Overcooked! All You Can Eat Review - Not A Relaxing Game

Overcooked! All You Can Eat Review - Not A Relaxing Game

In the era of the Video game Industry now, to find games Party it's already hard enough. What's more for you guys that may not have Platforms Nintendo Switch. On this occasion, we will show you a cool game which is very suitable for you to try with your friends and family. This Game certainly is not foreign to the ear among gamers. Here is a simple review about the latest game Overcooked! All You Can Eat, cooking games full of obstacles.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat Review - Not A Relaxing Game

Overcooked is a choice of gamers to fill the time together with your friends and family. The concept is unique as well as stressful enough, the game is now giving the sequel a fourth. Although it does not have many changes from the third previous game, Overcooked! All you Can Eat still be a pretty fun game, given some Level that they offer has characteristics and different challenges.

Simple But Still Drain Dexterity

If you guys ever play the game OverCooked before, then you already know how this game works. You will play as a chef and had to cook a variety of menu orders for the customers. Each menu that they give has different recipes. Even so, all the food remains can you cook easily, because of the tutorial that they convey quite complete. Not only that, you're not just cooking, but you have to avoid obstacles as well.

Right, every Level in this game already they have designed in such a way that the player the trouble to do the cooking process. Here's where the fun of this game happens. Dexterity sera focus will you use to complete a level perfectly. In the meantime, if you play Co-Op with friends or family, then work the same Team will be the main key to win this Level. Every sideline of the tension and panic there must be the cuteness of its own while playing the game Overcooked.

Level Design is Always Different and More Difficult

Level Design at the game Overcooked! All You Can Eat is not have a change that is different from the previous games. Even so, they can still offer the other through the different themes on each level of this game. As we said before, the Level Design in this game continues to grow more difficult and more unique during the progress of the game. Trap new, new Obstacles, new Recipes, as well as the new Layout will complicate the movement of us to prepare food.

Surely this is what makes the game OverCooked! All You Can Eat very popular. The more obstacles the player will challenge to complete the Level. Honestly, if you play alone or play Co-Op with a friend, it will be different. Because if you play with friends, then each Level they give will be more difficult than playing alone. Not only that, the more the player play, then the more difficult is increasing.

Colored But The Fixed Next-Gen

Overcooked! All You Can Eat is the only game Overcooked the entrance to the platform Next Gen Console. If you don't know, this series is a combination of the First series, the Second, and the Whole DLC him. Quite a lot of changes are related to the visuals of this game. Although I do not have Next-Gen Consoles, the look of this game on the PC platform is very beautiful. This Game does not require high specifications, you can even play it on the GPU GT series.

The first feature that they provide is fast Loading. This would be a valuable addition to the series. The next feature is the Support for 4K resolution, which proves its existence on the platform Next-Gen. Not only is it apparently, Team17 as the developer of this game also offers 60FPS support, but that's also for sure get value plus more. Considering this game is a combination of the previous series, Overcooked! All You Can Eat we can think of as a series of Remastered for Next-Gen.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat Review - Character Quite A Lot

The Character Quite A Lot As Well As A Wide Selection Level

Is he who makes the game is compulsory you have. Because as we have already said previously, this game is a combination of both the game and DLC him. Certainly, it is the content they represent will be quite a lot. There are about 200 more Levels you can choose from in this game. Even so, every level has no significant differences. Meanwhile, a choice of character (Chef) is also very much.

There are a total of 80 Chef is that you can select at will. Every Chef that we select has stats that are different. But no special abilities that make it more powerful. All the combined DLC also affects the style of game that you have. Because of the different Layouts, making each level will have its uniqueness and the level of difficulty also different. Interestingly there is some level that also contains a very unique Boss battle. Not only more difficult, but also more challenging.


Overcooked All You Can Eat is very suitable to accompany your time together. Not only is it difficult, but this game can also improve dexterity. Despite that this game is not very suitable to play Single Player. But if you guys are interested, there is no harm to buy this game considering there are a lot of Levels they provide. Meanwhile, the Level Design in this game is still less Innovative, I think it does not matter if the amount is reduced by the difference increases at each level.

To be honest, I was expecting a sequel to this game. Hopefully, Team17 can give the title of the new game to the front than have to make the game Overcooked other. Yep, hopefully, they will give the game Party and other themes of new. In addition to all this, a lot of big changes that they give in this series ranging from the Visual, the Content is very much, as well as a pleasure to play Cross-Play Online Multiplayer. This Game certainly I recommend for you to try.

That's all our discussion about a Review of Overcooked! All You Can Eat. For those of you who are interested, Overcooked! All You Can Eat is already present on the platforms PC, Xbox Series X, Series S, and the PlayStation 5. This Game yourself you can buy directly through the Digital Platform Steam Store for PC users. Don't forget also to visit the continue to site belong to us every day so as not to miss news, tips, and rumors the latest around the world of Video Games and its Industry.