment of horizontal projections. Automatically this feature will tidy up the left and right side projection. However, if you want to do it manually, you can use the Keystone button.

One interesting thing for a quick response from this projector is input detection from HDMI. Once the HDMI connector from a laptop or other source is connected to the projector, the projector will automatically turn on. It greatly saves time to set up a projector for a presentation. Similar circumstances can also be found when the projector is turned off, but suddenly you want to display another file because it is left behind in the previous presentation. Take it easy. If the old-tech projector will take a long time to "wake up" projector again, it does not apply to BenQ MS560. The "Get Instant On" feature makes the projector active again in just 90 seconds.

From the menu button on the remote control, you can also see various settings that can be done. The existing settings provided are quite simple so it is not confusing for those who use the projector. Starting from the selection of image mode (Picture Mode), Aspect Ratio on the display, display mode to security on Settings, until the language settings in the system can be done easily. You just adjust to needs and desires.

However, because one of the advantages of this projector is in the presentation section, display infographic mode, presentation mode, and mode review data cannot be underestimated. These three features can display graph parts on documents or tables with more clarity and detail. This is because BenQ uses a high-quality lens that can minimize color deviations so that it can ensure the image quality displayed remains brilliant.

The advantage in displaying this presentation is also thanks to the high-quality projector lights. This lamp is claimed to be able to last up to 15 thousand hours. Even the age can be even longer because in the operating system there is a Smart Eco mode. Besides Smart Eco, there are three other modes that you can use, namely normal mode, Eco, and Lampsave.

The power of the lamp also has 4000 ANSI Lumens. Don't worry too with dust that often goes into the projector because BenQ MX560 has used an anti-dust sensor. This sensor can detect the existence of Debi and then get rid of it. This can save projector maintenance costs.

However, we not only test it for the presentation needs only. Although intended for business interests, this projector is also convenient when loading entertainment content such as video or box office films.


BenQ MX560 can be said to be a solution for various needs in work. This projector can be used in three different situations, namely as a product to accompany mobile workers because it has a compact dimension and weight is not heavy, as a product that is always placed at a meeting table so it is always ready when you want to use, and hang on the ceiling with Special brackets for spacing solutions.

The ability presented by Benq MX560 is also quite brilliant. The resolution supports 1024 x 768 pixels with 4000 lumens light brightness levels and has a contrast ratio of 20000: 1. This makes it able to display very bright image and video projections.

The features provided have also represented more than they need for workers who need a presentation device. This feature is also easy to use, both through remote control and physical buttons on the projector. The audio is quite fast so that it can reach the meeting participants sitting on the back. For product security, BenQ has also equipped it with Kensington Lock security features.

The projector also does not eat large electricity, so that it can support the savings of office operational costs. Finally, BenQ MX560 supports many language introductions in various menus and features that appear on the screen. 30 languages support makes products more flexible use in any country.