Nintendo Switch OLED Review - More Elegant Design

Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo's mainstay consoles for now. They not only rely on the benefits of the sale of original switches but continue to innovate to create a friendly console used but still adjust the trend of the NEXT-gen console. That was what Nintendo recently carried out in launching the latest switch, which was named Nintendo Switch OLED.

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Talking about the console realm, usually, the company's distance to launch the latest console series ranges from four to even more than seven years than the previous console series. But different stories for Nintendo with their current flagship consoles, switches. First released in March 2017, now the famous Japanese game company has launched at least four types of switches with their respective characteristics. Starting from the original version of the switch, then there is a switch lite, followed by the V2 switch, and the last is the OLED switch.

The vulnerable time for Nintendo to release these models is fairly long. The V2 and Lite switches were equally launched in 2019. Two years later, then in July 2021 Nintendo announced for the first time and released an official switch OLED on October 8, 2021. It was not a surprising thing for Nintendo fans, because of this Indeed, often applied by the company. For example, the Nintendo DS which is in a short period from the release of the original version has several models such as DSi, DSi XL, DS Lite, and others.

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In the purchase package, the Nintendo Switch OLED includes several items other than the console itself. Among them are a pair of joy-con, docks that have undergone changes and are equipped with LAN ports, 2 controllers straps, power adapters, HDMI cables, and of course Joy-Con Control Cradle.

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The OLED screen is the main point

Nintendo Switch OLED is not the Nintendo Switch Pro that was discussed by fans. As the name implies, this latest switch is not using an ordinary LCD, but the OLED screen which can display visual brighter than before. If the LCD is on the original version of 6.2 inches, the OLED version comes with a larger screen size, which is equal to 7 inches with a 102 mm long-range, 242 mm width, and a height of 13.9 mm. The newest console weighs around 420 grams which includes the joy-con controller that has been installed.

Want to see what changes the screen with the original version? We suggest to players play several games with colorful or brighter visuals such as Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon, Link’s Awakening, and other similar games. With an OLED screen, the player will see the colors in this game look brighter than when playing this game on the original version switch. Because of the OLED screen itself, its strength makes the colors in the game brighter.

Changes in visuals are just located there. A little unfortunate, Nintendo does not present a 4K resolution feature in his new console according to the expectations of the fans. The texture is still the same as the same resolution, which is 720p. Only from the color is now more pop with OLED switches.

Like the news that was recently circulated, Nintendo also added a screen protector, which was recommended not removed. Why so? As the name implies, this Screen Protector aims to protect players from danger if the glass screen breaks. This anti screening adhesive film is a new addition to the OLED version. In addition to protecting players from damage to the glass screen, this protective screen also functions to prevent scratches on its original screen.

But keep in mind that the OLED screen is not uncommon for a burn-in impact. This will be a problem with the Nintendo Switch OLED. For those who don't know, Burn-in occurs when the player stares at the same picture for a long time in front of the OLED screen. This will make players exposed to radiation. So, Nintendo has prepared an anti-scratch "anti-scattering adhesive film".

Appearance similar to the revised edition

Actually, in terms of design, OLED switches did not experience many changes. The shape is still the same as the original design. The buttons on the Joy-Con also look similar and not much different. But, what distinguishes between the two is in the kickstand section. The size of the kickstand in the old version is too small and looks cheap. But good, Nintendo answered the wishes of his players who wanted a kickstand wider. Not only the size, but kickstand in OLED switches is also much firmer and flexible.

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Besides Kickstand, there is also a dock section which is certainly updated by Nintendo. OLED Dock Switch is a revision of the previous version, which has a more curved angle and the inside has a glossy black design. So the dock design looks more stylish and not monotonous. The dock on the OLED version is designed faster and has a little more loose space. That way, the switch is not easily scratched or complete with the dock. In addition, this latest dock is still equipped with two USB ports on the left. But on the back, it has a released backplate. But this backplate looks a little cheaper than its original version.

There is an additional one in the OLED switch but it's not in the previous version, namely LAN Port. With the LAN port, playing multiplayer games will feel more fun. Given that now players can strike LAN cables and internet connections for gaming needs will be much faster. Or when downloading large games that can previously take almost an hour, now it takes around 15 to 30 minutes to download the game.

Other additions that have been updated in terms of OLED switches are the size of the speaker. There is nothing too special about this speaker. It's just that the size of the speaker is enlarged from the previous version. While in terms of sound? After we tried it, it sounded the same as the original version. Not too clear and also not too hard as we thought.

Storage increases and the battery is more economical

If the previous version offers an internal data storage size of 32GB, the OLED version now has the addition of data capacity to 64GB. Players who want to expand Storage, take it easy. The MicroSD use option to store your favorite games is still in OLED switches.

One big problem in the Nintendo Switch Original version is the battery life that is classified as wasteful. Seeing that, Nintendo finally launched a V2 switch with battery power ranging from 15 to 25 percent more efficient than before. This system finally returns and is implemented in OLED switches. At least, the battery system in OLED switches allows players to play games with a battery life of around 4.5 to 9 hours. If you want to save again, you can play the game by lowering the level of light and turning on Airplane modes.

Play experience with stunning visuals

The author tried playing games with brighter color concepts like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the latest model switches. In terms of performance, it looks the same as when playing it in the Nintendo Switch V1 or the original version. Especially considering OLED switches still use 720p resolution. But what distinguishes is the color appearance highlighted. When we tried to show the bright and spacious grassland in Breath of the Wild, the OLED screen made the color bright in the game brighter and pop.

But the minus is when it is in a scene game that tends to have a dark background. When the screen allows bright scenes to be more pop, the dark scene becomes darker and black. Not many other changes in terms of visuals on OLED switches besides the screen are the main advantages. Apart from the visual aspects, the battery is also relatively more efficient and not easily wasteful. So we can also enjoy visual views in the Breath of the Wild is at least a long time.

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Nintendo Switch OLED comes with an update that can be said to be luxurious. Judging from his appearance no longer appears colorful, but more elegant. Various sides that were criticized by the previous players had been far enough well by Nintendo. However, there is one unfortunate thing, namely in the handle. But according to the author, there is a taste of less comfortable holding OLED switches with the texture that has been changed in the grip section. So, we suggest playing this console using the casing.

Another change in OLED switches is quite minimal, in addition to the screen which is the advantage or points sold by Nintendo. Although it does not present a resolution above 720p and 4k, at least the OLED screen is fairly satisfying especially for those who like to play colorful games. With an OLED screen, the visual in the game becomes more stunning.