Pokemon Unite Review - New MOBA Full of Very Cute Characters

Pokemon Unite Review - New MOBA Full of Very Cute Characters

A stunning masterpiece comes from Tencent and Timi Studios. This time they present is a new game with the MOBA concept specifically designed for Hand-Held. Lifting Universe Pokemon, the game called Pokemon Unite will invite you to plan an unusual Moba experience. On this occasion, ExGamesplay will present a simple review of Pokemon Unite. Are you a try?

Pokemon Unite Review - New MOBA Full of Very Cute Characters

Hearing the name Pokemon, which is thought in our minds of course is a game with the RPG concept carrying a turn-based mechanical game. In this one game, Timi Studios seems to raise something far different from the Pokemon series that we recognize. Instead of adventure to look for wild Pokemon, you will be placed on the battle arena 5 vs 5 to compete with the skills and the abilities of the trainers.

Previously, Pokemon Unite was once released on the Nintendo Switch platform on July 21, 2021, ago. However, only on September 23, 2021 yesterday, mobile users could feel the game through iOS or Android smartphones. As we already know, the mobile platform is indeed a field of competitors MOBA. So, what makes this Unite Pokemon game so different?

Simpler map design but still competitive

Saying this game is the Moba game is not entirely true. Because this one game is far away from the usual concept of the genre offers. In terms of layout, Pokemon Unite does look quite similar to other Moba games. However, if you notice again, this game folder has a significant difference.

Mobe genre usually offers 5 vs 5 concepts by placing each team on an arena with 3 lanes. In addition, MOBA also places 9 towers on each team. The task of the tower is to protect the main path of the enemy player who wants to destroy the main base of your team. On the other hand, the team will also be assisted by Creep which will continue to attack.

Pokemon Unite only has 5 towers located in each team. His function is not protecting Lane, but to score players who have killed the existing player or Wild Pokemon. In addition, the tower also cannot attack the enemy but has healing abilities in the team concerned. The more points you enter into the opponent's tower, your team will get the bigger winner.

The lower number of towers makes the flow of the game simpler. You don't need to worry about attacking enemy towers continuously without thinking about damage. Meanwhile, every lane in this game is also not guarded by the attacking creep. Even though it sounds simple, a setting like this still provides a competitive experience when you play in multiplayer mode.

Simple gameplay but still full calculations

Speaking of gameplay, Pokemon Unite is indeed said to be simpler than anywhere. Because your job only beat another player and Wild Pokemon as much as possible. After that, you have to score continuous points until your team score is bigger than the enemy team. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to when you start trying it directly.

The score is everything. In this game, you are required to defeat Pokemon to get Pokeball-shaped points. To get it apparently, it's very easy. You can beat another player to get 20 points or beat Wild Pokemon to get a diverse number of points. To get greater points, you can fight Zapdos located in the middle of the map with a value of 100 points.

You can exchange these points into a score by attacking the opposing Tower Tower. To destroy 1 tower, you need a total of 100 points. So the more you put the points, the greater your chance to win. But we need to remind you that, when the player does not quickly enter the point to the tower, then when your character dies the point can be taken by the enemy.

Pokemon Unite Review - Simple gameplay

Switch from the way the match works, in this game you can choose a total of 22 pokemon with different capabilities and classes. You can buy the Pokemon using in-game currency named Aeos. Different from MOBA games in general. When you are in the game, this Pokemon does not require a special item build to improve its ability.

So, in this game, you won't find the name Store, SECRED STORE, or a courier that delivers items. All Pokemon capabilities can you increase purely using levels. The higher the level you have achieved, the Pokemon can evolve stronger. In addition, the player can open 3 different skills according to the ability of the Pokemon.

A little but worth trying

Pokemon Unite has a choice of modes that you can try too. But the choice itself is still very little. The first is Standard, by offering 3 matches namely Random Match, Friendly Match, and CPU Match. On Random Match, you will be placed on a team containing a random player. While Friendly is a private match with friends. But for the CPU Match, you will play co-op 5 Player vs 5 AI.

Different from Standard, Quick Match will offer a multiplayer game on an arcade without a large reward. Through this mode, the number of players and time will be reduced to 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4. The map they serve is different. This time the task of each team is to carry out a capture point on the tower located in the middle. The longer you maintain the tower, the team will win.

As the name implies, Ranked Mode is a special match for those of you who really can compete with skills. Through this mode, you can compete for 6 contracted trophies. The higher the trophy you have achieved, the reward will be getting bigger. Need you also remember that each player must choose a role from a different class Pokemon class. Surely this aims to make the game more balanced.

Healthy microtransaction system?

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play game, so it's clear if we will find the name micro-transaction. Through my observation, the developer managed to present a micro-transaction system that was more or less similar to the League of Legends. Even though the game offers many heroes, you have to open it using in-game money or use the original currency.

To get one Pokemon, you at least need 345 premium currencies (Aeos Gem). For every power, you need to buy using genuine money. Don't worry first, because you can also buy this Pokemon using in-game currency amounting to 6000 aeos coins. In addition, by playing it every day, Pokemon Unite sometimes gives a gift in the form of his Pokemon directly through Unite License.

There is one thing that makes me quite uncomfortable. Pokemon Unite has a system called "Pokemon Enhancers". For those of you who don't know, this system is a "hero upgrade". On the system, you can add each Pokemon stat from level 1 - level 20. To do this, you need enhancers items that are very difficult to obtain unless you use the original money.

So far I still haven't found a problem with the system. It could be that because the game itself is still new. But, hopefully, the effect will not affect the game, what else in Standard and Ranked mode. Continuing the previous discussion, you apparently can also get a myriad of funny skin to beautify Pokemon using the Season Pass or buy it directly using Aeos Ticket.

Pokemon Unite Review - microtransaction system


Pokemon Unite managed to provide a competitive experience that was cool through the concept of a bold improvisation. Have simpler gameplay and a pampering visual presentation. This one game also becomes a mild alternative to you Moba fans. In addition to providing many choices of characters, players are also given the convenience to plunge into the game. Of course, your games must try first.

Unfortunately, Pokemon Unite still has things that need to be changed again. You can find it directly through the microtransaction system that is still relatively Pay to Win, as well as a small choice of modes. Given the games themselves are still very new, of course, I expect a lot of improvements to the next update.

For those of you who haven't had the chance to try this game, then this one game is very recommended. Pokemon Unite itself has been released and you can play on the Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms. As usual, mobile users can try the game for free through each App Store. So, how do you think you are ready to compete to become the best trainer?