FIFA 22 reviews - The Game Becomes Increasingly Realistic

EA Sports as the developer of the best soccer game in the world, FIFA again issued the latest series of this game, FIFA 22. The game released every year is finally released on October 1, 2021. FIFA 22 itself presents approximately 700 teams presented by a total of 30 existing leagues.

fut22 Cristiano Ronaldo

EA Sports itself from year to year is indeed very pampering loyal players from this FIFA series. Changes and adding new features every year make the players from this game remain loyal and buy this game every year. Seeing from the FIFA 22 gameplay itself, there are many improvements from all the main features of FIFA 22. EA Sports as the developer not only improves online mode from FIFA 22. However, an offline mode such as Manager Career and Volta Football have been considered and the upgrade is quite good and significant.

New Technology called Hypermotion Technology

At FIFA 22 this time, EA Sports raises a new technology called Hypermotion Technology. This technology makes players from FIFA move more realistic and smooth when dribbling, kicking the ball, and others. This latest technology makes FIFA 22 very realistic to play. Hypermotion Technology This player who is in a good field of players and computers can apply more than 4000 animations and make the game movement more realistic like playing real football. Unfortunately, this technology can only be enjoyed by the player's Next-Gen Console that is Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X / s.

Career Mode

A very exciting new feature of FIFA 22 is the Manager Career Mode. On FIFA 22 this time, we as players can not only play using existing clubs. However, we as players can later make the club themselves with the customization you want from Jersey, Logo, Stadium, to the name for the team you make which will later be called commentators in the match.

In addition, in the latest manager career mode, you as a player can choose who you want when making a new club that we have made it and we can choose from the lowest or top caste we will play on the division. This mode will later make the creativity of the players from FIFA 22 made because we have to think who is the player we have to play and how the design of the jersey, stadium, to the logo of the team we play. In addition to pampering through manager Career Mode, EA Sports also again changes the Player Career Mode feature to be more elegant and cool to play.

Multiplayer Classic Match

Classic Match Multiplayer itself on FIFA 22 also has a different user interface from the previous generation FIFA. At FIFA 22 itself indeed the user interfaces are one of the advantages because they can be said to be more attractive and good.

For multiplayer mode itself, there are Friendly Match and Volta Football modes that can be played against friends who play one device. Usually, this mode is used to practice against a computer or play with friends who come to the house or in the same place.

fifa 22 world cup Paris Saint German

Volta Football

In addition to the above features, Volta will also get changes that focus on "Street Football" and players, stadiums, locations, to new trinkets are also added to this mode at FIFA 22. Volta Football itself is a Street Football mode developed by EA Sports. The whole mode in Volta Football especially on online modes has been redesigned so that players are more easily connected to other players.

Volta Football itself indeed becomes prima donna when bored playing fashion such as Career or Fut, making this mode very exciting and engrossed to play. Since 2020 Launched by Volta Football is indeed one of the advantages in FIFA 22, because we can play many modes in this EA Sports game.

FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT

For an online mode that the players are very crowded, FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) presents new features to see the pack that will be bought from FUT Shop. This feature can be said to be very useful for hardline FUT players to know the contents of the pack they will buy. Apart from FUT, on the online mode, there is a Pro Club that allows us to play as a player in the position we want. Pro Clubs for FIFA 22 themselves can finally play the character of women being the players we play. This is a very significant increase of EA Sports as a developer of FIFA 22.


For this FIFA 22, EA Sports as the developer of this game has indeed been very much to improve and make changes from the previous FIFA edition. The results of these changes paid off very fantastic results and could be said FIFA 22 was very better than its predecessor, namely FIFA 21 in an aspect. Yuk, don't forget to just buy FIFA 22 and play the game!