Galaxy SmartTag Review - The Right Solution for Your Importance Items

Do you often experience events like this? While being in a hurry to go to the office, you forget where the vehicle lock is. The entire occupant of the house was also busy looking for it. Or other events, where your pet cat is not at home. You also don't know where he is. Even though it was late at night. This makes you worry about your favorite pet.

samsung galaxy smart tag

Cases that forget the last position of these important items are certainly often experienced by anyone. Therefore, the background of the case, Samsung at the beginning of 2021 then presented a smart tag device. This is a unique small device, which can track the existence of your beloved items. Working with the Galaxy Ecosystem through the SmartThings Find application, SmartTag can be a pretty capable tracking device.

Interestingly, not only the items accompanied by this smart tag can be found through a smartphone. The opposite conditions can also be. When you forget the location of the smartphone, you can sound through SmartTag. So, Smart Tag works in two directions. ExGamesplay has the opportunity to test this little device. And it turns out very helpful in finding items that often disappear or forget the location of storage.

Sales package

Samsung SmartTag is present in a small white box that is simple. Not much explanation on the outside. But in it is completely available on how to use in a brief guide.

The following is the contents of the sales package:

  • Black Samsung SmartTag
  • Short user guide
  • Guarantee card


Samsung SmartTag is present in size 38.1 x 39.1 x 10.4 mm. It weighs only 13 grams. This device uses button types of buttons to support its operations. According to Samsung, this battery can last a long time, up to one year. For battery replacement, it can also be done alone, without having to go to Samsung's official outlets or service.

The shape of this box does not look stiff or there is a curved part at the edge. The angle is also made quite smooth. So it's very convenient to hold or put in your pants pocket when installed together with a vehicle or home key. The Samsung logo is printed on the back. While on the front there is a button with Samsung SmartTag in the middle. This button is designed to blend with the SmartTag body.

While at the top there is a hole to install SmartTag to the key handle tool. Can also be installed into a necklace to accompany your pet to be easily tracked at any time. This hole is quite large so it will easily install on a key chain, handle bag, or necklace in your pet.

Features and Performance

When turned on by pressing the SmartTag middle button, your Samsung smartphone immediately detects it. Make synchronization between the Samsung Galaxy smartphone with SmartTag to be able to enter the SmartThings ecosystem. After entering into the SmartThings application, you can do a little custom setting for this SmartTag.

samsung smart tag distance

However, your default function can be run easily. Whereby pressing a single button on SmartTag, you will activate the device. Pressing twice quickly will run the tracking function. This applies to finding smartphone devices from SmartTag.

Conversely, if you look for SmartTag's position, you must run from the SmartThings application on the Galaxy smartphone. In fact, through the map function on the SmartThings Find, you can see the position of SmartThings. In this SmartThings application, you can also specify the profile for SmartTag when the SmartTag button is pressed.

In the SmartThings Find application, you are given three options in it. First is a nearby search to see and track the smarttag position around us. The second is Navigate. This is the same as the navigation function on Google Maps. You will be directed to find SmartTag. And thirdly is "Ring" to ring SmartTag so that the sound will come out easily heard by the owner.


Samsung SmartTag is the most okay solution for those of you who often forget the position of your goods that are very important. This device is designed with a form that is not rigid so it is very comfortable to hold and not heavy.

Interestingly, Samsung SmartTag can work two-way. So, you can not only use SmartTag to track the existence of your items but also vice versa. You can search for the existence of your connected smartphone.

The operating process is also easy, just utilizing the SmartThings application on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. From this application, you can use various features of SmartTag more optimally. You can find SmartTag in the map view which will certainly be very easy and more clearly understood.